15 Gorgeous Color Block Dress Outfit ideas

best color block dress outfits

Color block dresses look very creative and playful, but that’s not all they are about. If you choose a color block dress that suits your body type and character, you can look very beautiful and stylish with it. Although there are thousands of different color block dresses out there, they can be roughly categorized in the following types. What you are going to see in this blog posts are some of the best color block dress outfit ideas. Let’s check out how you can style them and look good.

Sky Blue & Light Blue Color Block Mini Sheath Dress


To start off the list, I am going to show you a very typical two-colored color block dress. In a lot of the designs you can find, the two-colored dress consists of a lighter version and a darker version of a particular color. For example, here is a sky blue and light blue color block mini dress. Pair it with nude heeled sandals to look unique and beautiful.

Black and Pale Yellow Color Block Belted Flare Dress

black and pale yellow color block belted flare dress

You can definitely wear a color block dress to a cocktail party. While some color block dresses have some very exaggerated design, I love those that look more subtle. Here is a naturally designed black and yellow color block flare dress that almost looks like a striped dress. You can simply wear the dress with a pair of pink chunky heels to complete this elegant outfit.

Navy and Sky Blue Color Block Mini Skater Dress

navy and sky blue color block mini skater dress

This is another dress that will make you stand out in a cocktail party. It is a lovely navy and sky blue mini skater dress. The cutting of a skater dress is so cute already and adding this color block design with beautiful colors simply take the dress to another level. You can simply wear pale pink heels to complete the outfit.

White, Navy and Grey Three-Quarter Sleeve Shift Dress

white navy grey three quarter sleeve shift dress

Up to this point, we have seen some two-colored dress. Now, let’s see whether three colors would look good or look weird. Here is a white, navy and grey three-quarter sleeve color block shift dress. They are designed like really wide striped dress and the result is just awesome and natural. Pair the outfit with pale pink loafers to achieve a refreshing and minimal look.

Black, Red and White Sleeveless Bodycon Dress

black red white sleeveless bodycon dress

Here is a more sophisticated looking color block dress that looks kind of vintage. It is a black, red and white color block bodycon dress. To complete this vintage and unique look, wear white heeled sandals to match with dress perfectly.

Black, White and Grey Long Sleeve Dress

black white grey long sleeve dress

This is an interesting black, white and grey color block dress. It is designed in a way that makes the top part of the dress look kind of separated from the bottom part. It is a more casual and stylish dress that is best for wearing for dating and friends’ gathering. You can wear black leather ankle boots to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

Diagonal Color Block Suede Slip Dress

diagonal color block suede slip dress

Most of the case, color blocks are kind of like huge horizontal stripes but that’s not the case for this creatively designed suede dress. This dress’s color blocks are aligned diagonally and randomly. Also, it consists of three very unique colors, namely ivory, navy and grey. You can simply pair the dress with grey strappy sandals to achieve an amazing look.

Black and White Striped Sweater Dress

black and white striped sweater dress

A lot of you should know that the black and white striped dress is something that is iconic and looks great. This dress can be viewed as a variation of the striped dress. It is basically a striped dress with a huge color block below the waist, making the dress almost looks like a striped tee with a mini skirt. Pair the dress with nude heeled sandals to look natural and casual.

White and Black Half Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress

white and black half sleeve bodycon mini dress

This is a very interesting color block dress that can make you look slimmer. It is basically a white and bodycon dress that has a black color block at each side of the waist to visually make your waist look slimmer. Simple pair the dress with white open toe heels to complete this outfit.

Grey and White Diagonal Color Block Mini Dress

grey and white diagonal color block mini dress

Here is black and grey color block bodycon mini dress that looks beautiful and unique. The color block is a huge grey section that is aligned diagonally. Pair the dress with nude heels to complete this outfit that is perfect to wear to a cocktail party.

Black and Orange Chiffon Swing Dress

black and orange chiffon swing dress

Black and orange is a color combination that is often used in graphic design to achieve a high contrast and eye catching result. This dress is a chiffon swing dress that make uses of black, white and orange and the result is simply amazing. Pair the breezy and artistic dress with black pointed toe heels and you are ready to shine in a cocktail party.

Black and Pink Color Block Midi Flare Dress

black and pink color block midi flare dress

To look adorable and approachable, here is a beautiful dress that is perfect for dating. It is a black and pink color block flare midi dress. The color block design is very subtle and feminine. Pair the dress with white sandals to achieve this lovely look.

Faux Belted Color Block Bodycon Dress

faux belted color block bodycon dress

I call this a faux belted dress because this is a color block dress that uses a piece of the color blocks like a belt at the waistline. It is a dress that uses the colors of white, orange and black. Simply pair the dress with nuded peek toe heels to complete the outfit.

White and Heather Grey Swing T Shirt Dress

white and heather grey swing t shirt dress

This is a minimal outfit that looks simply amazing. To achieve this simple look, wear a white and heather grey color block swing t shirt dress with black ankle strap open toe heels to look simple and clean.

Blue Color Block Swing Dress

blue color block swing dress

Here is an absolutely lovely outfit. It consists of a white, light blue and dark blue color block swing dress and a straw hat. For the shoes, you can simply wear pale pink heels to complete this remarkable look.

I hope you like the color block dress outfit ideas I have mentioned. I should have covered a lot of different types of color block dresses. See which one you like the most and you should be able to get a similar one from your local stores or online stores.