Tips On How To Wear Crop Tops with Style

Why wear crop tops?

Crop tops have been one of the biggest summer fashion trends for a couple of years now, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be going away any time soon! Even if you aren’t much of a trend follower, crop tops are a great way to show off a little skin in a more understated way than a plunging neckline or super-short skirt. They can suit all kinds of styles, and despite what you might think, there’s a crop top out there for every body type!

5 top tips for wearing crop tops

  1. If you’re nervous about trying out crop tops, cover up elsewhere to avoid showing too much skin. Wear a super high-waisted skirt under your crop top, or even layer it over a dress to get the trendy silhouette without flashing any midriff at all. You can also try a long-sleeved crop top, or wearing your crop top with a maxi skirt.
  2. Balance out proportions correctly. A baggy top with a baggy bottom probably won’t flatter you, while a super tight crop top and tight skirt might not be the best look for everyone! Try a fitted top with a full skirt, or a loose crop top with a pencil skirt.
  3. Show off whichever part of your torso you like best. If you aren’t happy with your tummy, pick a crop top that shows off the bottom of your ribcage, and wear a high waist to cover any areas you’d rather put on display. If you have amazingly toned abs, try a longer crop top with low-rise jeans.
  4. Keep it weather-appropriate! Crop tops are definitely best for the summer months. That’s not to say that you can’t try out the trend during the rest of the year, though – just make sure to layer up, or perhaps try a cropped sweater.

How to choose the right crop top for your body shape

Tall and slim

If you have a tall, slender figure, you might be looking to shorten your body a little so that everything looks in proportion. A crop top that hits at your natural waistline, with a skirt or pants a couple of inches lower, will really flatter you, especially as you have the space to show off quite a bit of skin without looking too short! A strapless bustier top can look really great on tall women, especially, if you pair it with a high-waist, knee-length skirt.


For a curvy body shape, try a shorter crop top with a high waist skirt. This shows off the narrowest part of your body, so no tummy worries! It’s a brilliantly elegant way to show just a sliver of skin. Make sure that your top fits well, and look for structured pieces to skim rather than cling. Remember that if you’d like to stay a little more covered up, long-sleeved crop tops are amazingly flattering!

Narrow hips and broad shoulders

Try a crop top in a halter shape to draw the eye in towards your neck, rather than out towards your shoulders. A full skirt is also a great way to balance out broad shoulders. Otherwise, follow the same tips as elsewhere on this page, and just draw attention to your favorite part of your torso!


To best flatter an hourglass figure, choose a crop top that hits at the natural waist, with just a sliver of skin before a high-waist fitted midi skirt. This look was pretty much designed for your figure, and will give you a tiny waist and amazing curves. Avoid loose, baggy or boxy crop tops, as well as longer lengths, as skimming over your waist could make you look a lot more bulky.


Remember that crop tops can actually offer as much coverage as you like! If you’re a busty lady who has to wear a bra, try a crop top with a higher neckline. You can also wear a long-sleeved crop top to look a little more covered-up. Fitted shapes will also be very flattering on you, both for tops and bottoms – avoid anything too baggy, as it will make you look shapeless. It’s probably also best to avoid crop tops in loud, busy prints.


One of the best ways to visually add length to your body is to wear a crop top with a hemline that rises up at the front. You can also try wearing crop top and skirt sets in an all-over print to elongate the body and avoid the broken-up effect that crop tops can have.


The number one tip for pear-shaped women is to pick a top that is lighter than the bottom half of your outfit, to draw attention to your shoulders and bust rather than your hips. Choose a crop top that hits at the slimmest part of your body, which will have the effect of making everything else look slimmer and more streamlined. A crop top with ruffles, patterns or pockets will also help to draw attention upwards.



If you’re super toned, you probably have no worries about wearing crop tops! A shorter style will show off your amazing abs, but a longer, looser crop top might actually be the most flattering style for you, worn with low-rise jeans.


If you have a straight-up-and-down body that you’d like to add curves to, crop tops are definitely your friend! A loose crop top and fitted skirt will immediately make your waist look smaller than your bust and hips. Alternatively, a full, pleated skirt is a great way to add curves to your lower half. If you’re small-busted then a bustier crop top may be really flattering – and why not take advantage of the fact that, unlike a lot of ladies, you can wear this trend comfortably?

Different styles of crop tops

There are so many different types of crop top, and so many ways to wear them. Whatever your personal style, you’ll be able to find a crop top to suit you perfectly! Check out a few of these styles for inspiration – this is just a tiny fraction of the many ways that you can wear crop tops!

1950s Vintage Crop Tops

Crop tops are great for creating a 1950s-style silhouette with a nipped-in waist and full skirt, because they avoid adding any extra bulk at the waist. Try ladylike styles with high necks and long sleeves, and pair them with A-line or circle skirts for a glamorous, retro style with a modern twist.

Boho Crop Tops

Crop tops are one of the ultimate summer wardrobe staples, which makes them a great addition to any bohemian style outfit. Look for draped lacy crop tops, or pair simpler styles with your boldest boho prints. Crop tops are also great to wear with printed maxi skirts or harem pants, as they help to keep the overall look streamlined and balanced.

Polished and Pretty Crop Tops

Crop tops can work for the office too! To keep crop tops looking formal, opt for structured shapes and high-quality heavy fabrics. Try layering them over dresses or shirts to avoid inappropriately flashing any midriff. Neutral colors and details like shirt collars also help to make crop tops office-appropriate while still looking refreshingly modern and stylish.

90s Style Crop Tops

The 90s were definitely the decade of the crop top! 90s fashion has been having a revival lately, so why not take advantage of this and grab a vintage-style crop top? Tight t-shirts and sweaters were the style of choice – you can try this trend out on the cheap by just chopping the bottom off an old skinny fit t-shirt! Match with other 90s classics like plaid or high-waist jeans, and you instantly have a fashion-forward way to wear a crop top.

Sexy Crop Tops

Let’s face it – baring the midriff in a crop top can be incredibly sexy. A skimpy crop top and pencil skirt is one of the sexiest night out combinations you’ll ever find, but in the right colors and textures, it can also be very sophisticated and elegant.

Sporty Crop Tops

Crop tops are also a great way to try out athletics-inspired trends. Crop tops inspired by either sports bras or sports jerseys are a brilliant combination of sporty and sexy, and are great for looking stylish while still keeping comfortable.