55 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas All Lovers Will Love

Couple Tattoos

Getting a token that would symbolize and show the people of your love is never a bad idea. Some couples have matching rings, bracelets or necklaces, and for some, a tattoo.

Maybe you are wondering, what does a tattoo have to do with a couple? Talking about couples is like talking about true love, and, true love and tattoos have something in common. Basically, tattoos can represent beautiful memories, but before getting it, you have to feel some pain – just like true love. Other than that, true love and tattoos never fade. So, before you get really excited about getting inked with your beloved, you better think about it first.

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Matching Couple Tattoos

Since we are talking about couples here, a matching couple tattoo would be the best choice for you. A tattoo that would symbolize your relationship and true love is always better to be represented by matching figures, symbols, characters, and other couple tattoo design ideas you can think of.

There are things you have to consider before getting a matching couple tattoo though. First, make sure they are for keeps – the tattoo design, and your partner. Second, the tattoo design should not be a problem even if you end up not being together. Lastly, choose for a design that you and your partner would really love being tattooed on your skin.

To better help you out on deciding what matching couple tattoo design to choose, here are some matching couple tattoos for you!

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Meaningful Couple Tattoos

Love, itself, is meaningful. Any other things you associate with it makes it more meaningful, and so does couple tattoos. There are no specific couple tattoo design ideas that are more meaningful than the others. What makes a couple tattoo meaningful for every couple is how or what the design means to them – how the tattoo conveys the message of how solid and strong true love to them is.

To give you an idea on what tattoo design is best for you as a couple, here are some meaningful couple tattoo samples.

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Cute Couple Tattoos

Anything in this world that we find cute makes us smile and a cute couple tattoo is not an exception. Every once in a while we need something that would make us smile, and clearly, if you are not with your partner, you just have to take a look at your cute couple tattoo and your day would be brighter.

Here are some cute couple tattoos to choose from and brighten up your and your partner’s day!

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Small Couple Tattoos

Small couple tattoo is the best pick for you if you want your tattoo not to cover a lot of skin. Many couples choose small couple tattoos because it can be placed anywhere in the body, even in between fingers. Take a look at these small couple tattoo design ideas!

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Married Couple Tattoos

If you are a married couple, then it wouldn’t be much of a problem what couple tattoo design to choose, since, basically, your relationship is already for keeps. Just bear in mind that whatever design you choose, you as a couple should be the center of the whole idea and what it means to you. You can also choose a design that would remind you of your marriage vows too!

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Other Couple Tattoo Ideas

Here are other couple tattoo design ideas you can choose from!

Awesome Couple Tattoos

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As a couple, you can actually create your own meaningful couple tattoo designs. You can interpret or compare your relationship into an animal, or a flower, or an anime/cartoon character and create a design meaningful for you and your partner.

Remember that having a couple tattoo is such a huge risk – we’ll never know, something might happen along the way in your relationship that would lead you to just separate ways. That being said, you have to decide on this together with your partner. If you are pretty sure of getting inked, then decide on a design that is artistic and most specially, meaningful.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know if the tattoo designs helped you. You can post your couple tattoo design on the comments below too!