15 Amazing Zip Front Dress Outfit Ideas

If you are looking for a dress that you can wear casually, the zip front dress is a great and unique choice. Besides, you only need to pair it with the right shoes to turn it into a beautiful and elegant cocktail party outfit. To show you how to style such a versatile item, I have put together some of the best zip front dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out right now.

Brown Corduroy Zip Front Dress


I am going to show you a dress that you can easy pull off whether you are wearing it casually or to a party. It is a brown corduroy zip front dress. You can pair it with silver ankle strap open toe heels to achieve a low-key beautiful look for a cocktail party. If you want to wear it casually instead, you can simply pair it with nude sandals or white sneakers.

Black Hooded Zip Front Dress with Leather Ankle Boots

black hooded zip front dress leather ankle boots

For a stylish and casual outfit, here is a laid-back dress that reminds me of a hoodie. It is a black hooded zip front dress. You can pair it with leather ankle boots to complete the outfit with style.

White and Gold Zip Front Bodycon Dress

white and gold zip front bodycon dress

If you are looking for a classy dress that can make you shine in cocktail parties and proms, here a unique gold and white zip front bodycon mini dress that can help you do just that. The good thing about this dress is that it can make you stand out without requiring you to show any skin. Simply pair it with silver ankle strap open toe heels to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Burgundy Belted Long Sleeve Shift Dress

burgundy belted long sleeve shift dress

The color of burgundy can often brings a sense of depth to the overall look. It is perfect for you to wear if your goal is to look wise and mature, and of course beautiful. Here is a loose-fit burgundy belted shift dress that is quite easy to pull off. You can simply pair it with black suede heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

Red Deep V Neck Zip Front Dress

red deep v neck zip front dress

Now, a brighter red would change the game completely. In fact, for this dress, the passionate rate color is put together with a hot deep v neck cutting. The zip front design also adds a stylish touch to the extremely sexy outfit. Pair it with black strappy heels to achieve an eye catching look.

Navy Belted Zip Collar Shift Dress

navy belted zip collar shift dress

For a comfortable looking and low profile look, a navy dress would be a good choice. To be more specific, it is a belted zip-collar shift dress. Pair it with a black purse and black heels to complete an outfit that you can wear it for work or for parties.

Black Three Quarter Sleeve Dress with Strappy Sandals

black three quarter sleeve dress strappy sandals

Here is another low-profile outfit that is perfect for those of you that don’t want any attention while still want to respect a formal event. To achieve this look, wear a black three-quarter sleeve zip front dress with black strappy heeled sandals.

Red Cap Sleeve Zip Front Skater Dress

red cap sleeve zip front skater dress

For an adorable look, here is a red skater dress that is pretty easy to pull off. The cap sleeve and flared cuttings make this dress look more cozy and cute. This is also a zip-collar design that provides the little detail that makes the dress stand out even more. Pair it with black heeled sandals and you are ready to shine.

Black Mock Neck Bodycon Dress

black mock neck bodycon dress

It is interesting to see the mock neck cutting happening on a black zip front bodycon dress. It does makes the dress look more professional and unique. Pair it with black open toe heels to create a formal and stylish all-black outfit.

Blue Denim Collar Shift Dress

blue denim collar shift dress

Having looked at so many dark and relatively serious outfits, let’s look at one that is more cozy and casual. To achieve such a look, you can wear a blue denim zip front shift dress. Pair it with a brown fringe purse and brown platform sandals to provide the stylish touch the dress deserves.

White Floral Skater Dress

white floral skater dress

It is no surprise that a white floral skater dress looks good and refreshing. It is just a little surprising to see it can look that nice in the form of a zip front dress. For the shoes, wear a pair of black open toe heels with double ankle straps for some extra style.

White Keyhole Zip Front Bodycon Mini Dress

white keyhole zip front bodycon mini dress

For a feminine and low-key sexy all-white look, you can wear a white keyhole zip front bodycon dress. The dress has an interesting detail which is a slit that leads to the zip front design. For the shoes, white platform sandals would match the dress and the overall feel perfectly.

Black V Neck Bodycon Mini Dress

black v neck bodycon mini dress

Here is a black v neck bodycon mini dress. The multiple-zip design does make the dress look a lot more interesting. If you are wearing this as part of your street outfit, pair it with black leather ankle boots for the best result.

Zip Front Deep V Neck Wrap Dress

zip front deep v neck wrap dress

As I mentioned in another blog post, the wrap dress is a very beautiful of dress that is underrated and not close to mentioned enough. Now, with the zip front design, this black deep v neck wrap dress is even more unique. Pair this sexy dress with silver open toe heels to shine in cocktail parties and proms.

Black and White Plaid Off-Shoulder Zip Front Dress

black and white plaid off shoulder zip front dress

For an artistic and unique look, you can choose a black and white off the shoulder zip front dress instead of a solid-colored one. To make the outfit more lovely and eye catching, wear the dress with black ballet heels and a red painters’ hat.

I hope you like these zip front dress outfit ideas I have mentioned. Like many of you, I just seem to forget about the existence of the zip front dresses all the time. Yet, they are indeed something very stylish that you should take a closer look at.