10 Chic Ways to Wear Silk Tank Top

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The silk tank top, also known as a camisole is definitely one of the basic garments that can be combined with a lot of different clothes. I can assume what are you thinking right now: “But that is a piece of underwear!”. The fact is, you will be showing a lot of skin with this garment on. This can be a little bit intimidating, but it’s definitely not the reason you shouldn’t wear it!

Because of the camisole skimpy nature, it is good to know the best ways how you can wear it, without looking cheap and over-the-line.
The silk tank top is trendy right now, and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be. It is combinable with everything. Tucked into a jeans or skirt or layered below sweaters are just some of the ways you can mix and incorporate this piece of cloth into your style.
If you want to see how you can style the silk tank top, scroll down to see the outfit ideas I’ve prepared for you.

Layer it!

silk tank top layer
Do you like the 90’ look? A lot of pieces originating from that period of time, made a comeback. Today these pieces look better even better than back then. All that you need to complete this outfit is simple silk top. Layer it with a cotton white shirt below and with high waist jeans. You will look chic and casual.
For more layering, you can add a longline sweater over, put ankle boots on and look fantastic!

Coziness first

silk tank top cozy
When you wear a garment like the silk tank top during fall or winter, it is very important to wrap yourself in a cashmere or wool sweater.
With this mixture or materials, you will feel quite comfy and look modern at the same time. Tuck in your top in high waist jeans, put on minimalistic jewelry and consider that you “copied” this famous Instagram outfit, just like in the photo above.

Office Suit and Silk Tank Top

office suit
Suit is the garment that is supposed to be worn only in businesslike situation.
Nowadays, it’s not like that. After appearing on the streets, all the fashion stores starting selling it for the upcoming winter season. And fashionistas love it!
This outfit is perfectly monochrome. The silk top below, blazer and pants are all in the same color and made out of the same material. You can spice it up by adding colorful bag or jewelry. If you want to look casual in the suit, it’s simple – pair it with the sneakers.


silk tank top matchy
Did you ever try wearing the-one-color outfit? No? Copying the style in the photo above is the best shortcut for you to pursue.
If you take a closer look you will notice that both of the pieces in this photo are not only in the same color but they are made of the same material – silk.
This outfit is perfect for hot summer days and long nights out. If you add a golden jewelry to it, this style becomes the right hit!

Mini, mini

silk tank top mini
Combining a silk with patterned garments is always challenging, but not impossible.
As you can see the outfit in the photo, silk top perfectly goes along with tweed pattern on this skirt. The pastel lilac color of the silk top is just gorgeous. Pairing it with a grey skirt is a great option.
If you intend to wear it during the summer, remember to always go with the bright colors.

Denim Shorts

silk tank top denim
If you ask me, denim shorts is one of the best garments.
During hot summers, all you need is a shorts and silk tank top. If it gets a little bit chilly outside, put on a denim jacket and you will get that attractive denim-on-denim look.
A little piece of advice for the brave girls: let your lace bra in the way so it can be seen under the silk top. It looks cool and modern but not too provocative. Minimalistic pieces of gold jewelry will complete your look.

Lace and Parka

lace parka
You are probably thinking: What a strange combination! Right? Well, if you take a closer look at this outfit, you will see that it’s not like you think it is. It goes perfectly together. If you are brave enough to wear this spice it up with a bunch of long necklaces and rings.

Black Leather

silk tank top leather jacket
The black leather combined with bright silk looks very luxurious. This outfit is one of those that will make you feel like you are wearing garments worth a thousands of dollars. Even if you are not.
Simple silk tank top and leather is the combo that can be worn during the day and night. Adding details like small jewelry is a plus.
This outfit, paired with a denim or black jeans can be worn durian a work day too.
My suggestion is to go with the leather skirt as well.

White Midi

white midi skirt
Midi skirts are perfect for combining. This one paired with a silk tank top looks pretty and charming. In the photo above, you can see that this outfit is suitable for the day and for the night as well. Put on a good pair of sunglasses, sandals in red color, and you are ready to hit the sidewalks of your favorite part of town.
If you are interested to see more midi skirt outfits, click here.

Flared Pants

flared pants
Flared pants will make your legs look longer. If you tuck in your silk camisole in them, you will definitely get classy look. And what’s even better you can wear this in every occasion. It’s super easy to combine with sandals or stilettos. If you wish, you can mix it up with some jewelry: a long golden necklace will be just enough.

Silk is one of the most expensive materials, and it can be combined with everything.
As you could see, it’s interesting and modern nowadays to mix the silk with cotton, wool, and denim.
I hope this outfits inspired you, so you can buy your silk tank top and start wearing it as soon as possible!