8 Best Yellow Sundress Outfit Ideas

best yellow sundress outfit ideas

Choosing to wear a yellow dress is not an easy fashion choice. Simply because combining it with other colors can be a little bit complicated.

The yellow dress is very popular to wear every summer season. It can be one of your must-have pieces if you know how to pair it perfectly with other pieces from your closet.
This clothing item is commonly associated with summer because it goes perfectly with a tanned skin and long summer days and warm nights.

I prepared the best yellow sundress outfit ideas for you to try. Let’s see how you can combine and style it. We will start with classy one, and work our way from there.

Keep It Simple

lizzy caplan yellow sundress outfit


If you opt for the outfit exactly like the one on the picture above, you can be sure you didn’t do anything wrong. Wear simple long or short yellow dress with black platform sandals which add some edge and you are will be ready for the work or after work drinks with your colleagues. If it’s chilly outside, you can easily add a denim or black leather jacket.

Button-down Dress

button down yellow sundress outfit


If you ask me, this is the perfect dress for a vacation. Picture yourself in this dress in the South of Italy, or at Sicily, land of yellow fields, turquoise sea, and olives just sitting on some nice balcony, drinking a cocktail and eating oranges. This dress is made for this.

Boho Style



The central piece of the Boho style is a long yellow sundress. It has a very big slit, with lace details around it. This large slit will definitely expose a lot of your skin. My suggestion is to wear it on a vacation, over the bikini or at some pool party with friends. As you can see in the picture Maja Wyh put a lot of rings and bracelets to complete this boho look in a really efficient way. I would not recommend this outfit for a casual stroll in the city.

Floral All Around

floral yellow sundress idea


When it comes to patterns used for sundresses, if you ask for my opinion, floral is the far most popular textile pattern. On the picture above, you can see lovely floral sundress, with yellow flowers. It’s up to you what kind of dress you will choose: long, short, classy or colorful. Since this outfit reflects the Boho style, you can wear it at the festivals, vacations, or casual walk and coffee with friends.

Color Block

color block yellow sundress outfit


Color blocking is the great thing for you girls who like to do fashion experimentation on your own. Color blocking can add something new and interesting for your style and the way you combine clothes. Designers were crazy about this trend a few seasons ago, and they still are. There is no better way than to combine your yellow dress with items in bright colors, such as orange (just like in the photo above), pink, violet, red or blue.

It’s Time for Golden Yellow

golden yellow sundress


This golden mid-long flowy dress worn by Blake Lively is a perfect choice for both day and night events. As you can see in the photo above, the dress comes with a waist tie. This is a nice touch since it compensates for the lack of jewelry which you should be careful with when wearing outfits in this color. Jewelry can make it look too much golden. Put some nice sandals on and you are ready to go out!


ladylike yellow sundress


If you are heading to some night event, a wedding or somewhere else where it is required to be elegantly dressed, then this is a dress for you! The cut of this “off the shoulder dress” is pretty elegant; flowers on it are in delicate white color, making this dress viable to be worn for special occasions. You can add a nice black or an elegant hat if you are heading to a wedding. To complete this sundress elegant outfit, you can wear a clutch or a small bag.

Wear it with Lemons

lemon pattern yellow sundress


Yellow sundress definitely deserves to have some lemons on it! If you like patterns on your dress, try to find a lemon textile pattern that Dolce and Gabbana released in their 2016 Spring Summer collection. There is nothing more interesting than having lemons on your dress, right? Try not to put too much jewelry, because the dress with this kind of pattern makes a statement for itself. Just pair it with beige salon shoes or sandals and you will have the perfect look for the day or night.

As you could see it’s not so hard to wear a yellow sundress. Actually, it’s a perfect dress for the warmer months. Maybe it’s best to find combination in which you are feeling the most comfortable and go for it. Don’t try to overdo it. The key is to stay in one color because yellow is strong and vivid. Mixing it with the other colors can easily turn into a failure. Except when doing the color blocking, that’s when you can experiment with the colors.
Be brave, leave the neutral colors at the side and try wearing yellow. You won’t regret it.