Absolutely Stunning Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas

They say “a change is as good as a holiday” and a new hair color might be just the change you need! With the youthful blonde and the fierceness of red, strawberry blonde is a hair shade that is definitely worth considering. This head-turning hair color will spice up your look irrespective of the season.

1463641c656cf3f71f3d02d85833e214If the idea of changing your hair color to blonde seems daunting, you could try a more practical option by opting for a strawberry blonde. Maybe the ratio between being blonde and having fun is somewhat ridiculous but what is true is that it expresses a more youthful and vibrant look and who wouldn’t want that?

It is no wonder the strawberry blonde look is a hair trend many woman are determined to try thanks to the likes of beauty icons like Rita Hayworth, Nicole Kidman and more recently Blake Lively.

Strawberry Blonde HairThe great thing about this stunning color combo is that is suits almost anyone. Having said that, knowing your skin type is definitely useful when choosing the kind of strawberry blonde shade that will perfectly suit your complexion. It is particularly well suited to those with warmer undertones and more of a fair complexion.

Conversely, because strawberry blonde is so versatile, there are certain shades that can suit darker-toned ladies and choosing a honey blonde will bring warmth to the overall style with its coppery shades.

The great thing about this popular hair craze is that you can switch it up often by darkening it with low-lights or red hues and lightening it by adding more blonde highlights.

Strawberry Blonde HairThere are no makeup rules nowadays which means it is the perfect time to experiment with colors and looks that you might be drawn to – but as with any hair color, there are certain makeup colors that perfectly compliment that “strawberries and cream” hair look.

For the overly cautious ladies out there who are considering transitioning to this vivacious hair color for the summer, there are a few guidelines that might put your mind at rest. With fair-skinned ladies, the most flattering colors to incorporate into your makeup look are peaches, corals, browns, plums and rose pinks.

Green or blue eyes with strawberry blonde hair can be played up with dark brown eye shadows and for cool skin tones a smoked out brown shadow would do this coveted sun-kissed hair color justice.


While some are lucky enough to be born with exquisite strawberry blonde locks, others have to turn to the professionals. There are a couple of things to consider before jumping on board the blonde hair train and haircare being number one!Strawberry Blonde Hair

The one thing that might seem like a small feat would be caring for your blonde mane. With all the peroxide and harsh chemicals that come with dyeing your hair, it is important to keep your hair healthy and the color vibrant using a suitable and customized hair care routine.

Sulfate-free and oil-rich treatments will maintain the beautiful color. Blonde hair especially requires a shampoo or conditioner with purple tint also known as silver shampoo. This bright purple infused product will keep the blonde vibrant. There are also herbal treatments that work wonders on dyed hair because the nutrients and ingredients help repair the damage caused from the unforgiving dyes.

Red fades faster than any other color because of the larger molecules of the red pigment. This means maintaining the color more than you would normally and therefore using color enhancing shampoos and conditioners that will slow down the inevitable color fading process is ideal. There are many on the market at the moment like John Frieda’s Radiant Red Colour Protect or L’oreal Sulfate-Free Colour Care.



The thousands of YouTube tutorials and D.I.Y blogs that roam the internet usually leave us eager to experiment with dyeing our hair at home, but rest assured that incorporating any blonde into your hair is definitely a task for the professionals – I learned that the hard way! Transitioning to blonde with the help of a colorist will not only give you that ideal look you are going for but they will be able to tone down the brassiness as well as give their specialized opinion and overall look based on your skin tone and appearance.

When dying your hair, the actual shade will be dependent on your natural or previous hair color. It is a particularly easy color to transition into strawberry blonde if you naturally have those warmer red tones in your hair and doesn’t need much toning.

On the off chance that you are pressed for time and cash and are intending to dye your hair at home then it is highly recommended you ask a friend to help you out. This look can be done at home if you are transitioning from light or medium shades, but going from a darker brunette to strawberry blonde is best handled by an expert colorist as getting the right color is a feat in itself.

Strawberry Blonde HairWhether you are dying your hair this awesome shade or are born with such naturally beautiful colored tresses, strawberry blonde locks are undeniably a timeless hair trend that many women desire. The eye-catching shade is easily created and transformable depending on your mood and is a definite ‘must’ at least once in your life! After all, who wouldn’t want hair that looks like a beaming sunset?

Strawberry Blonde HairStrawberry Blonde HairStrawberry Blonde Hair

beautiful-strawberry-blondeStrawberry Blonde Hair