Cool Nail Designs & Ideas

Cool Nail Designs

Who said you have to go the same old boring ways when it comes to adding taste to you pretty looking nails? It doesn’t matter if they grow long or you are crazily in love with them short as they are.

Cool nail designs for long nails

Stiletto designs for long nails.

We marvel at their looks in some celebrities’ fingers and can’t resist the charm it adds to their nails. Talk stiletto, talk daring! This nail design requires a lot of self-esteem and a willing-to-try lady who wants a new look and is ready to go out in it. Long nails can look this great in stiletto.



Cool Acrylic nail designs for long nails

Print acrylic nails look just pretty in long nails. Long nails allow space for printing the chosen image.



Among other cool nail designs, you should consider trying out gel acrylic style. It looks simple and stunning.


Different color acrylic. Using a wide range of colors on you long nails is one of the most advanced cool nail design ideas.



  • Use of stickers for cool nail designs

Stickers look awesome in long nails. Depending on preference, you may go for the entire surface sticker or a small one for the tip.




Cool nail designs for short nails

  • Stiletto design for short nails

As pretty as they look in long nails, so do they look in short nails. The naughty stilettos look even more smart and simple when made to perfection with a short nail craze.

0301 - Copy0204


  • Use of stickers

Short nails can be painted to perfection and added more taste by use of small stickers. Avoid large stickers; they could cover the whole of your nail ruining the beautiful idea behind it.


However large stickers could work too if well placed. The shoe stickers below are large but look extremely ravishing.



  • Decorate the edges

For a long time now, decorating the nail edges has stood out among most cool nail designs. You don’t have to go for the tip, especially if you have short nails.




Cool Acrylic designs for short nails

Incorporating beads is a magnificent twist in acrylic nail designs. Ensure your choice of colors blend in well so the beads don’t ruin the beautiful idea.

001 - Copy

Most cool nail design ideas come from nature’s provision. Who thought colors of the rainbow could look this elegant?

If you love all the colors and feel comfortable in them, a little creativity is all you need to make good use of all of them and come up with excellent looking nails.


Flower designs also work to the beauty and unique look of short nails. Pick a flower of your choice and a color you feel smart in then get a start-of-the-art nail specialist to get your nails polished.


With the above cool nail designs, you can work you nails to all levels of beauty you desire. A little tweak of these ideas could help you come up with better cool nail ideas of your own.