Easy Steps to Thick & Full Eyebrows Using Makeup

Every now and then, we would suddenly come across new trends set by a specific models/brands – like Lara Stone’s tooth gap and Daul Kim’s blonde hair. How can we forget about Cara Delevingne’s impeccably shaped arches? It’s inspiring brow envy everywhere! And I’m not kidding when I say that I lust over them, every single day.

However, I’m not born with the good genetics like Cara and all I can manage is something of a half-brow (or sorts). Here’s how I managed to make my super thin barely visible eyebrow appear thick and natural with the help of a few products.


I have my everyday makeup on right now. Haven’t done anything with my brows yet.


Close-up of my Half Brows
Close-up of my Half Brows



step 1: Determine what brow shape you want. If you are adventurous, you can always try different brows everyday until you decide on which one is your favourite. Pinterest has a lot of brow-spiration. Or stay tuned for more posts on brows here!


Do you want a straight brow? Or a highly arched brow? Or just one that’s similar to your natural brow shape?

Step 2: Use a eyebrow pencil to outline the shape you want. You can always use a light grey/brown eyeliner to draw the outline. REMEMBER TO KEEP A LIGHT HAND!

Draw an outline of your brows
Draw an outline of your brows. I’m going for a straight brow with a slight slant at the back.


Step 3: Use an eyebrow shadow to shade in the inside of the outline you just drew. You don’t have to get eyebrow shadows just for this purpose, eye shadows work fine as well. I use the darkest shade on the ends of my brow, and the middle shade for the front. Remember to blend it properly!


The eyebrow palette that I use. The darkest tone resembles my hair color.


step 4: See if you’re satisfied with the end result. If not, you can always go back and redo it. If you accidentally put too much powder and made your brow too powerful/strong for your liking, use a spoolie brush to brush it out.

See the difference? It’s so obvious. The left side looks so energetic whereas the right side looks ‘unfinished’

step 5: Now it’s time to do your other brow! Remember that no two brows are the same, and its the imperfections that makes us human. Good luck!

:O Never knew that brows are so important!

TADAAAAA!!!!!!! And you’re done!

This is the end result. 😀


Gone are the days of thin, over-plucked brows; it’s the new age of power brows!