How to Style Puff Sleeve Blouse: Top 14 Outfit Ideas

best puff sleeve blouse outfit ideas

Choosing the right blouse plays an important role of whether your outfit would look ladylike or not. One great choice would be the ribbon bow blouse which I have mentioned previously in another blog post. Another great choice is the puff sleeve blouse, something that I am going to explore with you right now. To show you some of the most beautiful ways to style it, I have collected the best puff sleeve blouse outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out.

White Puff Sleeve Blouse with Beige Chinos


Whether it is a button up or buttonless blouse, the puff sleeve design is going to add an elegant feminine touch to the blouse. For example, here is a white puff sleeve buttonless blouse that looks very ladylike. You can pair it with beige chinos and white heels to form an elegant and professional outfit that is perfect to wear to the office.

White Collar Puff Sleeve Blouse with Black Lace Skirt

white collar puff sleeve blouse black lace skirt

This time, it is a button up white puff sleeve blouse that comes with a round collar. You can pair it with a black two layered lace midi flare skirt. Complete the outfit with black pointed toe heels and a black purse. The lace skirt adds a lot of elegance to the outfit. The result is a very unique and ladylike black and white work outfit.

Blue Puff Sleeve Blouse with Floral Printed Pencil Skirt

blue puff sleeve blouse floral printed pencil skirt

If you are allowed to dress in a more creative way in your workplace, here is a very interesting outfit idea. For the top, wear a blue puff sleeve button up blouse. It is nothing too special up to this point. Now, pair the blouse with a red, black and white floral pencil skirt to form a creative and high-contrast outfit. Wear black pointed toe heels to complete this eye catching outfit.

White Puff Sleeve Button Up Skirt with Mom Jeans

white puff sleeve button up shirt mom jeans

To create a chic and casual look, you can wear this white button shirt with the exaggerated puff sleeve design. Very interestingly, while mom jeans are known as looking style, yet pairing the mom jeans with this white blouse make the outfit look really cool and chic. For the shoes, wear black ballet flats to keep the outfit light and lean.

Blue Button Up Shirt with Black Floral Mini Shorts

blue button up shirt black floral mini shorts

Here is another creative work outfit that you can wear for casual Fridays. This time, it has a more laid-back feel. To achieve this look, wear a slightly oversized blue puff sleeve shirt with black floral mini shorts. Pair the pieces with nude open toe heels and a black leather purse to complete the outfit with an elegant touch.

Black and White Striped Shirt Dress

black and white striped shirt dress

This is not exactly a shirt. Instead, it is a stylish black and white vertical striped shirt dress that comes with an exaggerated puff sleeve design. For the shoes, you can wear black ankle strap open toe heels to look elegant and feminine.

White Button Up Blouse with Mom Jeans

white button up blouse mom jeans

It is interesting to see how the mom jeans have made a comeback to become part of the mainstream over the years. They are at their best when they are paired with some uniquely designed too. For example, the mom jeans here are paired with a white puff sleeve button blouse and white heels to create a very creatively and eye catching look.

White Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Blouse with Denim Shorts

white off shoulder puff sleeve blouse denim shorts

For a sexy and refreshing summer look, you can wear a white off-shoulder puff sleeve blouse with denim mini shorts. Pair them with white sandals to complete this simple yet beautiful look. This is the type of relaxing outfit that you would wear for a beach vacation.

White Puff Sleeve Blouse with Red Bodycon Mini Skirt

white puff sleeve blouse red bodycon mini skirt

For an old schooled feminine look, you can wear this white puff sleeve blouse that comes with some lace details. Pair it with a red bodycon mini skirt and black pointed toe heels to achieve this classic and iconic look.

White Chiffon Blouse with Mom Jeans

white chiffon blouse mom jeans

Here is another mom jeans outfit that looks great. It is a casual outfit that is very easy to pull off. This might be a good place to start for those of you who want to try the mom jeans. Anyway, to look good with this mom jeans, simply pair it with a white chiffon puff sleeve blouse and white sneakers to form a minimal outfit.

White Two-Toned Puff Sleeve Top with Flare Skirt

white two toned puff sleeve top flare skirt

This white top is two-toned top that looks something inbetween a t shirt and a blouse. It is basically a t shirt with chiffon puff sleeves. Pair it with a pale yellow flare midi skirt and white open toe heels to complete a dreamy look.

White Button Up Shirt with Navy Ribbon Bow

white button up shirt navy ribbon bow

For an outfit that looks both stylish and feminine, you can wear a white shirt that comes with a navy ribbon bow. Pair it with washed skinny jeans and black leather ankle boots to add some style to the outfit.

Green Ribbon Bow Puff Sleeve Blouse

green ribbon bow puff sleeve blouse

This is a very youthful and cozy outfit that you can wear for hangouts and dating. The top is a green puff sleeve blouse that comes with a ribbon bow. The skirt is a very creatively designed black button front denim skirt. To keep the outfit lean and clean, the black ballet heels would the very best choice for the shoes.

Orange Cropped Puff Sleeve V Neck Blouse

orange cropped puff sleeve v neck blouse

For a sexy summer look that is not the typical t shirt and denim shorts combination, you can wear an orange cropped blouse that has a v neck cutting and a puff sleeve design. Pair the blouse with high waisted black skinny jeans and white sneakers to complete the outfit casually and stylishly.

Hopefully, you would find the puff sleeve blouse outfit ideas I have mentioned above useful. As you can see, they are some that can make you look more unique and feminine while they are indeed quite easy to pull off. Try some of the outfits and see if you can further expand your outfit game.