Modern Arrow Tattoos Ideas & Meanings

What is the Meaning of Arrow Tattoos?

In short, the arrow tattoos means power, friendship, positive, love, and taking good care of your own family. Here we look at more details of what the arrow tattoos mean from different parts of the world:

Arrow tattoos are a hugely popular tattoo design because of the symbolism of arrows. The meaning behind the tattoo is that an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. Arrow tattoos are supposed to be a reminder that difficulties in life will actually propel you forwards, and on to better things. An arrow tattoo can also symbolize moving towards your goals, and not going backwards. It has the idea of heading in a direction with purpose, and as a weapon it can also symbolize power. It’s a brilliant positive symbol, which is why it’s so popular as a tattoo.

Two crossed arrows can also represent friendship in Native American culture. A popular twist on this is two friends each getting an arrow tattoo on a finger, so that when they are together they can make the crossed arrow symbol.

An arrow tattoo can also be a symbol of love, because of its connection with the Greek god Cupid, who fired his arrows at people to make them fall in love. An arrow tattoo can therefore have a wide range of meanings, depending on the person who chooses it, and can mean something special for almost everyone.


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What do arrow tattoos look like?

There is no limit to the different designs that can be produced from the simple idea of an arrow! Because of the straight lines in an arrow design, they are especially good as part of a geometric pattern. However, arrows can also be used in all kinds of other designs. Sometimes an arrow tattoo will feature multiple arrows, or perhaps a meaningful quotation. An arrow tattoo can be as simple as three lines in an arrow shape, or it can be complex and detailed. Adding an infinity symbol, or other meaningful symbol, is a popular way of adding extra layers of meaning and complexity to an arrow tattoo. An arrow tattoo could even have the bow included, as a reminder of how an arrow is pulled back before it is fired.


It’s possible to get an arrow tattoo all over the body, but especially popular places are the side of the ribcage, the wrist, and on a finger. Because an arrow tattoo can potentially be very small and unobtrusive, it makes a great subtle tattoo which works well anywhere on the body. The long line shape also makes them beautiful as tattoos along the spine.

Most arrow tattoos are in plain black ink, because it’s such a recognizable shape that color isn’t needed. Sometimes there are still some colorful details, however, and it’s a great way to add a little more individuality to an arrow tattoo.

Despite all of these many ways to embellish an arrow tattoo, they are still very popular at their very simplest, with just a few lines in black ink. This is a great tattoo for someone inexperienced with tattoos, because it isn’t too expensive, time-consuming or difficult to decide on, but it still has a lot of meaning.


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Why get an arrow tattoo?

There are as many reasons for getting an arrow tattoo as there are tattoo designs. Some people want an arrow tattoo as an encouraging positive reminder whenever life gets difficult. Others want it as a symbol of friendship, and may even get matching tattoos with a close friend or family member. Other people may want it just because of all the different opportunities for a beautiful design. An arrow tattoo is very personal and individual, and so there are many varying reasons for wanting to have one.


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