Beautiful Monroe Piercing Ideas

What is a monroe piercing?

Think of Marilyn Monroe, and that beauty mark she had on her top lip, just off to the left side. That’s where a monroe piercing is – it’s named after the famously glamorous actress. Sometimes a piercing on the right hand side is also called a monroe piercing, although technically this is actually a madonna piercing (after the singer). Different monroe piercings can vary slightly in position as well, but they are always above the top lip. Sometimes piercings on both sides are used, and this is often called ‘angel bites’.


Why get a monroe piercing?

As the name might suggest, a lot of people find a monroe piercing hugely attractive, just like Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark was supposed to drive men wild! Women actually used to draw similar marks onto their own faces, and a monroe piercing is a bit like a permanent version of this. A monroe piercing can look fantastically glamorous. It can also be a great addition to a collection of piercings around the mouth – and they aren’t just for women, men can get a monroe piercing too! If you want a piercing that everyone will see when they first look at your face, then a monroe piercing is perfect for you.

If Marilyn-style glamour isn’t quite your thing, monroe piercings are also hugely popular for steampunk and industrial styles, among many others. As they are very flexible regarding what you put in them, a longer barbell can give a really edgy and unusual look! There is no end to the ways monroe piercings can be used to enhance your own personal style. Amy Winehouse was known for her monroe piercing, which went beautifully with her retro rockabilly style. Other celebrities with monroe piercings include Mutya Buena and Travis McCoy, showing just how well these piercings work on all kinds of different people! Apart from tiny nose studs, they are perhaps the most subtle style of facial piercing.


Does a monroe piercing hurt?

A monroe piercing can be quite painful, as the upper lip is full of nerves. However, the mouth tends to heal fairly quickly, so a monroe piercing will often heal faster than many other types of piercing. It will also tend to hurt men more than women, because shaving makes the skin tougher over time. However, the level of pain is very personal, and so the experience of getting a monroe piercing can vary a lot from person to person. For example, if you play a musical instrument like an oboe, then the muscle around your mouth will be more developed, and a monroe piercing would be more painful.

Of course, as with any type of piercing, it is very important to take care of your new monroe piercing! The area around the mouth is particularly prone to infection, so you have to be extremely careful with cleanliness. Damaging your gums and teeth is also a risk, so you should choose something comfortable to decorate your piercing with.

What does a monroe piercing look like?

Depending on what you choose to put in your piercing, a monroe piercing can be as obvious or as subtle as you like! You can put a gorgeous rainbow crystal-encrusted bar into your monroe piercing, or decide to only have a tiny stud showing. Monroe piercings can look very elegant, just like the beauty mark they are named for, or they can look far more dramatic, especially when combined with other piercings. If a monroe piercing is the only piercing on your face, it can actually give you a look pretty similar to Marilyn herself! Whether you are obsessed with piercings, or just want to try something new, a monroe piercing is fantastic. You can even get a batman bar to put in your new piercing!