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Resort Wear Dresses


What is resort wear?

Originally clothing produced mid-season for wealthy customers to wear on their winter holidays to warm climates, resort wear has expanded into a year-round style. It still transcends fashion’s clear-cut autumn and winter divide, which has become increasingly important as affluent customers spend more and more time travelling and even living in warm-weather areas. Resort wear is also known as cruise wear – ‘cruise collection’ has even become the name for mini-collections that big designers produce in between seasons.

Thanks to its origins in millonaires’ holidays, resort wear tends to be sophisticated, casual, fashionable, and suitable for warm climates. Nautical influences are very common, and colours tend to be fresh and bright. Designers of resort wear collections often draw inspiration from popular holiday destinations such as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and South America, and exotic prints are very popular. The general aim of resort wear is to balance comfort and practicality with elegance, so there is a preference for designs and fabrics that are easy to pack and transport. Fabrics like cotton, silk, denim, microfiber, straw and poplin are especially popular.

Dresses are a particularly important part of women’s resort wear because they fit this combination so well. Resort wear dresses can be thrown on over a bikini, or worn to the more formal events on cruises or in expensive resorts. They are pretty much an essential part of any resort wear wardrobe, so if you’re headed off on an exotic holiday, it’s time to figure out which resort wear dresses you should pack!


Resort Wear Mini Dress

Mini dresses are great as resort wear dresses. They are informal and comfortable, and have the extra advantage of helping you keep your tan topped up! Remember to look for dresses that will be comfortable in warm weather – avoid fitted silhouettes, and try lightweight, flowing materials. Dresses with fitted waistlines and looser skirts will work well for slightly more formal situations where you want to look elegant without sacrificing comfort. Summery fabrics like crisp eyelet cotton and lightweight chiffon are also a great idea.



Resort Wear Floor-length Dresses

Floor-length or maxi dresses are equally important in a resort wear wardrobe. These dresses are so versatile – the same single piece of clothing can work both as a bikini cover-up and as an elegant evening outfit! There are so many gorgeous resort wear maxi dresses out there that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Try a tropical inspired print, or soft summery colors. The most flexible dresses will be those with loose, relaxed silhouettes and soft draping, so that they aren’t too hot during the day, but still look stunning at night.


Where to buy resort wear

Traditionally, resort wear was made by some of the biggest designer names, but as more and more people travel on exotic holidays and cruises, resort wear dresses have become more widely available. Most big department stores will now offer a resort selection, and mid-range designers have joined leading designers in producing cruise or resort collections. Here are just a few ideas for places to get resort wear dresses:


Department store Macy’s offers a great selection of resort wear dresses for a range of budgets. You can find some really gorgeous holiday wear in exotic prints and bold colors – perfect for whatever glamorous destination you’re headed off to!

 Buying Resort Wear Online

As well as going to brick-and-mortar department stores like Macy’s, there are plenty of online shops offering gorgeous year-round resort wear.


Top resort wear brands

If you’re one of the lucky few who can afford to buy your resort wear dresses from the world’s top designers, then you certainly have plenty to choose from! Designer resort wear isn’t actually as impossible to achieve as you might think, though – resort wear tends to be cheaper than the main collections. These days, a lot of designers produce resort wear dresses, but a few stand out, either because they were the first, or because of the beautiful resort wear designs they produce. These are not the only designers making resort wear dresses, though – these days, almost all of the big names produce an annual resort collection, so be sure to look up your favorite designers!


J.Crew specializes in bright, vivid colors, and its resort wear dresses are no exception! Neon colors and simple shapes are perfect for hot weather, as are there lovely white lacy versions.

Banana Republic

One of the original brands to produce a resort wear collection, Banana Republic still annually shows its gorgeous summery resort collection. This is a great brand for a beautiful but affordable resort wear dresses!

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is famous for bright and bold prints, which translate beautifully into resort wear. This is a fantastic brand for vibrant colors inspired by exotic locations, and lovely breezy fabrics. Lilly Pulitzer dresses would definitely be perfect for a tropical vacation!



Dior has produced some gorgeous resort collections in lovely summery colors. If this is a brand within your budget, then be sure to check out their latest resort looks!



One of the world’s most famous brands, Chanel does resort as well as it does everything else! If you want to look perfectly elegant and polished, there is nowhere better than Chanel to buy the ultimate resort wear dresses.


 Ralph Lauren

This famously preppy brand’s style works brilliantly for resort wear. The 2015 resort collection was especially lovely, with relaxed shapes that would work perfectly in a tropical climate.


Gucci is fantastic for bold and beautiful printed resort wear dresses that will make you stand out wherever you go on vacation! Their 2015 resort wear collection also offered some great denim dresses to just throw in your suitcase without too much fuss.


 What resort wear dresses should I pick?

