65 Breathtaking Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

Bored of simlicity on your body or you want to show the world how confident and positive person you are?  Are you spending too much time on looking for something creative and original? Watercolor tattoo is what you absolutely need to think about !

Watercolors tattoos are new and getting more and more popular for last five years. This new body art presents free form of watercolors paintings with bright or pastel colors.  Here we have some interesting and breathtaking full of colors ideas:

Birds tattoo

Do you want to feel free like a bird ? These tattoos are for you !

 Flowers tattoo 

Flowers tattoos are always nice for girls and with this colors they look amazing.

 Origami tattoos

Swan origami tattoo called the crane (Tsuru in Japanese) is symbol of long-life, happiness, good luck and peace. This tattoo, for sure, will live very long with you 🙂


 Animals tattoos

Always beautiful, just pick your favourite animal with whom you feel closer.

 Travelling tattoos

If you like travelling and visiting new places then this kind of tattoo is for you ! Maybe a compass to show you right direction ?

 And other beautiful tattoos with meaning