Beautiful Examples of Spider Bites Piercing

What is a spider bites piercing?

Like other kinds of piercing called ‘bites’, a spider bites piercing actually involves two separate piercings. In this case, they are placed next to each other under the lower lip. Usually a spider bites piercing is to one side, near the corner of the lips. Sometimes people get a spider bites piercing at each side of the lips (one on the right and one on the left) to make a complete set. Spider bites are still quite an unusual type of piercing, and no where near as common as other types of lip piercing.


How much does a spider bites piercing hurt?

A spider bites piercing is generally considered to have a pretty low pain rating compared to other piercings, although obviously this varies from person to person. It is generally less painful than upper lip piercings. However, it is still a piercing, and it will be painful to a certain extent. Different piercers will also have different techniques for doing a spider bites piercing. Some pierce from the outside in, while others pierce from the inside out, just depending on personal preference. The process is very quick, and a lot of people with a spider bites piercing say that the aftercare is actually the difficult part, not the piercing itself! It is also worth noting that you should be very careful in selecting a piercer, and make sure you go to someone competent and professional, who will make the piercing go as smoothly as possible, and help you with aftercare.


How long does a spider bites piercing take to heal?

Like other lip piercings, a spider bites piercing is generally fairly quick to heal. If your body is fast-healing and you take very good care of your new piercing, it can be fully healed in just 4 weeks, or it can sometimes take up to 12 weeks. As with other lip piercings, you must take a lot of care to keep the spider bites piercing clean, and you should avoid alcohol and cigarettes after piercing. You should also bear in mind that the area will be very swollen- this is completely normal!

Why get a spider bites piercing?

Spider bites piercings are still very unusual, so this is a great way to really stand out! While a lot of other piercings have become fairly common, a spider bites piercing still gives you a chance to be different. Having two piercings together also gives you a lot of opportunities for mixing and matching – your two ‘bites’ can match or be completely contrasting, depending on what sort of look you like best. The labrets used in other lip piercings are suitable for a snake bit piercing, or you can choose to use rings for even more variety.