52 Classic & Beautiful Black and White Nail Designs Ideas

black and white nail designs

Draw inspiration from timeless celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor with these bold black and white nail designs!

If you are coming right over from our pink nail design ideas then just remember that while pink was all about being overtly girly, loud and busy.

These black and white nail designs are all about simplicity and clean lines. With pops of color of course!

1.Crazy In Lined


Starting off our black and white nail designs inspiration list is this beauty. The play on nudes, whites, and blacks is spot on. This will be a complete fav for anyone who loves the mod 70’s or well just loves minimalist black and white nail designs!

2. Heart In The Black


Black and white nail designs don’t just have to be moody and dark and this proves it! The fresh play on different patterns is executed perfectly thanks to the, should I say, lack of color!

3. Spotted You From The Moon


We are all about black and white nail designs- or well any nail designs that look complicated but are really simple to execute. Don’t be intimidated by the elaborate name, Spotted You From The Moon is fool proof. Just dip a bobby pin or dotter and dot away!

4. Play Much?


You don’t have to be the next Beethoven of our century to show off your appreciation for music. Wear these “piano inspired” nails to your next recital.

5. Jagged Edges


This is our way of doing abstract art! Some might see the endless cycle of life in these easy to do nails while others see … Doritos? Figure out which side you are on and try them out at home!

6. Fit Me Like A Glove


You might want to throw up a little at all my themed black and white nail designs suggestions but bare with me here! These nails will work perfectly for your next game night! and Hey, if the Queen Of England can match her outfit to her bags and shoes, why can’t we do it with our nails?

7. Marble Me Away


Marble everything is so on trend right now! Give your nails the same treatment with these insta-ready nails! Dilute black nail polish and create this watery effect or cheat your way through it and wear nail decals!

8. Sports Are A Must


I am so tempted to suggest that you wear these nails to the gym but I am not THAT lame. Athleisure is all the rage, so if you can’t afford to go head to toe Addidas like Kylie Jenner or Gigi Hadid than represent through your nails!

9. Black and Blue


Don’t ask me why these black and white nail designs are called ” Black and Blue” but they are! This nail design really shows why black and white are such great colors for nail art!

The delicate white lace tips are only done justice on the simple and stark black background.

10. Tribal Much?


These nails are summer ready without being obnoxious! The on-trend tribal print is delicate yet interesting. Add these nails to ground a colorful summer dress for the perfect combination.

11. How Can We Mustache It?


These black and white nail designs are cute! The addition of the very cutesy mustache with the classic polka dots pattern is spot on!

12. Ombre Checklist



All the black and white nail designs so far have been fun and playful. Ombre Checklist is more classic and timeless.

A perfect nail design for when you want to channel your inner Audrey but still keep things modern. The light ombre is just the cherry on top!

13. Matte Checklist


What is more modern than matte nails? Don’t fret over finding the right black and white matte nail polishes. Just use your everyday brands but top it all off with a matt top coat.

14. Time After Time


We have been preaching all about how timeless black and white nail designs are and this nail design really shows it literally!

This design isn’t for beginners. If you are new to the game, focus on one element and execute that and slowly add design details as you get more and more confident.

15. Don’t Mess With The Hand


These nail designs are probably what you think about when we say black and white nail designs.

The  gothic details are eerie, creepy and right on trend! Bonus points if you have coffin nails!

16. Damask Mask


Add some mystery to your nails with these reverse ombre nails. The black tips give the illusion of hiding the intricate design underneath.

To steal this look, use easy nail decals and layer them over black nail polish.

17. New Moon


How sophisticated are these moon phases inspired nails? This look is nearly impossible to do on yourself or even achieve with just nail polish!

Ask a friend to help or your local manicurist!

18. Floral Fever


Black and white don’t always have to be harsh and this smokey flower design proves it! We love the addition of the solid colors on the edges to really add balance.

19. Sideways Romance


This no-brainer color combination should become your go-to nail design. It isn’t just easy to achieve but also makes a statement.

20.Skull Candy


Either you are celebrating ” The Day of The Dead” or just expressing your dark side, these nails fit the bill!

If the skulls are too much for you, recreate the same design and only focus on doing an accent nail.

