Lovely White Tulle Dress Outfits for Wedding Photoshoot

best white tulle dress outfits

Wedding photoshoot is one of the most exciting time for a woman. Many women I know that have put months of effort into keeping themselves in shape. They are basically in their very prime of their life physically at the time that the wedding photoshoot takes place. Most importantly, they are not just pictures. They are memories. It is okay to have as much fun as you want during a wedding photoshoot. Having five to eight different looks for your photoshoot isn’t too much. If you want a cute and adorable look as one of your looks, I highly recommend you to choose a white tulle dress. I am about to show you some of the best looking white tulle dresses I have put together.

White Two-Piece Tulle Dress


Since you would likely be in a very good shape, you probably don’t have your love handles with you for the only time in your life. So, why not wear a white two-piece tulle dress that is cute and also allows you to show off your slim waist. This dress consists of a long sleeve white lace top and a tulle skirt bottom part. Simply wear white heels to complete this lovely outfit.

White Long Sleeve Lace and Chiffon Tulle Dress

white long sleeve lace chiffon tulle dress

This outfit is very similar to the previous one, but this time, it is a one-piece dress instead of a two-piece one. Since this is for a wedding photoshoot, you can’t complete an adorable look without a floral headband.

White Lace Layered Chiffon Midi Dress

white lace layered chiffon midi dress

For a most elegant look, here is a white lace midi tulle dress with multiple layers of chiffon. Not only that this dress is perfect for a wedding photoshoot, it is also perfect to wear it as one of the dresses that you may wear during the wedding. One that you can walk around rather easily. As a relatively more casual way to style the dress, wear black ankle strap open toe heels to complete the outfit.

Strapless Fit and Flare Chiffon Dress

strapless fit and flare chiffon dress

Here is a dress that look both cute and sexy. That’s right. Cute and sexy are not mutually exclusive. It is a white strapless fit and flare chiffon dress. It would be the perfect dress to wear on a beach. Imagine have a picture of you running on the beach, barefoot, in a sexy and lovely white dress. I can see a picture that is filled with love and happy memory.

Long Sleeve Belted Lace and Chiffon Tulle Dress

long sleeve belted lace and chiffon tulle dress

Here is a more casual white tulle dress that can be very suitable for having some snapshots taken around a hotel when you are having your honeymoon. It is a long sleeve belted chiffon dress. You can simply wear it with white ballet flats to achieve a refreshing and breezy look.

White Lace Tulle Dress with Floral Pattern

white lace tulle dress floral pattern

This dress is a mini dress that is so beautiful that is perfect to wear as one of the dresses you wear in a wedding. It is a white lace tulle dress that is filled with some nifty and subtle floral pattern. The beautiful details have taken this dress to another level. You can simply wear the dress with white heels to complete the outfit.

White Strapless Ballet Dress

white strapless ballet dress

Here is a very unique wedding dress that is inspired by the design of the ballet dress. It is basically a white strapless multiple-layered tulle dress. Complete the outfit with silver open toe heels. This outfit would look very stylish and unique for indoor photo.

White Sheer Sleeve A Line Lace Dress

white sheer sleeve a line lace dress

For a cute and adorable look, you can wear this long sleeve a line lace dress. The dress has a beautiful detail in the sheer sleeve design. Wear silver ankle strap open toe heels to complete this lovely look.

White Blouse with Knotted Chiffon Tulle Skirt

white blouse knotted chiffon tulle skirt

This is technically not a tulle dress. Instead, it is a white blouse and chiffon skirt put together. But the pieces just blend in with each other so perfectly that they seem like a single white tulle dress. The ribbon design at the waist area adds a lovely touch to the dress. Simply pair the dress with pale pink heels to complete the outfit.

Strapless White Lace Tulle Dress with Pink Heels

strapless white lace tulle dress pink heels

Here is a sexy and elegant white tulle dress that would look awesome whether you are having your pictures taken indoor or outdoor. Pair this breath taking dress with open toe pink heels to achieve such a remarkable look.

White Two-Piece Tulle Dress with Lace Halter Top

white two piece tulle dress lace halter top

It would be hard to associate wedding with the word “sporty”, but I really have to say that this two-piece tulle dress’s cutting is so casual and stylish to a point that I have to say it’s sporty. The two-piece dress consists of a white halter lace top and a chiffon tulle dress. Wear silver heeled sandals to complete this beautiful outfit.

Little Chiffon High Low White Tulle Dress for Flower Girl

high low tulle white dress flower girl

If you are not here to find a wedding dress for yourself but you are finding one for your flower girl, here is a good one. It is a cute and pure looking high low chiffon white dress.

Strapless White Tulle Dress with Black Open Toe Heels

strapless white tulle dress black open toe heels

As a minimal way to style this strapless white tulle dress, simply wear it with black open toe heels and a subtle silver necklace.

Low Back Strapless White Tulle Dress

low back strapless white tulle dress

For a slightly sexy look, you can wear a white low back strapless dress. It requires you to show a little bit of skin on your front and a little bit on your back. This is a great one for those of you who are not used to dressing sexily but you want just a little bit of breakthrough for your wedding photo.

Deep V Neck Lace and Chiffon Tulle Dress

deep v neck lace and chiffon tulle dress

This is a white tulle mini dress with beautiful cutting. It is a sexy deep v neck lace dress that would make your outdoor wedding pictures look amazing.

So, I have just shared some very nice white tulle dress outfit ideas with you. I hope that you enjoy the list. There are also thousands more of outfit ideas in this website. Make sure you check them out before your leave.