Best Interview Outfits to Beat the Summer Heat!

Are you having dilemmas on how to impress the interviewers on your job interview? Aside from memorizing that “tell me something about yourself” speech and trying to practice some etiquette during interviews, you’ve probably thought of your outfit too, right? But its summer and you would not want to be looking so haggard fighting off that summer heat. Read along and grab some ideas on what best to wear on that interview of yours during summer!

What to Consider in Choosing Summer Interview Outfits

Creating a perfect image of you in front of interviewers is quite difficult, more so during the times when the scorching heat of the sun ruins that nice look of yours. Of course you wouldn’t want to look soaking wet with your sweat, you wouldn’t want your interviewers get distracted with you wiping off that sweat all over your face and what not. What you wear is basically a factor that could affect your look on that job interview during the summer. Here are some initial guidelines that might help you in choosing the best outfit on your interview.



Cotton is one of the oldest and most common fabrics up to date. It breathes better than oil-based synthetic fibers. It will help you stay cool and elegant during your interview without stinking because of its ability to absorb. What it absorbs is the moisture which comes from your skin then evaporates it. This material will make you free of sweat and feel comfortable despite the summer heat, thus will keep you look fresh on your job interview like it’s not summer.


Breathability, comfort and the ability to absorb – these are the properties of linen that will definitely make you feel comfy. Like cotton, it saturates the moisture from your body, which will keep you dry. Its weave and linen fiber specifics is what allows more airflow without clinging to the skin, thus allow your body to breathe. You may find an unlimited array of linen clothing on your favorite stores or shops – the styles, colors, fits, cuts and the comfort that you want to wear on your interview.

Silk blends

Silk is breathable and lightweight. It is a natural protein fiber and is already considered as an all-climate fabric. Silk can be comfortably cool even if it is burning hot. It is highly absorbent, so it absorbs sweat thus allowing your skin to breathe. You do not have to worry about odors from perspiring too because silk can handle that matter well. You have to bear in mind though that if you wear a pure silk outfit, it will tend to cleave to your body, so make sure that you try silk blends or you can just accessorize your outfit with a blazer or a vest or anything that would not make it obvious that your outfit is clinging to your body.


Many years ago seersucker was the fabric used by the lower class, but now it has made its way to become one of the best fabrics during summer. It has been adopted easily because of its lightweight breathability. It is an all-cotton fabric which features natural waves and stripes woven into the fabric. These waves prevent the fabric to stick to your skin, thus allows air to breathe in. Unlike before when seersucker was worn mostly by commoners, it is now easy to find seersucker dresses, shirts, pants, robes among others, that will make you not just look good and fresh but comfortable enough on your interview.


Chambray is like an imitation of denim but lighter in weight. It is a plain weave fabric woven with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the horizontal threads through the warp. It is easy to dress-up, thus allow you to select the best outfit in a variety of choices. This will make you comfortable without worrying about how you look. Bear in mind though that before considering a chambray outfit you have to make sure that the environment is not so particular with casual attires on interviews.


Choosing the right fabric is important, yes, but you have to consider the comfort of what you’re wearing too. Why try so hard wearing a dress if you are not comfortable with it? Why wear coats or blazers if you don’t feel good about it? Do not make things more complicated, it’s already sizzling hot outside. Choose the right outfit that best comfort you and look good on you. Remember, you will look better if you are comfortable and confident with what you are wearing. You won’t look so stiff and uncomfortable during your interview.


Formality comes on different forms – may it be regarding your outfit, your accessories and, for women, your make-up. You may want to check whether the company is strict when it comes to dress codes or not. How you look during the interview will be of great impact and a factor during the decision-making of your employer. First impression lasts; therefore, you have to make the best out of it.

Looking formal is not easy, and so is feeling cool amidst the summer heat. Try formal wear in lightweight materials or fabric that will keep you cool without compromising that formal and professional look during your interview.

You should be aware of how much skin you are exposing. Do not expose too much. Remember that the summer heat will not be an excuse for you to wear short skirts, sleeveless tops and low-cut dresses (for women) and shorts and shirts (for men).

Part of the formality that you want to impose is how you accessorize your outfit. Choose accessories that would not make you look overdressed. They will take you seriously if you accessorize your outfit with dark colors, because that’s just how it works in an interview. Avoid bright and colorful ties, undershirts and blazers. If you want to accessorize your look with jewelries, choose those that do not suppress your formality. And, as much as possible avoid open-toed shoes, sandals and flip-flops.

For women, do not overdo your makeup and don’t let your hair mess everything – do not let these be distractions. For men, make sure your haircut looks formal too.

Be aware also, that no matter what fabric and outfit you opt to wear, if it’s hot, then you would most probably sweat out. So make sure to come earlier on the venue of the interview. That way you can still give your body some time to adjust to the temperature, thus, make you feel cool during the interview. In addition, you have to be extra careful with your scent. Do not use or spray too much cologne or perfume, you might turn your interviewer off or you might trigger some allergies. So be very conscious about it. Don’t forget! You do not want to turn them off with a bad breath, make sure to check your breath before facing your interviewers.

As a conclusion, always remember that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So you better be good in doing so. It is better to be overdressed rather than under-dressed, but as much as possible better be in between. If you look formal and professional, you will look respectable. If you look respectable you have higher chance of getting that job you are applying for.

Have you decided on what you are going to wear? or at least some ideas? We’d love to hear from you too. Post it here!