13 Amazing Plumeria Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings

plumeria tattoo ideas and meanings

Plumeria tattoo is one of the most beautiful and feminine tattoo ideas. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of the best plumeria tattoo ideas. I am also going to talk about the symbolic meanings of the small, lovely flower. For those of you who don’t know about the flower already, plumeria, also known as frangipani, is the beautiful flower that can be found in Central American and Southern American countries like Mexico, Hawaii and Brazil. They are famous for the beautiful colors and the sweet smell.

Plumeria Tattoo Meaning

plumeria meaning symbolic

Like many other tattoos, plumeria flower tattoos can have a few different meanings. The most popular meaning for plumeria tattoos is a new life or a new beginning. Many tattoo lovers use plumeria tattoos to express their willingness and motivation to make big and good changes to their lives. Some use plumeria tattoos to express their love to their loss family members to wished them live a happy new life in the heaven. Plumeria also stands for natural beauty.

Having known its beautiful meaning of “a new beginning”. I think that it’s a wonderful tattoo idea if you want to get a tattoo and you are at the stage in your life where you are putting in the effort to re-establish yourself. Now let’s check out some exciting plumeria tattoo ideas with different colors, placements and designs.

Plumeria Tattoo on Upper Back

plumeria tattoo back upper

Plumeria tattoo on back, near the shoulder and neck area, is a very popular idea. It just gives you the beautiful and feminine look. Talking about the feminine look, the rose tattoo also gives a very feminine feeling but it’s a different type of expression comparing with the plumeria tattoo. A rose tattoo is more about love, passion and intense beauty, while a plumeria tattoo is more about freshness, inspiration and natural beauty.

Plumeria Tattoo on Foot

plumeria tattoo on foot

Since a plumeria tattoo looks really good as a small tattoo, having one done on the foot works wonderfully. The above picture is a good example of getting that refreshing and cute look from a pink and yellow small plumeria tattoo.

Plumeria Tattoo on the Side of Body

plumeria tattoo on side of body

If you want to get a beautiful looking tattoo on the side of the body, the plumeria tattoo is a good idea. It is a very natural design to have a few frangipani flowers attached together as a plant that is tall and narrow and flows along the side of the body.

Plumeria Tattoo on Back of Neck

plumeria tattoo back of neck

If you are looking to get a small, subtle tattoo that you can easily hide with your long hair and show with a ponytail, you should consider a small plumeria tattoo. You can see from the picture above that a plumeria tattoo can look very natural and blend right in with a casual look. As a subtle and small tattoo behind the neck, plumeria tattoo is probably a better idea than something like a lion head tattoo or a panther tattoo.

Plumeria Tattoo on Thigh

plumeria tattoo on thigh

Getting a big, colorful plumeria tattoo on the thigh can be very beautiful and eye catching when summertime comes. Whether you are only showing part of your tattoo wearing shorts or mini skirts, or showing the entire beautiful tattoo wearing bikini, it will definitely attracts a lot of attention.

Small Simple Plumeria Tattoo Behind the Ear

plumeria tattoo behind the ear

For a small tattoo behind the ear, a simple plumeria tattoo is one of the best ideas. It is very subtle but lovely. It looks especially good if you have ear piercings.

Plumeria Tattoo on Rib

plumeria tattoo on rib

There aren’t too many tattoos that look good on rib as a single small tattoo. But the plumeria tattoo just looks so natural and lovely as a small tattoo on the rib.

Plumeria and Butterfly Tattoo

plumeria and butterfly tattoo

Like the plumeria tattoo, the butterfly tattoo also has the symbolic meaning of rebirth due to the fact that a butterfly transforms from an ugly bug into a very beautiful creature. If you like to know more about butterfly tattoos, you can check out our blog post about the best butterfly tattoo ideas and meanings. By combining the plumeria flower and the butterfly in a single tattoo, it emphasizes the meaning of rebirth and a new beginning. And not only that, the tattoo looks absolutely stunning and beautiful.

Plumeria Cross Tattoo

plumeria cross tattoo

Plumeria cross tattoos are often done in memory of a loss family member. The grace and elegance of the design, and the “new beginning” meaning of the frangipani flower makes it a great memorial tattoo idea.

Plumeria and Heart Tattoo on Wrist

plumeria with heart tattoo on wrist

The heart has the classic symbolic meaning of love. When putting a heart and a plumeria flower together, it can mean having a new brighter beginning with your loved one, family member or your best friend. I think it’s a meaningful and beautiful couple tattoo or sister tattoo idea.

Plumeria Tribal Tattoo

plumeria tribal tattoo on calf

Like many other tattoos, it is very common to add some tribal flavor to them. The plumeria tribal tattoo is for those tribal tattoo fans that wants to have a flower tattoo with deep meanings.

Plumeria and Turtle Tattoo

plumeria and turtle tattoo

The turtle stands for long life or lasting forever. By putting it together with a plumeria flower, a plumeria and turtle tattoo has the symbolic meaning of building a new brighter life or career that can last for a long time.

Large Plumeria Tree Tattoo on Back

large plumeria tree tattoo on back

The plumeria tree tattoo idea is only for fans of large and unique tattoos. It can really make you stand out from the crowd. This is probably not as feminine and elegant looking as the other ideas but it’s very unique and stunning.

Having seen all the different interesting ideas and designs for plumeria tattoos, you would probably like their deep meanings and naturally beautiful look. If you are into flower tattoos and you want to know more about other types of flowers, you should check out my previous blog post on the best Hawaiian flower tattoo ideas and meanings. If you are not only a tattoo lover, but a fashion and beauty lover in general, make sure you check out our other articles in this site. We have a lot interesting and helpful tips on outfit ideas and fitness.