The Comeback of Cowboy Boots: The Complete Style Guide

cowboy boots

This fashion seasons we have witnessed the major comeback of a cowboy trend on the runway shows. The new-Americana trend of wearing fringes, leather vest and jacket and most of all cowboy boots, swept the It-girls wardrobes.
This time, cowboy boots are not only reserved for well, cowboys. The fashionistas are wearing them in more urban kind of way. They combine them with long dresses, oversized sweatshirts, blazers and maxi skirts.

My question is-are cowboy boots really made their way back? If we judge by the pictures, I guess this means we will be wearing them again.
I decided to collect all the best street style outfits that I have found and to show you how to nail the outfit which includes this cool and retro boots.
Scroll down to see how the best fashionistas wore cowboy boots this fall, and hopefully, you will try to recreate their looks.

Cowboy Boots and Grey Blazer

cowboy boots grey blazer
Leandra Medine from Man Repeller was asking the same question-are cowboy boots really here again? Sh decided to pair them with a grey blazer, button-down shirt with bow neck and mini skirt. She keeps it low, but still, this combination is great for both casual or formal occasions. Her cowboy boots are navy-blue, and they have a white and black fire details.

Be eccentric

cowboy boots eccentric
Being eccentric in fashion is always challenging. Many girls are trying to have unique and eccentric outfits, but just a small number of them really maintain to do that in the right way. This supermodel did it. She pairs what is unpairable, but it still looks fabulous! Sparkly dress, furry coat, and yellowish cowboy boots are making a great combination if you know how to wear them together.

Chic and Modern in Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots black jeans
Simple combinations are not always boring ones. This outfit is very casual, yet very chic. This girl wears black cowboy boots with black frayed hem jeans, printed tee, and animal print coat. Amazing, right? It is great when you pair such a simple and casual pieces together to get a wonderful outfit combination.

Maxi Skirt with Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots maxi skirt
Knit maxi skirt is paired with an interesting tee and black cowboy boots for a super casual look. The grey color of the staples makes this outfit more neutral, even though the pieces itself are unique.
This outfit is perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, or for a casual lunch in some interesting restaurant.

Kate Moss Style

cowboy boots kate moss
Kate Moss is one of the biggest fans of cowboy boots. Her I-don’t-care style is always inspiring, so I think it would also be good to show you how she maintains to wear cowboy boots.
Try to recreate her style by pairing your faux fur coat, printed blouse, and black jeans with super cool cowboy boots.

Low Key Pieces

cowboy boots layers
Layers and neutral colors are typical for Maja Wyh. She loves to wrap herself in scarves, long cardigans, and coats. She decided to show us how to stay casual and incorporate cowboy boots into your everyday combinations. Pair it with black jeans, black top, long grey blazer and oversized black scarf. It is the perfect outfit for daily occasions.

New Boho Style

cowboy boots floral dress
If you ever wanted to look like a real hippie from the ‘70s, but in a modern way, there is no better example than this. Maxi red dress, with delicate floral print, is an amazing and beautiful garment. If you pair it with black cowboy boots, you will get an excellent boho look. It is so nice and comfortable that I would wear this all day long.

Red Cowboy Boots and White Dress

cowboy boots red
If you want to wear red cowboy boots to make a statement, then you should keep the rest of your outfit simple. Pair them with a bright long white dress for super bold and casual look. Gilda Ambrosio nailed this outfit, make sure to recreate her chic Italian style.

Oversized Jacket and Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots oversized jacket
Combining romantic and edgy pieces is a fascinating thing to do in fashion. You can always count on these combinations when you need a cool and interesting outfit.
Pair your long romantic dress with oversized black jacket and cool cowboy boots. This outfit is pretty surprising so make sure to pick a right occasion where you will wear it.

Wrap Dress and Black Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots black wrap dress
An amazing black wrap dress with a string around the waist. It is pretty casual and loose so you can style it for a daily stroll in the city.
The dress itself has an interesting cut, it has the cold shoulder neckline, so you do not need any other accessories to make it more interesting.

Blush Pink Dress and Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots blush pink dress
This perfect spring outfit is combined with black cowboy boots. The blush pink dress is layered down with a black coat for the ultimate chic vibe. These boots gives that new-Americana look to this outfit combination. It is the perfect choice for formal events, where you want to look cool but not overdressed.

Classy and Chic in Camel Coat and Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots camel coat
This outfit can be your new workwear inspiration. If you were searching for the way how to incorporate the cowboy boots into your work outfit combination, then you should check this one out.
It consists off black turtleneck, camel coat, and black jeans. These boots give this outfit retro, yet stylish look. You can round off this outfit with the fedora hat and leather gloves.

USA Flag Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots usa flag
These boots will absolutely make a statement whatever that you are wearing with them. They are pretty unique and interesting. The fashion blogger and influencer Chiara Ferragni pair them with red velvet bomber jacket and soft pink shift dress. Bit of surprising choice when it comes to colors, but the outfit is still perfect.

All Black Everything

cowboy boots all black everything
Only the girls with fashion pulse know that the success of all black outfits is in details. The cowboy boots are great for this outfit combination. They give it a certain new-Americana look that you will love. This combination is polished and simple, yet very chic and trendy.

Denim Skirt and Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots denim skirt
Let’s go back to basics. Denim skirt, oversized white sweater, and brown boots are a wonderful casual combination. With denim and cowboy boots you will recreate the vintage look from the nineties, and white sweater will keep you warm.

I hope you have liked these outfit ideas that I have prepared for you!