11 Best Hiking Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women

best hiking shorts outfit

There are times when you go for some easy hiking, or may be you simply want to walk around the lake, or the weather is simply too hot, you may consider wearing hiking shorts instead of pants. When I decided to write about this topic of hiking shorts outfit ideas, I give myself the restriction of not to include denim shorts in the list, otherwise this would probably be just another list of denim shorts outfit ideas. So, what I mean by hiking shorts are either khaki shorts, cargo shorts, or bermuda shorts, which is also known as walk shorts. Let’s now dive into the list of some of the best hiking shorts outfits.

Bermuda Shorts with Sleeveless Heather Grey Top


This hiking outfit can really represents what a hiker should wear in the summer. This is something very functional, not fancy, yet still looks decent and sporty. The outfit consists of a sleeveless heather grey top, khaki bermuda shorts and hiking shoes.

Wear with Long Sleeve Tee & Floral Headband

long sleeve tee floral handband hiking shorts

Whether you want to protect your arm from sunburning or from getting scratched by tree branches, it is a good idea to wear a long sleeve top. As an example, you can wear hiking shorts with a long sleeve t shirt. A floral headband will match well with this outfit by adding a touch of casualness and it is very helpful too when you are sweating like crazy.

Cargo Shorts with White Boho Vest Top

cargo shorts white boho vest top

It almost always seems to work when you are wearing something boho style in the nature. It is a little surprising to see that it works too for hiking outfits though. You can simply wear a white boho style vest top and pair it with cargo shorts and hiking shoes. With the backpack and the headband, it is a functional and comfortable looking hiking outfit. The boho touch simply blends right in with the rest of the pieces.

Pink Hiking Shorts with Long Sleeve Print Tee

pink khaki shorts long sleeve print tee

This outfit involves the bermuda shorts of pink, a color that you rarely see for hiking shorts. I want to include this outfit idea in the list, mainly because that I want to display how the color of pink can really look good and make you stand out from the rest in an outdoor environment. That is why you see more and more pink jogging outfits these days. It is about time to bring more pink to hiking outfits too. As an example of a pink hiking outfit, you can wear a long sleeve print tee with the pink hiking shorts.

Bermuda Shorts with Sweater & Hiking Boots

bermuda hiking shorts kint sweater

When it comes to very easy hiking or just a walk around the lake, you can reduce the sportiness a little bit and add a touch of elegance to your outfit since most likely you won’t have to carry a huge backpack. As an example of what to wear in this type of scenario, you can wear a cream knit sweater with color-matching bermuda shorts and hiking boots. As I have mentioned in another blog post, hiking boots are as beautiful as they are functional. You may want to check out that piece of blog post for more hiking boots outfit ideas.

Wear with Navy and White Striped T Shirt & Baseball Cap

black and white striped t shirt hiking bermuda shorts

This outfit demonstrates how to look sporty and pretty at the same time. For the top, wear a three-quarter sleeve navy and white striped t shirt. With that, wear walk shorts with hiking shoes and a shirt tied around your waist. The excellent choice of accessories are what separate this outfit from the rest of the list. The accessories involve are the sunglasses and the baseball cap. The layers and colors of all pieces just seem to match so well. This is easily my favorite outfit idea among the list. If you have tried before to look beautiful while carry a backpack, you would know how hard it is and you would understand why I love this outfit so much.

Hiking Shorts with Black V Neck T Shirt

hiking shorts black t shirt outfit

Sometimes, for walking an easy trail, you can keep things really simple by wearing a t shirt with the hiking shorts. For example, you can wear the shorts with a black v neck t shirt and sneakers. To be honest, sneakers are often enough when we are talking about so really light hiking. Sometimes, hiking is intense for keeping your body and mind in shape, other times, hiking can be just very easy and simply let you breath some fresh air and clear your thoughts a bit.

Black Walk Shorts with Striped Vest Top

black hiking shorts striped vest top

As another example of light hiking outfit, you can wear a striped vest top with black hiking shorts and sneakers.

Knee Length Cargo Shorts with White Vest Top

cargo knee length shorts for hiking

If you want more protection for your legs from getting scratched by stones and plants while the weather is too hot for pants, you can consider wearing the knee length cargo shorts. You can simply pair it with a white vest top, hiking shoes and a backpack.

Wear with Sleeveless Denim Shirt

sleeveless denim shirt bermuda boots

Here is a creative outfit that brings a denim shirt to the world of hiking. To pull this off, you will either need a sleeveless denim shirt or a short sleeve one which you can roll up the sleeves and DIY your own sleeveless shirt. Simply pair the shirt with khaki pants and hiking shoes. The shirt looks surprising well matched with the rest of the hiking outfit.

Khaki Hiking Shorts with Grey Print Tee

bermuda hiking shorts grey t shirt

Sometimes, when you thing the t shirt and shorts combination is too boring, you can actually do something about it by wearing a print tee instead of a solid tee to deliver a message or to simply look cute with the printed graphic.

I hope you enjoy the list of hiking shorts outfit ideas which is actually not that easy to put together when I force myself not to include the denim shorts. If you like a blog post like this, you may also want to navigate around our website to check out thousands of more outfit ideas.