Now you know what resort wear dresses are, and where to buy them, it’s time to choose a resort wear dress for yourself! First of all, you’ll need to work out what you’ll be doing on holiday – there’s no point buying fancy evening dresses if you’ll only be on the beach and in your room! Here are some of the main types of resort wear dresses that you may or may not need:

  • Bikini cover-up – this can be super simple, or a much fancier dress that can take you from the beach to the bar.
  • Lightweight maxi dress – perfect for sightseeing or eating at a nice restaurant. Also great on the beach!
  • Summer mini – a great everyday dress
  • Elegant maxi dress – pack it for evening, but wear it during the day as well!
  • Cocktail dress – perfect for evening, but not too fancy
  • Evening gown
  • T-shirt dress – great for casual occasions or just hanging around your hotel



Which resort wear dresses are your favorites? Where are you planning to wear your new dresses- anywhere exotic? Let us know in the comments below!



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Tunics to Wear with Leggings

Tunic with leggings

What is a tunic?

There are so many different items of clothing that could be considered ‘tunics’, so it can be hard to write a proper definition! Essentially, a tunic is somewhere in between a top and a dress, although everyone’s definition is a little different. A long, loose-fitting top that reaches the top of the thighs is a tunic, although sometimes tight-fitting garments, or garments of different lengths, are also described as tunics. With this wide range, it’s no surprise that some women aren’t sure which type of tunic would be best for them!

Leggings and tunics – the ultimate combination!

Leggings have been fashionable for quite a long time now, and don’t look like they will disappear from the fashion world any time soon. They are popular for the lovely sleek silhouette they create, but probably most of all for how incredibly comfortable they are. With both of these things in mind, it’s easy to see why tunics are so great to wear with leggings. They are just the right length to show off the great shape that leggings give your legs, without being so short that everyone can see too much! They are also very comfortable, so wearing tunics with leggings is one of the comfiest outfits you can wear. Leggings are not pants, so they aren’t great to wear with a shorter-length top, but they are thicker than tights, so can sometimes be too bulky for a dress. Tunics are the perfect compromise!


Which tunic to wear with your leggings

Casual tunics

Wearing a tunic with leggings is a great casual outfit, perfect for a shopping trip or for lounging around at home. Stick to tunics that are either nice and loose, or very stretchy. With a casual outfit, you can probably get away with a slightly shorter tunic. This is a type of outfit that really makes the best of how comfy leggings and tunics both are, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style!

Shirt dress tunics

One of the most popular styles of tunics to wear with leggings is the shirt dress – basically a shirt extended to make it tunic length. This is one of the best types of tunic to wear with leggings because it adds an extra touch of polish to leggings. The shirt is still super comfortable, but it looks a little smarter and makes it easy to wear a legging and tunic combination to all sorts of events.


Winter sweater dresses

One of the most comfortable tunics to wear with leggings is the sweater dress, or a nice long, over-sized sweater. Leggings and a sweater dress make one of the best winter outfits, because you’ll be warm as well as stylish! For an extra warm outfit, try knitted wool leggings rather than a plain black pair.


Layered tunics

If you have a gorgeous top that you’d love to wear with leggings, but feel that it’s just a little too short, then tunics could be your new best friend! Look for slim-fitting tunics that are easy to slip under a shorter top or sweater for a little more coverage. Alternatively, a lacy or frill-hemmed tunic is a gorgeous way to add a sprinkle of romance to your outfit.


Lightweight summer tunics

You don’t have to abandon your tunics with leggings in summer! Leggings are a great layering staple for those days when you aren’t quite sure what the weather will be like. With a lightweight tunic and a pair of sandals, they make a fantastic summer outfit! Bright prints and patterns are especially good for summery styles, and you can try an over-sized t-shirt tunic style to give you space to move.


Going out tunics

One of the best ways to combine tunics and leggings is for fancy evening outfits, perfect for visiting your favorite bar. Leather or liquid-look leggings are gorgeous worn with tunics, and can be perfect for a sexy look, or for a more grungy style. Leggings are also great paired with beautiful sequin, beaded or lace tunics that are a little too short to be worn as dresses, but would look a little too bulky with jeans.



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Should you get a snug piercing?

snug piercing

What is a snug piercing?

A ‘sung piercing’ is a type of piercing through the ear’s cartilage, in this case through the ridge between the inner and outer parts of the ear, known as the antihelix or antihelical fold. The exact location varies person by person, as the best place to put a snug piercing will be different depending on the shape of the individual ear. It is usually about halfway down the ear, and a little way away from the outer edge of the ear. A lower down snug piercing is sometimes instead called a ‘rook piercing’.

Is a snug piercing a good idea?

A snug piercing is one of the more unusual and striking ear piercings, and a fantastic way to add to an existing collection of piercings. However, it is also one of the most difficult ear piercings, and has quite a long healing period. You should never have a snug piercing done by anyone who is not a professional, and ensure that the piercing salon follows all necessary sterilization practices.

Even when well cared for, a snug piercing can take up to six months to heal, and sometimes even longer. This is because of the thickness of the cartilage tissue which the piercing has to pass through. The piercing is also curved, putting  extra pressure on the area as it heals. A snug piercing is also near the outside of the ear, which makes it harder to protect, and more likely to get bumped and knocked in the course of everyday life.

