10 Amazing Ways to Wear Cargo Pants for Women

cargo pants women how to wear

In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of the best cargo pant outfit ideas for ladies. When it comes to cargo pants, many people think that they are the brown baggy pants with a lot of pockets. That’s only partially true. When they first become popular in the 90s, most of them are brown, baggy, and have a lot of pockets. But today, baggy pants come with all different cutting, from skinny, slim cut, relaxed fit, to baggy, and they have all different colors such as brown, green, black, white, navy, and bright blue. Although it’s usually not appropriate to wear cargo pants for formal or semi-formal occasions, you can wear cargo pants in a lot of different interesting ways to make yourself stand out in casual occasions, such as casual dinning, hiking, dancing and more. Let’s check out some of the best ideas now.

Wear a Cropped Top with Baggy Cargo Pants

cargo pants cropped top emily ratajkowski

jacket cropped top cargo pants

Wearing a rather tight cropped top with baggy cargo pants is one of the best street style looks, especially in the summertime. You can still look amazing by pairing them with a jacket when it gets colder. The cropped top and baggy cargo combination is a good example of the “tight top, baggy bottom” trick that makes you look taller. I understand that not everyone can pull this off because not everyone is prepared to show the waistline. But good result always takes hard work. Put in the effort to do exercise and keep yourself in shape. You can also check out our other article on how to get rid of love handles if you need some advice and motivation to get started.

Black or White Tee & Long Necklace for the Casual Street Look

jessica alba t shirt cargo pants

You can go really casual by simply wearing a white or black t shirt with cargo pants. Since dressing casual is not the excuse you can use for looking boring, you need to add details to this outfit to spice up your overall look. A perfect and easy way to do it is to pair them with a long and casual necklace. For this outfit idea, relaxed fit usually works really well.

Stand Out by Wearing Cargo Pants in Bright Colors

bright blue cargo pants women

If you want to stand out from the crowd on the street in a sunny day, wear cargo pants in bright color will definitely do the job. Not being a fan of bright colors myself, my favorite color for this outfit idea is the bright blue. Although colors like shocking pink and bright yellow are available, I think bright blue makes you stand out while not over-doing it too much. For the top, a white top is probably the best and safest choice to pair with bright colored cargo pants.

Wearing Cargo Pants with a Tank Top for Hiking

women hiking cargo pants with hat

tank top cargo pants lady hiking

Cargo pants are the perfect pants for hiking because it is very tough and it provides the protection that you need for your legs. When it comes to some casual and easy hiking, pairing your cargo pants with a tank top is a great idea that gives you the energetic and sporty look. If you like hats, pair them with a hat of a matching color can make you look very stylish.

Wear a Blouse with Cargo Pants to Work

cargo pants shirt lady outfit

white blouse cargo pants smart casual woman

Unless your job requires you to dress formally everyday, you can actually dress in a smart casual way for work by wearing a blouse and cargo pants. If you don’t want to spend effort to find out which of your blouses work best paring with cargo pants, you can just pick a white blouse and it can rarely go wrong.

Wear Baggy Cargo Pants for Zumba and Street Style Dance

cargo pants zumba woman

cargo pants zumba dance

Wearing baggy cargo pants just give you the comfort and style to do your street dance or zumba dance. For those of you that don’t know what zumba is, it’s a fitness program that combines dance and aerobics that is originated from south America. It has millions of fans from around the world because of how effective it is in terms of helping people get in shape and how much fun it is to actually do the zumba dance. Anyway, enough on zumba and I will save it for a future blog post about fitness. To pull off this outfit idea, a sports bra top or a cropped top will work wonderfully.

Wear Cargo Pants with a Comfy Sweater

white sweter cargo pants outfit

comfy sweater relaxed fit cargo pants

Wearing a comfy sweater with your cargo pants will give you the ultimate relaxed but beautiful fall look. This is one of the most feminine ways to wear cargo pants. It’s the perfect outfit idea for a causal dinner.

Wear with One Shoulder Top

cargo pants one shoulder top lady

cold shoulder top cargo pants

Wearing with a one-shoulder top is one of the most stylish and sexy ways to wear cargo pants. The imbalance of a one-shoulder design just gives the overall look more character. This outfit can also make you look a little slimmer and taller.

Wear with Cold Shoulder Top

cargo pants cold shoulder girl

As a slight variation to the one-shoulder top and cargo pants combination, wearing cargo pants with a cold shoulder top makes you look slightly more casual but less stylish. This is a good outfit idea especially if you are not used to wearing off-shoulder or one-shoulder top.

Wear Denim Jacket with Cargo Pants

denim jacket cargo pants lady outfit

Last but not least, one of my favorite ways to wear cargo pants is to pair them with a denim jacket. May be it’s the color, may be it’s the texture, they just seem to look beautiful together for some reason. For those who are denim jacket lovers, now you don’t have to be so bored with always pairing denim jackets with jeans.

Most of the cargo pants idea mentioned above are for looking good on the street and in casual events. If you are interested in knowing more about the street style look, you may be interested in our blog post on how to wear boyfriend jeans. Also, make sure you also check out our other articles in this site. We have a lot of useful content about outfit ideas, beauty tips, fitness tips and more.