White Cold Shoulder Dress: 13 Lovely Summer Outfit Ideas

white cold shoulder dress all white

Cold shoulder trend is on the fashion scene in periods. It is trendy, and next year it is gone. However, it keeps coming back constantly, and that is why you should have a beautiful white cold shoulder dress in your wardrobes. This staple is just an amazing piece of clothing – versatile to wear and very flattering to your body shape. The white color makes this dress appropriate for almost every kind of occasion. In this post, we will see how to style this amazing garment, and mix it with other items you already have in your closet. If you are looking for a summer dress, scroll down to find many different outfit ideas.

Cactus Print

white cold shoulder dress cactus
Challenge your fun sense of fashion with this lovely and cute white cold shoulder dress. It has cactus print all over the dress, so it looks fun, eccentric and interesting. In one word – perfect for summer. You can wear it with a straw hat, funky sandals or mules and add a basket bag. All these accessories will transform your outfit into trendy and good looking one.

Lace Details

white cold shoulder dress lace details
If you are more into classic but casual looks, then this one can be right for you. The dress seems very comfortable. With its straight cut, it is flattering to your body, which is an imperative in the summertime. Match your dress with straw hat and a brown leather crossbody bag. This look seems perfect for taking coffee to go or for a summer stroll.

Knit White Cold Shoulder Dress

white cold shoulder dress knit
Sweater dresses or also know as knit ones are very popular and trendy staples. They are perfect for colder fall or winter days. This bodycon sweater dress looks sexy and elegant. Cold shoulder and halter neckline will get you lot of curious glances. And why not? Opt for this dress if you are heading to some elegant and formal event – pair it with high heels and drape a warm coat over your shoulders.

Sexy and Elegant

white cold shoulder dress sexy elegant
Deep v-neck and this kind of white cold shoulder dress should be reserved for special occasions only. It looks wonderful and very sophisticated, but also very sexy at the same time. You know what that means. You can style it for some super formal occasions like weddings parties or other celebrations. Wear it with nude strappy sandals and gold clutch.

Summer in White

white cold shoulder dress all white
All-white looks are always inspiring to me. As you can see they are easy to wear and even easier to style. This girl opts for white cold shoulder dress which has lace details on the hems. She adds flat strappy sandals and eggshell Gucci bag. If you ask me, this outfit is perfect for everyday occasions – strolls, picnics in parks or nature.

Classy in White

white cold shoulder dress classy
This supermodel shows us how to style white bodycon dress in the classy and polished way. She doesn’t add any details or jewelry. Emily went for a classic white model of midi dress which can be your perfect elegant-occasions-dress. Pair it with simple nude strappy sandals and just add silver earrings. Recreate this look for your friend’s wedding, birthday or other celebrations.

Crochet Details

white cold shoulder crochet
Crochet work is always known to me. And that is mainly because of my grandmothers. They were always making us some nice crochet tops, sweaters, and dresses. When I see dresses like this one in the photo above, they always remind me on one that I had when I was younger. You can style it as an everyday combination, or add jewelry for a more elegant look.

Ruffle Neckline

white cold shoulder dress ruffle neckline
Ruffles look good whenever you decide to wear something with them. However, in the summer dresses, they look especially beautiful. You can opt for a more polished dress like this or choose the patterned one. It is on you. This white one looks classic and very sophisticated. You should style it with lace-up sandals, add a printed clutch bag and voila! You are ready to go.

Lace Cold Shoulder Dress

white cold shoulder dress lace
Lace is one of the most flattering materials that you can find. Along with silk, lace is something that you can wear for any occasion. This dress is made of delicate fine lace with a material bellow that will cover your body. Sleeves are made of lace only, so they look very interesting. You can mix brown lace-up sandals with boho earrings for a summerish but elegant look.

Mini Boho Dress

white cold shoulder dress boho
In the summertime, there is no better way to relax than wearing mini boho dresses. Why? They are flattering, leisure and casual. This singer and actor Vanessa Hudgens wears a white mini dress with crochet bodice and cold shoulders. She mixes it with leopard print sunglasses and big leather bag. You can add some statement necklace like she, and you are ready for the day.

Maxi Cold Shoulder Dress

white cold shoulder dress maxi
Maxi dresses are perfect for summer. As you could see, mini dresses can be ideal for day, and maxi dresses can be your night attire. Long and flattering, this lovely white cold shoulder dress is made of cotton. You don’t need to think about shoes, because the dress will cover them. Just pick something that is comfortable.

One Cold Shoulder Neckline

white cold shoulder dress long
On the other hand, you can choose something that will always be a head-turner. This dress is ideal for that. It is different than all other dresses that I have shown you. White long sleeve dress with one cold shoulder will be your perfect dinner or wedding attire. Pair it with strappy sandals in nude and add gold sculptural earrings.

Button-Down Dress

white cold shoulder dress button down
The button-down dress seems very bohemian and flowy. You can style it for both casual and elegant occasions. The lace stripes in the lower part of the dress look very bohemian and exciting. Delicate ruffle around the neckline seems perfect for warm summer season.

I hope you have found something for yourself. A lot of these dresses can be worn for both day or night occasions. You should definitely own one cold shoulder dress. The trend is here, and it is not going anywhere.