60 Amazing Purple Nail Designs

Purple became my new favorite when I shopped a purple dress for a party at my place. It was my first experience with this unique and sober color and luckily, it went smooth! I selected the same color nail paint and like any other girl, I did my very own nail art. A whole new world of color choices opened to me that day.


As I delved into the psychology of Purple color, I found that in many parts of the world it symbolizes luxury, nobility, wealth, power and intellect. In other parts, it is for mourning and sorrow; however, that region is not so large. In the old days, purple was a rare color, only emperors & royals used it for dressing and dyeing.

Even in the visible light spectrum, purple (violet) has the most powerful visible wavelength.

Bright colors are in during spring and summer whereas darker shades are a must-have for fall and winter season.I find purple or its shades suitable for all seasons. So polish your nails today with plain purple or combine it with gold, silver, black and white as well as all the other lighter shades of purple. I have a collection of such nail designs for you to try out with all your purple-shaded dresses.



PPP- Plain Purple Paint

In this category, you will find all the designs that only require you to apply s purple nail polish with or without a top coat and glitter. It is no rocket science. Simply choose any shade of purple and apply vertical strokes on your nails. Apply fairy dust on one nail for a slight variation.











French Manicure tip 

This is a super-easy yet attractive nail art. Almost everyone can do it.

First, apply a base coat or any light color nail paint. Use purple glitter on the grown nails. You can either do vertical or horizontal strokes. Leave your nails for 5-8 minutes so they dry up. Apply a shiny top coat to finish the look. If you are not comfortable with working directly on the nails and fear that you may end up spoiling them, use a paper or band aid to cover the rest of your nail as you apply the strokes on the front. Now lift the paper/band aid, and use a shiny base coat to smooth out the uneven bottom and apply on the rest of the nail.




Magazine Print art

Well, I never said I will be including easy designs to try out. I am just kidding. This one is not the least difficult. In fact, it’s easier than many other ones. Try it and find out the truth yourself. However, you have to use a lighter color on the base for magazine print art to be visible. Apply a nail paint on your nails and let it dry. Then dip each nail in alcohol for 4-5 minutes and then put a newspaper/magazine strip or whatever writing you want around your nail. Hold it steady for 3-4 minutes. Remove it lightly. Your nail art is ready.



Purple Leopard / cheetah art 

Leopard print comes in every color. You need two shades of purple and a black nail paint to create this design. Apply a lighter shade as the base and let it dry. Add diagonal strokes of a darker shade on top. Use a dotting tool to put purple dots and then encircle them with black. Let it dry. Apply a top coat and put rhinestones on the line joining the two shades. Your purple cheetah nail art is ready.


Dark Glittery Sky

These designs resemble a starry night sky, an evening horizon in one picture. Simply apply a darker shade of purple on base and when it dries, sprinkle wet fairy dust on the tips. Finish the look with a top shiny coat.





Stripes & Polka Dots

Designing that has stripes and polka dots always stays in fashion. If you are no expert in nail art, even then you can do this one easily as it only requires you to draw straight lines. Apply a darker or lighter shade on the base and let it dry. Draw horizontal, vertical, slanting, diagonal lines with a lighter or darker shade, respectively, on top. Use a nail dotter to place small polka dots on your nails. Finish off the design with a glittery coat or fairy dust or simply a cutex.
















Matte Purple

Matte colors – dull and solid with no shine – always give a deep,edgy and down to earth look. You can wear matte-painted nails to office, workplace, and fancy dress party.





Half in Half fill

If your dress has more than a single shade or you don’t have time to do the designing, this nail art is just perfect for you. It won’t take much of your time yet it looks classy and super shiny. Simply draw a virtual diagonal line on your nails and paint both the halves with two different shades. You can draw a straight or slanting line, it’s completely up to you. Some of the colors that can go with purple in this combination are black, blue, gray, burgundy etc.




The Perfect Blends

These nail designs are my favorite and I’m sure that anyone who knows how to do it, likes it too. Almost making you appear like an artist, it creates an aww and jaw-dropping effect among the onlookers. Everyone wonders how you do such magic with your nails. So today I am going to reveal the secret to this magical look. What you need is a makeup sponge and 3 shades of a color, varying from light to dark. You can either choose an ascending or a descending order i.e. light to dark or dark to light; the choice is simply yours. Apply three strokes in horizontal lines on the surface of the sponge. Now dab this sponge on your nail lightly 3-4 times until you see some pattern appearing on it. Now stroke the sponge again to renew the paint and dab it again. Repeat the process until there is a visible merged pattern on your nail. Let it dry and add a shiny top coat for the finishing touch.






Fairy Dust Magic

Those girls who love shimmery stuff will definitely fall for this nail art. It looks like a thousand tiny stars on your nails. It requires no effort at all. Buy fairy dust cutex, apply it on your nails and rock the look!







Acrylic Designing

Painted flowers on nails look beautiful and intricate depending on the neatness in your painting. Take a paint brush with small tip (like a number 6) or a make-up brush and dip it in acrylic paint or even some other nail color like black or pink. Draw cute little flowers on top of your painted nail. Let them dry for 10-15 minutes. Once done, you can add a top coat or leave it as it is.












Purple looks good on any nail length, so it’s actually up to you to decide what goes best with your lifestyle. Longer nails appear striking whereas shorter ones are easier to maintain. Here are a few tips that you should follow before doing a nail art.

  1. Keep your nails clean, no matter what the nail length is. Properly manicured nails look good even with simple nail paint or shine.
  2. Before applying the nail polish, wash your hands and dry them with a towel.
  3. Use a dotting tool to draw polka dots and lines. If you don’t have it, use a toothpick instead.
  4. If nail paint gets on your cuticles and knuckles, use a cotton bud to clean it. You can also dip a cotton ball in acetone and clean your fingers.
  5. Before applying the second coat of paint, wait for at least 10 minutes so that the first one dries completely.
  6. Buy quality nail paints otherwise the fake ones will come off at points with a single washing.
  7. You can also use a golden or silver spray to add a little hint of fairy dust to the look. Spray it from a distance as you don’t want too much of it on your finger.
  8. Use paper to cut out any shapes and place them on the nails. Then fill in with any color. You will have your desired print on your nails.

I hope you enjoyed my post on purple nails and now you find it pretty easy to try out all these designs yourself. Suggest it to your friends and have fun together! Try purple in the next party or event that you plan to attend and rock the world with your vibrant and confident aura. Enjoy!