85 Beautiful Elephant Tattoos and Their Meanings

Tattoo is like a status inked on skin. It is not just an art, it tells a story. Different designs of tattoos have escalated quickly from one place to another over the years. One tattoo design idea is the elephant tattoo. If you are still confused what tattoo design to choose, read on!

What is an elephant tattoo?

Elephant tattoos have different variations. You can have designs like baby elephant tattoos, tribal elephant tattoos, cute and small elephant tattoos to name a few.

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What does an elephant tattoo mean?

An elephant tattoo may symbolize and mean different things. Generally speaking, an elephant tattoo depicts prosperity and good luck. But because of its role in nature, it also embodies power, strength, dignity and longevity. Aside from those mentioned, elephants also portray patience, honor, intelligence and spirituality. With all of these meanings, elephant tattoos became more known because of its portrayal of family ties and ancestral lines.

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Elephant Tattoo on Neck

If you want your elephant tattoo placed on your neck, it means that you have some sort of a personality disorder BUT not in a bad way. This just means that you do not care what people think.

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Decorated Elephant Tattoo Designs

Decorated elephant tattoo design is your best option if you want to have your tattoo inked on your thigh. This colorful tattoo looks very beautiful.

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Elephant with Trunk Up Tattoo Designs

This elephant tattoo design depicts good luck. You might want to consider this design for a tattoo!

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Elephant Head Tattoo Designs

This tattoo design is perfect on your shoulder! Ganesha, the Hindu god of success is portrayed with the head of an elephant, thus depicting success if you intend to have an elephant head tattoo design.

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Small Elephant Family Link Tattoo Designs

This is best placed in your underarm and obviously, it depicts family ties.

Elephant Making Heart with Their Trunk Up

This is a very cute elephant tattoo design for girls!

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Polynesian Elephant Tattoo

Polynesian elephant tattoos are basically linked to nature. If you want to be, somehow, linked to nature, this design is best for you!

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Elephant with Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Design

Wouldn’t you want an elephant and a butterfly tattooed on you? Epic right? If you want your tattoo to be on your back, this is the best design for you!

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Elephant Head and Octopus Tattoo Design

It doesn’t get any better than this.. Do you want a tattoo on your forearm or shoulder? This is the best design for you!

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Unique Elephant Tattoo Design

You want an elephant tattoo but you want it to be unique? Try this!

Feminine Elephant Tattoo with Flowers

Elephant and flowers? Why not? This design is ideal on your shoulder and upper back.

Outline of Elephant Tattoo on Chest

Another cute elephant tattoo design is an outline of an elephant. Simple, but very cute.

Outline of Elephant Tattoo on Inner Wrist

This elephant tattoo design are very famous for girls because it is small and simple.

Elephant Head with Butterfly Ear Tattoo on Arm

Small and Cute Elephant with Trunk Down Tattoo on Inner Arm

To make it more interesting, you can add some quotes on this one.

Black Color Small Elephants on Ankle

You can have this design on your foot too. This is very simple and cool elephant tattoo designs for guys!

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal designs originated from Native American, Polynesian and Haida traditions and it simply symbolizes link to nature.

African Elephant with Angel Wings

At various occasions, Hindu used to worship elephants, thus, at later times, elephant with angel wings were designed. This is one of the greatest elephant tattoo designs.

Black Color Polynesian Elephant Tattoo Design on Upper Back

The black-colored are famous for guys, while for girls, the pink elephant tattoo.

Elephant with Link Tattoo Designs for Inner and Outer Arm

Elephant Head with Trunk Up and Flower Tattoo Designs

This design are best located on the underarm.

Lord Ganesha Elephant Tattoo on Shoulder and Upper back

Small Elephant Tattoos on Ankle

If you want a bit of cuteness on your body, this is the design for you.

Elephant Holding Tattoo Machine Design

If you are an artist, this is the best design for you.

Elephant Family Making a Link and Walking in a Line Tattoo Design

This would look great if you have it on your rib part.

Cartoon Elephant Tattoo Design

You can get this tattoo design anywhere on your body. Cartoon elephant tattoo design means that you are recapturing your joyful youth.

Elephant Head with Infinity and Quote Tattoo Designs for Girls

Elephant with Trunk Up Tattoo Designs at the Back of the Neck

Watercolor Colorful Elephant Tattoo on Rib Cage

Are you the “dare to be different” type of person? This innovative tattoo art looks exactly the best for you!

Elephant Tattoo Design that has Ear like Butterfly on Thigh

Elephant with Wings and Big Ears Tattoo Design for the Back

This tattoo design will surely cover half of your back.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo on Upper Back Designs for Women

Small Elephant Tattoo Behind Ear Designs for Girls

Maori Elephant Tattoo Designs for Girls on Rib Cage

Are you still looking for a perfect elephant tattoo design? The best tattoo design will always be the one that has special meaning to you. When choosing a tattoo for you, think about where you intend to place it on your body. Will you combine it with other elements or let it stand on its own? Hope this helped! Leave a comment.