Black Satin Dress: Elegant and Sophisitcated Outfit Ideas

black satin dress superstar

Satin seems to have a moment of glory again. And we totally get it. The satin is appealing, flattering version of more expensive silk. However, it doesn’t look less glamorous or luxurious than silk, and that is why girls lost their mind over this material. We will stick with a black satin dress this time. Get ready for a lot of fantastic outfit ideas that I have prepared for you.

This material will make you look like a goddess. It is shiny, sophisticated and most of all it is very flattering to your skin. If you love silk, you will, for sure, like the look of the black satin dress.

I have gathered around some of the best outfit ideas from red carpets, street style, and retail stores to show you how easy and fabulous these looks are. And the most important thing is – you can copy them right now!

Retro Satin Dress

black satin dress retro
Long and straight this black dress looks a bit retro. This girl decided to pair it with a military jacket and black ankle boots for an ultimate stylish look. The dress has a big V-neckline so make sure that you are fine with that. This look can be the perfect outfit for going out.

Satin Summer Dress + Slippers

black satin dress slippers
Summertime is perfect for satin dresses. You can wear them on vacations, seaside or hot city concrete. When it comes to shoes, you can pair this black satin dress with an orange satin slipper, which btw was one of the main trends last summer, and they are not going anywhere.

White Shirt Below Black Satin Dress

black satin dress layered
This youngish and trendy outfit is perfect for everyday wear, or for night outs. Mini black dress has spaghetti straps so that you can layer it with white tee below. Layering is a great way to make your outfits interesting and after all to make them unique.

Floral Satin Dress

black satin dress floral
Florals are perfect for fall. Don’t let the others discourage you saying that it is only for spring or summer. You can easily style your floral dress with suede thigh-high boots and add a small crossbody bag. This look is the perfect option for daily occasions.

Embroidered Florals

black satin dress embroidered
Colorful floral motifs on the black satin dress look just wonderful. You can see every embroidered detail, while the dress remains low key staple. You can opt for this kind of dress if you have some fall or winter wedding, then for birthday, holiday or cocktail parties. Style this lovely dress in strappy sandals, or stilettos.

Classic is Forever

black satin dress classic
If you don’t like to experiment with models, colors or styles, then I suggest to always opt for classic V-neck model. This dress is very classy and flattering. You can wear it with sandals, high heels and even with ankle boots. This model is perfect for many different occasions.

Superstar Look Alike

black satin dress superstar
The deep black outfit that Selena Gomez is wearing is broken only with two-colored sandals. The complete black outfit is perfect for elegant occasions like birthdays, holiday parties as well as weddings. You can decorate this combo with some huge silver necklace or long earrings.

Mesh V-Neck

black satin dress mesh v neck
This look is great for summer. The dress has spaghetti straps and very interesting bodice. The V-neckline is practically made of white mesh material, and it looks awesome! This dress is perfect for elegant occasions, weddings or parties. Wear it with strappy sandals and add a clutch in a metallic shade.

Supermodel Look Alike

black satin dress supermodel
Adriana Lima really has figure and height for this dress. However, you can easily copy her style! This black satin dress is perfect for formal events. It has high side slit, and it is sleeveless. All you need is some silver jewelry and red lipstick. Voila, you are ready for some party.

Minimalistic Black Dress

black satin dress studded
Even though it looks pretty minimal, this dress has a lot of potential for styling. You can wear it with a printed bandana, studded ankle booties and small tote bag with gold buckle. This dress is perfect for daily wear, coffee with friends, brunch or stroll in a city park.

Lace on Black Satin Dress

black satin dress lace
The black satin dress is perfectly decorated with lace. There is fine and delicate lace around the neckline and on the hem of the dress. The spaghetti straps are giving the romantic vibe so that you can style this dress for elegant occasions. Pair it with strappy sandals and put on some gold or silver jewelry.

Belted Wrap Dress

black satin dress wrapped
This dress is not only fashionable, but it is also very flattering to your body line. It is belted with a fine black belt, which is highlighting your body figure. The cut of the dress is wrapped, so you can be sure that you will feel comfy. Pair it with metallic strap sandals.

Floral Booties and Black Satin Dress

black satin dress floral booties
Another lovely example how you can pair your black dress with other staples. This time it is paired with the striped black-white top. But it is not the dress that is making a statement. The boots are. They have an amazing floral design, and they perfectly pair with this lovely slip dress.

Sandals and Socks

black satin dress socks sandals
There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to wearing socks with sandals. If you ask me, well I must admit that I am not sure if I would wear it. But because of you that you are sure that you would, here is one outfit idea. Classy black dress paired with orange sandals and short black socks. The combination is simple yet very chic.

Blazer and Long Black Dress

black satin dress plaid blazer
In this combination, the high side slit is soothed with a long plaid blazer. This outfit is perfect when it comes to that transitional weather. You can wear your blazer for a dose of glamour but also for a warm feeling. Pair everything with kitten block heel sandals.

I hope that you have liked these tips, outfit ideas, and pieces of advice that you have seen here. As you could see, wearing black satin dress is very practical. Black color works fine with every other shade while satin is very flattering material.

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