A snug piercing looks fantastic, but you have to be prepared for a long and difficult healing process. A lot of people give up and abandon  their snug before it is fully healed. Make sure you talk the process through with your piercer before committing to anything! One alternative is to have two separate cartilage piercings instead of the single snug piercing, to create a faux snug piercing.



Does a snug piercing hurt?

A snug piercing is generally considered to be one of the more painful types of piercing, because of the thickness of the cartilage and the sensitivity of the area. As with any piercing, pain threshold is obviously a very individual thing, so how much a snug piercing actually hurts will vary hugely from person to person. A lot of people say that the actual piercing did not hurt at all, but having the jewelry slid into the piercing did hurt a little. It should also be remembered that the healing process may well be quite painful. To avoid unnecessary pain, look for a piercer who has a lot of experience in snug piercings particularly.


How should a snug piercing be cared for?

A snug piercing must be looked after very careful in order to prevent infection.Touching the newly pierced site should be avoided at all costs, especially with unwashed hands. The piercing should also be kept clean. A reputable piercer should provide you with a suitable cleaning solution, which you should use every day, probably in the shower. You should also use a sea salt wash every day. This will reduce the chances of infection. For an ear piercing such as a snug piercing, soaking a cotton wool ball in the solution and holding it gently to the piercing may be the best way to apply the sea salt solution.

Be very careful to stop the snug piercing from coming into contact with anything potentially dirty. Your phone can be a big risk here – try not to let it touch the pierced area! You will also have to be careful how you sleep, as the piercing can be damaged during the night.


Snug piercing jewelry

The jewelry used is extremely important for snug piercing, because the final shape of the piercing depends on the jewelry used. Either a straight bar or a curved ring can be used for a snug piercing. It is very important to think carefully about which kind you would prefer before getting the piercing, because you can’t change your mind once it’s done! Ensure that your piercer knows what they are doing

Once you have chosen which kind of piercing you would like, there are a lot of different types of jewelry to choose from. Different colored gemstones are popular, or you could decide to have a bar shaped like an arrow or key. Just remember that it must be in a very high quality material to prevent infection (preferably stainless steel) and that, because of the long healing time, you must be willing to keep your initial jewellery unchanged for potentially over six months. In some cases, you may not ever be able to change the jewelry at all, so you must be very sure that you like it!


What does a snug piercing look like?

A basic snug piercing looks like two small silver studs either side of the antihelix ridge, but it can be adapted to lots of other looks. Different decorated bars can be put in to the piercing for a variety of looks, or a ring can be used for a very striking appearance. It is even possible to get two snug piercings side by side for a double snug piercing.


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cool nail designs

mutlicolor acrylics accent nail

Cool Nail Designs

Who said you have to go the same old boring ways when it comes to adding taste to you pretty looking nails? It doesn’t matter if they grow long or you are crazily in love with them short as they are.

Cool nail designs for long nails

Stiletto designs for long nails.

We marvel at their looks in some celebrities’ fingers and can’t resist the charm it adds to their nails. Talk stiletto, talk daring! This nail design requires a lot of self-esteem and a willing-to-try lady who wants a new look and is ready to go out in it. Long nails can look this great in stiletto.



Cool Acrylic nail designs for long nails

Print acrylic nails look just pretty in long nails. Long nails allow space for printing the chosen image.



Among other cool nail designs, you should consider trying out gel acrylic style. It looks simple and stunning.


Different color acrylic. Using a wide range of colors on you long nails is one of the most advanced cool nail design ideas.



  • Use of stickers for cool nail designs

Stickers look awesome in long nails. Depending on preference, you may go for the entire surface sticker or a small one for the tip.




Cool nail designs for short nails

  • Stiletto design for short nails

As pretty as they look in long nails, so do they look in short nails. The naughty stilettos look even more smart and simple when made to perfection with a short nail craze.

0301 - Copy0204


  • Use of stickers

Short nails can be painted to perfection and added more taste by use of small stickers. Avoid large stickers; they could cover the whole of your nail ruining the beautiful idea behind it.


However large stickers could work too if well placed. The shoe stickers below are large but look extremely ravishing.



  • Decorate the edges

For a long time now, decorating the nail edges has stood out among most cool nail designs. You don’t have to go for the tip, especially if you have short nails.




Cool Acrylic designs for short nails

Incorporating beads is a magnificent twist in acrylic nail designs. Ensure your choice of colors blend in well so the beads don’t ruin the beautiful idea.

001 - Copy

Most cool nail design ideas come from nature’s provision. Who thought colors of the rainbow could look this elegant?

If you love all the colors and feel comfortable in them, a little creativity is all you need to make good use of all of them and come up with excellent looking nails.


Flower designs also work to the beauty and unique look of short nails. Pick a flower of your choice and a color you feel smart in then get a start-of-the-art nail specialist to get your nails polished.


With the above cool nail designs, you can work you nails to all levels of beauty you desire. A little tweak of these ideas could help you come up with better cool nail ideas of your own.






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