15 Amazing White Beach Dresses Outfit Ideas

best white beach dresses outfit ideas

Whether you are having a beach photoshoot or you are just hanging out on the beach, wear a white beach dress can make you look ladylike, beautiful and low-key sexy. There are beach dresses that are designed to be worn over your swimsuit, yet most of them can be worn as a stand-alone beach dress. To better show you how to style it, I have collected some of the best white beach dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive in.

White Three Quarter Sleeve Crochet Mini Beach Dress

white three quarter sleeve crochet mini beach dress

There are definitely some really sexy dresses you can find in this list, while some of them are more easy to pull off. To start off the list, I am going to show you this white three quarter sleeve crochet beach dress that is easy to wear. The best shoes to wear with a simple and beautiful dress like this is the nude sandals.

White V Neck Relaxed Fit Mini Beach Dress


Here is another white beach dress that looks very laid back, breezy and pure. In details, it is a white v neck relaxed fit mini dress with fringes. Instead of wearing sandals, you can also wear a pair of nude ballet flats like the ones shown in the picture.

Off The Shoulder White and Blue Printed Skater Beach Dress

off the shoulder white and blue printed skater beach dress

For most people, a plain white beach dress is the best choice in terms of color. However, if you want to wear something with more colors and still want to look ladylike and breezy, you can definitely throw some blue into the mix. For example, you can wear this off the shoulder white beach dress that comes with some subtle blue patterns. You can wear a brown leather ankle boots if you are not exactly wearing it on the beach.

White Deep V Neck Crochet Maxi Beach Dress

white deep v neck crochet maxi beach dress

For a very sexy look, you can wear a white deep v neck crochet maxi dress. For the shoes, you can simply wear nude sandals to add a refreshing touch to the look. If you want to tone down the aggressiveness of the deep v neck cutting, you can actually wear a statement necklace to get part of the attention.

High Split Maxi White Beach Dress with Hat

high split maxi white beach dress with hat

To look low-key sexy on the beach, a good way to do that is to subtly show your shoulders and some legs. For example, you can wear this white off the shoulder high split beach dress with crochet lace details. To make the outfit more unique, you can pair the dress with a huge white floppy hat.

White Sweetheart Neckline Backless Maxi Beach Dress

white sweetheart neckline backless maxi beach dress

For those of you who have beautiful skin and don’t mind showing some skin, you can wear a white sweetheart maxi beach dress that comes with a backless cutting. It also comes with some lace details and a high split cutting that makes it look so elegant and beautiful.

Off The Shoulder White Badydoll Dress with Straw Hat

off the shoulder white badydoll dress straw hat

This particular outfit doesn’t only look good as a beach outfit, it also looks awesome as a refreshing casual street outfit. To form this amazing look, you can wear this white off the shoulder badydoll dress. Pair the dress with nude strappy sandals and a straw hat to look absolutely beautiful and refreshing.

White Lace Semi-Sheer Cover Up Beach Dress

white lace semi sheer cover up beach dress

This beach dress is mostly worn as a cover up dress over a bikini. For example, over a white bikini, you can wear this white lace semi-sheer maxi beach dress. Pair them with white sandals to look both refreshing and sexy at the same time.

Blouse Dress with Straw Hat

blouse dress straw hat

For those of you who feels like all the lace and crochet beach dresses are too feminine for your taste, here is a very natural looking white blouse dress that you can wear it as a beach dress. Simply pair it with nude strappy sandals and a straw hat and you will have an beach outfit that looks natural and breezy.

White Boho Style Ruffle Shift Dress

white boho style ruffle shift dress

If you look closely, this is not just another white mini shift dress. It has a relaxed fit ruffle cutting and it also comes with some boho style details. You can pair it with nude heeled sandals and a boho style long necklace to make this a refreshing and pure looking outfit.

White Lace Cami Skater Dress

white lace cami skater dress

This white lace cami skater dress has such fine details that makes the dress beautiful and elegant enough to be worn in a beach wedding photoshoot. You can also wear it as a normal beach dress too. To add a stylish touch to the outfit, you can wear a pair of grey open toe suede ankle boots.

Fit and Flare Mini Tube Dress

fit and flare mini tube dress

For those of you who have beautiful shoulders and collarbones, even better if you have beautiful skin, you can wear a tube dress to emphasize your strengths. For example, you can wear this white fit and flare tube dress. Pair it with pink heeled sandals and a pink bracelet to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

White Cami Gathered Waist High Split Maxi Beach Dress

white cami gathered waist high split maxi beach dress

If you are looking for a beach dress that is relaxed fit but you still want to show your waistline, a good choice would be to wear a gathered waist relaxed fit dress. For example, this white cami high split maxi dress has that type of cutting and it makes you look slim and tall. You can pair the dress with brown strappy sandals to look elegant and ladylike.

White One Shoulder Mini Cape Beach Dress

white one shoulder mini cape beach dress

This mini dress looks very much like a cape or a wrap. It is a white one-shoulder mini cape dress. It is designed to be used as a cover up dress. This is actually a rare cover up dress that is not a semi-sheer one. Yet, as a super mini dress, it allows you to show your entire legs and that can make you look tall and sexy.

I hope you find the above mentioned white beach dress outfit ideas useful. The next time you go to a beach, you can dress in a breezy and refreshing way to really stand out from the rest.