Best Denim Mini Skirt Ideas: The Ultimate Style Guide

denim skirt showcase

Denim mini skirts are cool and beautiful and they are great for all seasons, looking especially stunning in summer and fall. There has been a time when denim skirts was considered as old and untrendy. Fortunately, as time goes by, the improved denim, in terms of both the textures and the colors, has made denim skirts (especially the mini ones) relevant again in the fashion world. I will share with you some of the best designs and the different ways to style a denim mini skirt.

Blue Denim Mini Skirt

denim skirt long legs

The classic, timeless, blue denim skirt is probably the easiest design that looks good with different styles of outfits. You can simply wear a blouse of very simple cutting like the above picture, and you will look casual and beautiful. It doesn’t only work for super slim body, it also works for healthier, sporty type of body like the below picture. So, yes, it’s safe to say that a blue denim mini skirt deserves a place in your wardrobe. It is an outfit idea that every lady should try.

denim skirt featured

White Denim Mini Skirt


White denim skirts are more difficult to wear than the blue ones. They can easily make your bottom look bigger, so they work better if you have a slim body. Having said that, if you try a white one on and find that it suits your body type, you can look really elegant with it. It looks less casual than the blue design and it works best with a semi-formal top like the one in the picture above.

Black Denim Mini Skirt

black denim mini skirt with boots


The black denim mini skirt looks fashionable when you wear it with a white top with simple cutting like the above example. It can viewed as an alternative to a black leather skirt that you can wear in a more casual occasion.

Pink Denim Mini Skirt

denim mini skirt pink


The pink one is much less seen than the rest of the colors mentioned above. It’s obviously a more feminine color. It may work for you if it fits your character. A pink skirt usually work well with a white top and doesn’t work with many other colors.

Button Front or Button Down Denim Mini Skirt


The button-front design adds some details to the casual dress. It can make you look more youthful and refreshing. This design looks nice with white tops of different styles and cuttings.

Lace-Up Denim Mini Skirt

denim mini skirt lace up


The lace-up design is even more unique than the button front design. It makes you look more feminine and fashionable. A simple white sweater works really well with the lace-up denim skirt.

Denim Skirt with Rips

denim skirt with rips

denim skirt more rips

Ripped denim skirts can make you look stylish and sexy. They are usually not appropriate for semi-formal occasions. Don’t get skirts that over-do it. Get the one with just the right amount of rips that gives you the right touch of rebellious look.

What Shoes to Wear with Denim Skirt?

denim skirt showcase

As you can see from the above example, both heeled sandals and casual walking shoes can work wonderfully. Don’t wear running shoes. They don’t really go well with a skirt in general. For a black denim skirt, you can also try to wear it with a nice pair of leather boots like the picture below. It usually works better when the color of the denim skirt is really deep black.


If you still can’t figure out what shoes to wear? My favorite choice is to wear a pair of converse with denim skirt. You just can’t go wrong with it.

denim mini skirt with converse

What Tights or Leggings to Wear with Denim Skirt?

The best thing to do is to not wear any tights or leggings with denim skirts. They will just hide your legs, which I think you are supposed to show off with your mini skirts. And most importantly, it has a conflict with the casual feeling of a denim skirt, and can sometimes make you look weird when you put them together. But when the weather is getting colder and if you match it with the right leggings, you can actually stand out from the crowd wearing denim mini skirt with leggings, while others are wearing jeans in fall or winter. Simple blacking leggings will work best, and a scarf will complete your winter look. Let’s look at the best ideas:

denim skirt with leggings

black leggings with denim skirt

black leggings with black bags and skirt

What Underwear to Wear?

Since denim mini skirts aren’t as thin and tight as mini skirts of other fabrics, I think that a typical underwear that provides full back coverage will be good. Some people prefer to feel safer by wearing bicycle shorts.

What Tops to Wear?

The good news is that denim skirts look good with almost any styles of tops. The below pictures are some examples of the best tops to wear with denim skirts. My favorites are white tight tops, casual-looking blouses and off-shoulder tops.

white sweater with denim skirt

off shoulder shirt with denim skirt

white blouse with denim skirt

high waist skirt with sleeveless top

Do I Wear a Belt with Denim Skirt?

denim skirt with belt on street

denim skirt belt mix and match

Some people like to wear a belt with a denim skirt. I agree that some of them still manage to look beautiful like the pictures above. But I prefer not to wear a belt. I think it makes your entire outfit look heavier than it should. In my opinion, the denim skirt is supposed to express a feeling of minimalism but the belt makes it a little “too much”.

What Jackets to Wear?

different color denim jacket

denim skirt with black leather jacket

If you want to wear a jacket with a denim skirt, it is best to wear a denim jacket (can be the same color as the denim skirt, but I prefer a slightly different color). A black leather jacket can work too if you prefer a darker look.

I hope I have gathered enough ideas and informations to inspire you to wear a denim mini skirt that suits your style. You can hardly go wrong with it, so have fun playing mix-and-match. As denim skirts are for more casual occasions, if you need some outfit ideas for your next semi-formal occasion like a cocktail party, make sure you check out another blog post I wrote on yellow cocktail dresses. If you want to know more fashion, beauty and fitness tips, please check out our other articles.