Running Tight under Shorts: Pretty Jogging Outfit Ideas

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Regarding jogging sportswear for women, there is actually quite a lot of choices already. You can wear shorts, jogging trousers, and running tights (also sometimes known as compression tights or yoga pants). But if you are one of those who always need the little bit of extra motivation to get yourself out of home and start jogging, knowing that you can look really good while jogging may just be the push you desperately need. So, let’s try a style that is much more unique, feminine and stylish than a typical running lady. Let’s look amazing with running tights under shorts.

Shorts Over Running Tight

Wearing shorts with running tights underneath can actually make you look slimmer and leaner, especially if you have a relative big bottom which you can easily hide by dressing this way. I have noticed that this trend first started become popular in Asian countries like Korea. Given the stunning result, I am pretty sure more and more ladies from around the world will love this style. Let’s look at some examples so you have some ideas how good this simple trick and make you look.




tights shorts in the rain running

I have a friend who thinks “shorts over tight” is something that you can never do if you “know fashion”. To me, I don’t understand it. You can clearly see from the above examples that it looks cool and beautiful. Color does matter for this style. You can see from the pictures that there are two combinations that work especially well: black shorts over a colorful tight, and the black shorts with shocking pink highlight over a black tight.

Skirt Over Running Tights

If you want to look even more feminine, you can wear a sports skirt over your tight the next time you go jogging or fast walking. Let’s look at a few examples and see how to look good with this style.


skirt over tight

One Piece Shorts + Tight Designs (Fake 2 Piece)

For those of you who don’t want to mix and match different shorts and running tights yourself, the good news is that there are actually many “shorts and tight sewed together” designs that you can buy. I found it especially easy to find in online shopping sites that sells Asian clothes. But of course, if you are creative and you are confident about your mix-and-match skills and senses, I strongly encourage you to mix and match yourself and create your own unique and beautiful combination.

The Benefits of a Running Tight

Besides looking pretty, wearing a running tight (or compression tight) has some additional benefits. To really enjoy these benefits, you should choose a tight that gives you the right amount of pressure. You will know it if you wear the right one. It’s the one that makes you feel a little bit of pressure, but you are still moving relatively freely with it. Here are the benefits:

Keeps Your Legs Warm

This benefit is sometimes overlooked, especially when the weather outside is not yet freezing. You may think that of course your legs are warm when you go jogging. Not completely true. Even in good weather, you do take rest during your running, and that’s when your legs start to cool down. The cooling down of your legs can make you more vulnerable to injuries.

Improve Your Blood Flow Resulting in Better Performance

Compression tights can provide you with the pressure to push the blood from the bottom of your leg to the upper part of your leg, and results in giving you more energy to run slightly faster or longer.

You can see that many athletes, most noticeable among tennis and basketball players, are wearing tights under their shorts. They do it for the sake of better performance and avoiding injuries (and looking good too). So, if you only wear shorts when jogging, try it with a compression tight and see how it makes you feel. It works for other people but it doesn’t necessarily work for you. You need to try it and find out yourself.

Before I end this blog post, for those of you still want more jogging outfit ideas, let me share some ideas that look absolutely stunning. I hope that can give you the little push you need to start jogging or fast walking. By the way, if you decide that jogging is not for you, you can find my blog post on keeping yourself fit by walking. Okay, here are some nice ideas for your next jogging or walking session:

More Layers for Your Top

But as you can see in the picture, playing around with layers and showing “just enough” makes you look sporty and sexy at the same time. I really like this design myself. You should try in summer time too.

Mesh Shirt with Sports Bra

This design also works well with sleeveless or short sleeves mesh shirt. I can see a trend that more and more well-known brands are producing more of these mesh shirts.

Matching Handband and Jacket Colors

Sometimes, you just want to add a little bit of details to your sportswear to look unique. A handband is one good example. You will look sharp if you can match the color of your handband with your jacket or your top.

Sports Bra with Shorts

If you are at your very best shape, I can’t really think of a better sportswear idea than the simple and classic: black and white sports bra with shorts. This design is so simple that it will leave all focus to your body. But you will definitely need to put in your effort to get rid of love handles before you can look beautiful with this outfit idea.

This blog post should gives you a lot of ideas for the next time you go jogging. More than that, I hope these ideas did inspire you to develop more beautiful ideas to make you look your best. I sometimes feel like that we are so lucky living in an era that we can look stunning even if we are just going for a 30-minute jog or so. So let’s get out of home and go jogging more. Be healthy and be in shape.