White Corset Dress: 12 Sophisticated and Retro Outfit Ideas

white corset dress red carpet

Corsets date from the late 20th century. Round that time it found its way into fashion. Before that, it was used for medical purposes (believe it or not). According to Wikipedia, the word corset is derived from the Old French word corps and the diminutive of the body, which itself derives from the corpus (it’s the Latin word for body). I hope that I have tickled your imagination with this info because today we will talk about white corset dress.

Corset dresses look very specific. Girls were doing crazy stuff to look appealing while wearing corsets. You shouldn’t definitely do that because modern corset dresses are not about that. You will see a stylish way to wear white corset dress and how It girls combine it with other garments.

Sheer White Corset Dress

white corset dress sheer
Bella Hadid is known for her provocative and sexy combinations. She likes bodycon and slit dresses. This time, she opted for a sheer dress for the promotion of Bvlgari perfume.
The corset part is combined with a sheer material for a luxe look. You can definitely recreate this outfit combination, by finding the dress that is similar to this one. White pointy-toe heels and gold bag are great accessories to finish off this look.

Corset Wedding Dress

white corset dress wedding
Choosing wedding dress is one of the most important things you need to do. It can be hard, but sometimes if you know what you want, you can easily find it.
Corset wedding dresses look lovely and very elegant. This one has beaded bodice with thin straps. The color of the dress is blush white, between pink and eggshell white. You definitely can be sure that dress like this will be your right choice.

Retro White Corset Dress

white corset dress retro
Kendall Jenner street style is really inspiring. She combines modern and retro style with maximum attention for details. Most of all, she always surprises me with beautiful combinations.
This time she decided to go with the white dress that has corset detail. It looks flattering and very casual at the same time. Kendall decided to pair it with matchy white ankle boots, for an amazing street style look. For a completely white look recreate this look.

Red Carpet Dress

white corset dress red carpet
The red carpet is a chance for superstars, actors and other influencers to show their beautiful dresses. That is why it is very important to choose a dress that will absolutely be a head-turner and make a statement.
This model opted for white corset dress. It is made of fine tulle and the sheer bodice. Combining these two materials, you get an amazing sophisticated combination for special occasions.

Dior Wannabe

white corset dress dior
When Dior showed these lovely corset dresses, all the girl immediately fall in love with them. They are very specific, with printed straps and usually, they are made of sheer material. Some of them even have embroidery.
You should keep this dress for special occasions only. It is very elegant and glamorous. Style it with black strappy sandals and add choker as modern and cool detail.

Renaissance Corset Dress

white corset dress retro
If you are a fan of the looks that the women of Renaissance had, this dress might be the one for you. It has all that you need: white shade, corset bodice, and vintage look.
You can wear this dress as an everyday garment. It is made of cotton and pleaded. It can be a perfect switch for some maxi dress when the temperature is high. Wear it with flat sandals or platform lace-ups.

Ruffle Wedding Dress

white corset dress ruffle
This dress is another model for the future brides. It has ruffles and beautiful beaded lace corset bodice. If you want to be an unforgettable bride, this dress might be the right choice.
Ruffles look lovely. They cascade one over other which visually makes your dress bigger.
Pair it with some sparkly necklace or bracelet and mix with classy heels or strappy sandals.

Edgy Boots Romantic Corset Dress

white corset dress romantic
This is not a classic corset dress. It is a complete corset, not only the bodice. White color makes it look romantic, while the corset detail makes it appear bit edgy.
If you want to be interesting, pair this lovely dress with grunge pointy-toe booties. This dress is not showing too much, even if it seems so. You can wear it for a night out or as an everyday short dress.

Ladylike White Corset Dress

white corset dress ladylike
Retro or vintage doesn’t matter. If you are a fan of these looks, you will definitely like this dress as well. It is a real ladylike dress that will make you look like a real vintage woman from some other time.
The dress is strapless with corset bodice. The length it midi, which is very flattering. You can style this dress with big sunglasses, white silk scarf and round it off with gold strappy sandals.

Corset Bodycon Dress

white corset dress waistband
This is also one not-typical white corset dress. It has corset waist, which looks very flattering and sexy. If you were searching for this kind of dress, my suggestion is to go for this one.
Along with corset detail, this dress has amazing side slit. It has mini length and strappy neckline.
Silver strappy sandals are great choice to finish off this outfit.

Classic White Corset Dress

white corset dress classy
This dress seems very classy and elegant. Victoria Beckham never disappointed with her outfit combinations and accessory choices.
This dress is perfect for formal occasions. It is in the form of a bodycon, but it is not provocative. On the contrary, if you pair it with right details this corset dress might look very sophisticated.

Silk Eggshell White Dress

white corset dress silk
This dress is a great one for the elegant occasions. It is wholly made of silk, so you can be sure it is comfortable and flattering.
The lower part of the dress is sheer, while the corset is in eggshell white silk. Pair this lovely maxi dress with strappy super heeled sandals.

I hope that you like the looks and ideas on how to style white corset dress. As you could see it is very flattering and sexy kind of staple, which will make you feel unique and very stylish.