3 Beautiful Wedding Nails Design Ideas

Picking the perfect wedding nails might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re planning your wedding, but it’s a detail that you won’t want to forget! Neat and pretty wedding nails help you look far more put together, and put the finishing touch on your carefully planned bridal outfit. You should also bear in mind that there are probably going to be a lot of people wanting to look at your new ring, so your fingers are really going to be on show!

To avoid any last minute panic, it’s best to settle on your wedding nails a couple of days in advance, and get them done this early if you’re having false nails, gels, or another style that’s unlikely to chip. The less stress you have on the big day, the better! Make sure to talk through exactly what you want with the nail artist – get a good idea of the style you want before you arrive for the appointment!



Nude nails

Nude colors, whether white, beige, pink or taupe, are generally the most popular for wedding nails. These colors all look great with a white dress, but perhaps most importantly, they add a pretty touch without in any way taking the focus off the bride herself. You don’t want everyone to be staring at your hands instead of your face! Most nail brands have a very wide range of nudes, so take a little time to experiment and find what works best with your skin tone. Take the style of your dress into account as well – a girly pale pink will look beautiful with flowing French lace, while a muted greige or taupe may work better with a sleek and sophisticated dress.


Added sparkle

One of the most popular wedding nail trends is to use a classic style, but to update it with a metallic or glittery finish. This is a fantastic way to add a little sparkle to your beauty routine without going too far from the nude nails described above. For example, one gorgeous wedding nail style is a French manicure with silver polish instead of the more usual white. You could also add glittery nail tips, or perhaps a glitter gradient down the entire length of the nail. Again, neutral colors tend to be preferred, with glitter generally in gold or silver tones, and mixed with colors like pale pink or white.


Pastel color nails

While most people don’t choose bright colors for their wedding nails, pastel colors are a good way to step away from nude colors without letting the nails become too overpowering. Easter-egg shades like coral, mint, lilac or sky blue will look beautiful with most dresses, and could tie into the color scheme of the rest of the wedding. For example, if the bridesmaids are wearing purple dresses, lilac nails on the bride would tie in beautifully! Equally, don’t be afraid to mix and match, because pastel colors all tend to look beautiful together.


Ring Finger

Accent fingers are pretty popular in the nail art world, because they are a chance to try something fun without looking too over the top. They are especially great as wedding nails, because you’re probably going to want to highlight your ring finger! Try adding glitter to the nails of your ring fingers, or perhaps a lovely floral pattern. This is the perfect way to keep you wedding nails simple but not boring.



A wedding is the ultimate romantic occasion, so bring back all of those gorgeous nail designs that you usually only get to wear on Valentine’s day! Try big, bold hearts, or something a little more subtle that only those close to you will get to see. Hopefully you’ll get that special fluttery feeling every time you look down at your own hands!



Another great way to play up the romance theme is to choose pink wedding nails! Pink is the ultimate girly, romantic color, but much less attention-grabbing than red, and the more popular choice for weddings. If you have a white, ivory or similarly light-colored dress, all kinds of pink will look great against it, so it’s up to you whether you prefer baby pink or something brighter. Try mixing and matching different shades, or even paint each nail with a different pink polish!