Over 80 Glamorous Wedding Nail Designs and Tips

Wedding Nails

Two months before the wedding bells start ringing, it is all about bride and the groom’s beauty regimen from head to toe. For the remaining two months before the wedding, you can have some tanning options, teeth whitening, or a botox maybe then get really serious about your fitness routine by adding extra time to your gym time each day or you may think of starting a yoga class. Two weeks before the wedding have some hair treatments like a hair gloss, or maybe trimming it, or a subtle color might do the trick, then exfoliate. You can have a facial a week before the wedding too. Then get your wedding nails done in about two days before the wedding.

In today’s generation, nail art has been such a trend not just for the young, but also to those young at heart. Nail art is not just a simple fashion statement that adds beauty to women’s outfits or fashion. It is already a status. Women can bring out the best nail art at different occasions – office or birthday parties, family gatherings and even at weddings.

Speaking of weddings, no bride would ever want to look less pretty on their big day and they wouldn’t want everything messed up. She would want everything to be perfect – from her dress, shoes, jewelry, the food, the venue – everything. As part of the bride’s dressing, wedding nails should not be taken for granted or forgotten on the list.

Wedding Nail Designs

In every wedding, what catches the attention of the guests and everyone present in the event is basically the bride and the groom, but mostly, it would be the bride. The bride is checked from head to toe – the hairstyle, the makeup, the dress down to the toenails.

Talking about nails, you cannot afford to skip getting your nails done as it would add grace to your look and most specially beatify your hands once your wedding ring is to be inserted on your finger.

If you want the best wedding nails on your big day then you should request a gel polish to avoid crack and any chips. But how about the color or shades on your wedding nails? Well, some brides stick to the classic shades like pale pink or nude, but for some brides, they would want to show colors and designs that are more festive. However you want it, we have all the wedding nail designs here for you.

Sheer Nude

A nude wedding nail design is the most common among brides and most of them would choose a creamy or opaque shade on their wedding. But you can twist this a little bit by making it a little sheerer like these wedding nail designs!

Metallic French

Days before your wedding day, you should already be sure what nail art design you are going to have on your big day. You can go for peach, nude with touch of some glitters or pink or a color that would match your motif. If you can, then be more creative regarding the colors to make it look perfect specially when you wear the ring. You can also go for metallic colors to toughen up some sweet manicure you have in mind. Here are some examples!

Subtle Glitter

Give that traditional manicure a little twist by having some glitters.

Here are some tips on how to do the trick by yourself! All you need is a clear nail polish and a glitter nail polish.
Step 1: Apply a clear nail polish as the base coat then let it dry for a couple of minutes.
Step 2: Apply the glitter nail polish on the tip of your nails.
Step 3: Finish off the design by applying a top coat to seal the previous coats.

Pretty in Pink

Bring out your girly characteristics with pink manicure. Take a look at these examples!

Side swooped

The trick for this nail design is so simple. just use a piece of clear tape to cover up some portion of your nail then create the swooped effect.

Pink Ombre

Basically an ombre nail design is a type of manicure in which a gradient look is created. You can achieve the gradient design by having a darker color on the bottom of the nail and then gradually blend in a light color towards the tip, or vice versa. Here are a few examples.

Glitter Ombre Nails

Another way of taking the ombre nail design into a higher level is by adding some glitters. Sprinkle some glitters at the tip of your nails and voila! Glitter ombre nails on your fingernails.

Pastel Floral Manicure

Pastel colors are the best for you if you want to flaunt the very feminine side of you on your wedding day. Pastel colors plus flowers is a gorgeous combination and very festive! Here are some examples to help you choose.

Pastel Ombre Nails

If flowery design is not your thing but you still prefer pastel colors, then here are some pastel ombre nail designs for you!

Pastel Sparkle

Another pastel wedding nail design ideas here for you!

Graphic Print

Be more artistic on your nails with these graphic prints! You will sure make heads turn and eyes stare at your fingernails. But remember to choose the best graphic nail artist you can get as this nail design can get too meticulous and artsy.

Triangular Half-Moon

This one is originated from the classic half-moon nail design, but triangular in pattern.

Gold Glimmer

Go for the gold, they say. Gold never gets old – this one’s for the bride who never holds back on the glitz and the glamour – plus glitter.

Black Tie

Time to show support to your groom! Show them the black tie or black suit wedding nail design for a chic look.

There is a wide variety of additional elements or accessories available in the market that you can also try to enhance your wedding nail designs. Just think outside the box and be more artistic. You can also ask some ideas to your nail artist or to the salon or the team that will do your make-over.

Before getting your wedding nails done, be sure to pay attention to some details first. Always, always choose the expert who will do the wedding nail design – you want everything to be perfect right? Decide on the nail design in advance and inform the nail art expert about it for you to know if they can give you the best results. Lastly, keep your nails strong, healthy and in good shape so that you can get the most natural look you can have without getting some artificial nails.

Don’t forget to let us know what wedding nail design you liked! You can also comment your own wedding nail design below.