22.Kisses Fly Faster


We can’t guarantee if the name has any truth behind it but the design gets’s 10/10. Not only for creativity but also execution.

23. Double Edged Sword


If you have already mastered the trendy marble nails than move up a level with these color blocked marble nails with black and white of course!

24. Stone Flowers Never Die


Another great example of dark florals that are perfect for girls who want to show their love for summer but also stay true to their moody and gothic side.

25. Don’t Ask For Much


These easy to do black and white nail designs make a huge impact. The unique outlined nails are fun, modern and perfect for every minimalist girl–or guy!!

26. Black Don’t Crack


Get the best of both worlds by mixing your love of glitter,black, and white with this easy to do nail design.

The addition of the glitter adds a touch of whimsical to the otherwise bold look.

27. Can’t See Straight


Do color blocking without the color with these black,white, and gray nails. All you need is masking tape and nail polish.

28. On My Tip Toes


Take a breather from complicated and busy black and white nail designs and opt for this clean and simple look.

You can easily free hand this design and be done in a minute!

30.Sheer Is The New Black


When it comes to clothes, you can’t run away from the sheer fabric trend. These runway-ready nails emulate just that.

Use masking tape to create negative space and designs.

31. Love Me Softly


This nail design is sweet, romantic and unexpected. We know it is August right now but this would be perfect for Valentine’s day!

32. Break It In Hundred Pieces


Don’t shy away from the harshness of the colors rather embrace them. This simple design is perfect for when you want to make a bold statement.

33. Triangle Trouble


We promised we would give you simple nail designs and we are holding our end with yet another beautiful design.

If you aren’t a fan of the black and white, add colorful accents to liven it up.

34. Higher Than Fire


Don’t have a lot of time but still looking to make a statement with your nails? Well, Higher Than Fire is your new best friend.

This easy design can be done in a matter of minutes and with any color combination imaginable.

35. Swirl Around Time


Don’t waste your time trying to recreate this detailed and intricate nail design. Cheat your way through it with decals.

36. Seeing Double


If it is balance you are looking for then look no further. This Ying yang inspired nails not only have a deep spiritual meaning but also are right on trend.

37. Black Jewels


Feel like the queen that you are with these black chandelier nail designs. All you need is a steady hand and patience to get this look.

38. Glitter Bomb


Who said black and white nail designs are boring? This nail design proves otherwise. The use of the basic colors as the backdrop to the loud glitter is flawless.

39. Wink My Way


They do say the eyes are the windows to the soul… we don’t have time for these cheesy one-liners. We do have time for this easy nail design.

The simple design is playful and flirty and really shows the versatility of black and white.

40. Buy Me A Diamond Ring


Do accent nails right with this black and white number. The use of solid black to frame the geometric design is genius.

41. Dark Romance


Show the world that just because you love black doesn’t mean you are a goth queen with this flirty and cute nail design.

You can easily buy the nail jewels at any beauty store.

43. Color Me Wild


As we are coming to an end, you have already seen many stunning black and white nail designs.

Now, take a look at how strong the basic colors look when paired with different colors.

44. Sharp Edges


Turn up the sass and sex appeal with these edgy nail designs. This one is perfect for anyone who loves pointed or coffin nails.

45. Sunshine and Darkness


Strike a pose with these juxtaposition nails. The solemn matte black with bright daisies is a combination hard to forget.

46. Feel Your Heartbeat


We have seen a lot of variations of this design but its simplicity really shines in black and white.

47.No Dice Or Ice


What was I saying earlier about themed nails? “evil laugh” These nails are your perfect companion when you hit the slots in Vegas!

48. Slope it Second


Play around with shapes in a unique way with this curved manicure. The best way to get a precision slope is to use a thin nail brush.

49. Slide Into My Heart


How can we write a black and white nail designs article without mentioning the classic black and white stripes?

You don’t need a tutorial for this one, just freehand the lines and have fun!

50. Mischief Managed


The cleanliness of black and white gives the ability to add several elements without looking crowded or overwhelming.

51. Pearls For Girls


Always wear your pearls with this easy nail design. Use soft brushstrokes to create the “tangled” pearl strands.

52.Sing Songs In The Dark


Last but not the least is this splatter design. This is a very modern and edgy girls go to nail design and we know exactly why!