One Word Tattoos: Powerful and Charming Designs

Many people have a favorite word. Perhaps this word has a personal meaning and you have always dreamt about getting it tattooed somewhere on your body. One word tattoos can look absolutely beautiful and are perfect as a first tattoo, no matter where you get them on your body, though some places are more painful than others. If you’ve been considering getting a tattoo of a word that holds personal meaning or inspires you, here are a few ideas to consider before taking the plunge and getting inked:


1. One Word Wrist Tattoo

One of the most common places to get a one word tattoo is on the wrist. Most people like the way a wrist tattoo looks and it can be hidden easily enough under a long sleeved shirt if you should ever need to cover it. You will also be able to wear a bracelet over it if you’d like. The wrist is the perfect size for a small tattoo, consisting of some gorgeous, script-like font and can look very feminine. However, one should always keep in mind how sensitive the wrist is, so this is a fairly painful location to get a tattoo.

2. One Word Foot Tattoo

The foot is another popular location for one word tattoos. A script-style font will look beautiful tattooed on the foot and can easily be hidden with a shoe, but can also look absolutely adorable when you are wearing sandals or flip flops in the summer. Keep in mind that when you get a foot tattoo, it is likely to fade and require touch up work, especially after a winter of wearing socks and heavy boots. Your tattooist will probably offer you a free touchup, however, so you shouldn’t have any real issues. Another nice thing about getting a foot tattoo is that there a few different places you can get it. You can get the tattoo on the top of your foot, where it is more visible, or you can opt to get it on the side of your foot where it will be less likely to be seen.

3. One Word Under Breast Tattoo

Many people, including celebrities like Miley Cyrus, have under breast tattoos. Miley Cyrus has “just breathe” tattooed under her breast  and this is a popular place for a one word tattoo. It can look really great when you are wearing a swimsuit and is easily covered when it needs to be. Depending on the word and the size of the word, you can choose from a variety of font styles for your one word rib tattoo, however, a script font is always a great choice and can look classy. A rib tattoo may be a bit painful, but most people say it didn’t hurt as badly as they anticipated. The ink may fade a bit, especially if it is in a place where your bra rubs, but you can always get it touched up.


It is always a wise idea for you to check out a few tattoo parlors before booking your appointment. You want to be sure you are going to get a tattoo from someone with years of experience and be sure to check out examples of their work as well. Be sure the tattoo parlor you choose is clean and follow the after care instructions so you do not risk getting an infection or losing ink out of your tattoo. Once you get inked, you have nothing to worry about but enjoying your new tattoo!