Why You Should Consider a Medusa Piercing

What is a medusa piercing?

One of the fastest growing new trends in piercing is a medusa piercing, also known as a philtrum piercing, which is a piercing above the top lip, right in the centre of the groove which joins your lips to your nose (the philtrum). It is usually positioned so that the ball of the labret stud sits nicely just above the part of the lips often called the cupid’s bow. A medusa piercing is therefore a great way to draw attention to the shape of your lips! It’s very popular in combination with other piercings, especially a lower lip labret piercing, or nose piercing.



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Why get a medusa piercing?

A medusa piercing is a beautiful way to highlight your facial features. It is symmetrical, so keeps your face in balance, unlike piercings to the side of the mouth. A medusa piercing is an extremely recognizable piercing in a very unique location, which means it instantly becomes a standout feature of your face! It can actually look quite cute and girly because of the way it highlights the lips, or it can be combined with other piercings for a much tougher look.

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Does a medusa piercing hurt?

If you really want a medusa piercing, don’t let the idea of the pain put you off! Like any other piercing, how much a medusa piercing hurts varies hugely from person to person. Some people say that their medusa piercing was painful, but some say it was almost nothing compared to other piercings they have had. There are a lot of nerves in the area above the lips, but the medusa piercing is still not considered to be one of the most painful piercings available.


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The medusa piercing generally does not have too long a healing period either, compared to other piercings, because the mouth tends to heal very fast. However, like any other piercing in or around the mouth, it is extremely important to keep a medusa piercing clean and hygienic! You should be sure to research correct aftercare before getting a medusa piercing, and make sure to go to a reputable piercer who can give you good advice. You will also have to be careful about what you eat and drink, and should definitely avoid smoking for a little while after getting a medusa piercing.


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What does a medusa piercing look like?

Usually all that can be seen of a medusa piercing is a small metal ball, which is the tip of a labret stud going through the upper lip. However, it is possible to use something much fancier, and add a beautifully decorated stud to your medusa piercing. Anything designed for a lower lip labret piercing will usually work for a medusa piercing, and there are also specifically designed studs. Matching style and metal colour to other lip or nose studs can look fantastic! If you really love your medusa piercing, it is even possible to have two, one above the other, for a double medusa piercing.

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