Black Choker Dress: Super Chic Outfits You Should Try

best black choker dress outfit ideas

I don’t have any idea since when did the black choker become an important piece of the fashion world. Indeed, a black choker usually makes an outfit look much more stylish, making me wonder when the black choker hasn’t been around for longer. We have now come to a point in time where designers are integrating a black choker into a black dress. Such a dress is usually called the black choker dress. To give you some ideas on how to style it, I have put together some of the best black choker dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out now.

Black One Sleeve Choker Mini Dress


I decided to give you a little bit of surprise to start off the list. Instead of showing you a typical design, I am going to show you this low-key sexy black one sleeve choker mini dress. Not only the asymmetric design can make you look more stylish, it also allows you to show off your beautiful shoulder and collarbone in a elegant way. You can simply wear black ankle strap open toe heels to complete the outfit.

Black Long Sleeve Choker Deep V Neck Bodycon Dress

black long sleeve choker deep v neck bodycon dress

Most of the choker dresses are indeed deep v neck dresses that attached with chokers, while some others have higher v neck. This sexy dress definitely belongs to the former group. It is a black long sleeve deep v neck bodycon dress. Wear it with black ankle strap heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

Black Choker High Split Midi Dress

black choker high split midi dress

For a slightly more mature look, you can choose a black choker high split midi dress. A midi dress often has that feminine and mature feel in it and it is no exception of this choker dress. You can simply wear the dress with black ankle strap open toe heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

Choker Cold Shoulder Bodycon Midi Dress

choker cold shoulder bodycon midi dress

This is a very unique choker dress design that you don’t see very often. This black bodycon midi dress has a choker neckline that creatively leads into a cold shoulder cutting. To add an elegant touch to the overall look, pair the dress with black suede ankle boots.

DIY Choker Off The Shoulder Dress

diy choker off the shoulder dress

If you have a black dress and you want to build a very stylish look around it, a good option is to DIY your own choker dress. In other words, wear a black choker that matches perfectly with your dress. For example you can wear a black off the shoulder dress with a black choker and silver open toe heels to create an amazing look that can make you shine in cocktail parties and proms.

Black Choker Wrap Mini Dress

black choker wrap mini dress

If you think a black choker bodycon dress is still unique and sexy enough, find a version that comes in the form of a wrap dress. To complete the outfit, either black heels or silver heels would be a great choice.

Velvet Choker Shift Dress

velvet choker shift dress

This dress is a very interesting one. It is made of velvet which is supposed to give the dress a little extra elegance. At the same time, it has the same type of cutting as a loose fit t shirt dress which is supposed to make it look casual. With the stylish choker neckline design, this dress is just very stylish and unique. Pair it with black ankle strap open toe heels to complete this stylish outfit.

Black Choker T Shirt Dress with Thigh High Boots

black choker t shirt dress thigh high boots

This outfit is a great demonstration on how to wear a black t shirt dress in a stylish way. You can wear this black choker t shirt dress with black tight high suede boots to complete a minimal and beautiful street outfit.

Lace Sleeve Choker T Shirt Dress

lace sleeve choker t shirt dress

Here is a cute little black dress that is perfect for those of you that want to look good but want to remain low key. It is a beautiful black lace-sleeve choker t shirt dress. Simple wear it with black open toe heels to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Black Floral Choker Bodycon Mini Dress

black floral choker bodycon mini dress

Up to this point, I have only mentioned solid black dresses. For those of you who loves more colors, here is a black floral choker bodycon dress that you may like. Wear it with a silver cuff bracelet and silver open toe heels to make the outfit look even more eye catching.

Black Floral Choker Bell Sleeve Shift Dress

black floral choker bell sleeve shift dress

Here is another black floral choker dress. This time, the cutting is more loose and it has the feminine looking bell sleeves. You can wear this dress as part of a casual street outfit by pairing it with black leather ankle boots.

Black Sheath Mini Dress with Open Toe Ankle Boots

black sheath mini dress open toe ankle boots

For a minimal look, you can choose a black choker sheath mini dress that isn’t overly sexy or overly skinny fit. It is a dress that looks simple and beautiful, yet quite easy to pull off. Complete the outfit with style with a pair of grey open toe ankle boots.

Spaghetti Strap Choker Bodycon Lace Dress

spaghetti strap choker bodycon lace dress

This choker neckline design is a very unique one. The choker is attached with the spaghetti straps in this black bodycon lace dress. Pair the dress with black ankles strap heels to complete this elegant and low-key sexy outfit.

One Shoulder Bell Sleeve Choker Bodycon Dress

one shoulder bell sleeve choker bodycon dress

To look both sexy and stylish in a prom or a cocktail party, you can wear an asymmetric one-shoulder choker bodycon dress. This dress also has a feminine detail in its single bell sleeve. To create an elegant look out of this dress, you can simply wear a pair of gold ankle strap open toe heels.

I hope you enjoy the black choker dress outfit ideas that I have just shared with you. In my opinion, the black choker dress is a trend that is here to stay. It is just so good looking and stylish in a fundamental level.