How to Style Double Slit Dress: 15 Amazing Outfits

best double slit dress outfit ideas

When it comes to a maxi dress with a slit, you can wear a single slit dress for a elegant look or a double slit dress for a even more sexy and breezy look. In this blog post, I am going to focus on talking about double slit dresses and how to style them. In order to help get off to a good start, I have collected some of the best double slit dress outfit ideas with a variety of styles and colors. Let’s dive right in and see if any of the outfit suits you.

Black Double Slit Maxi Dress


To start off the list, I am going to show you a very mainstream double slit dress which is a black half-sleeve maxi dress. For a beautiful and elegant dress like that, you don’t really need to do a lot to style it right. You do need an elegant pair of shoes though and the black ankle strap open toe heels would be the perfect choice.

Two-Tone Black Double Slit Maxi Dress

two tone black double slit maxi dress

A double slit dress is not for cocktail parties and proms only, you can choose a more stylish one to wear as part of a casual street outfit. For example, wear this two-tone black dress with black suede heels to achieve a feminine street look. The dress consists of two parts: the upper part that is made of faux leather and the bottom chiffon part. It is cool details like these that make the outfit more stylish and beautiful.

White Tribal Printed Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

white tribal printed long sleeve maxi dress kendall jenner

For a unique boho style look, you can wear a white long sleeve tribal printed maxi dress. To add an elegant touch to the outfit, you can wear silver strappy heeled sandals.

Red Deep V Neck Double Slit Flowy Dress

red deep v neck double slit flowy dress

A red deep v neck long dress is already eye catching enough to make you stand out from the crowd in an event. Now, when you add the double slit cutting to make the dress a long flowy dress, the outfit is taken to another level. Pair the dress with silver open toe heels and you have to prepare yourself to become the focus of the party with this breath taking sexy look.

Purple Deep V Neck Maxi Dress

purple deep v neck maxi dress

A purple dress may not be the most popular choice for wearing to a party. But sometimes, that seemingly disadvantage is can be turned into an advantage. Imagine if you wear a purple deep v neck maxi dress like this one to a cocktail party filled with black dresses and white dresses. You can easily stand out from the crowd and you can also gain some self-confidence by showing people that you have the guts to stick to the color you like instead of following the main stream.

High Neck Sleeveless Double Slit Maxi Dress

high neck sleeveless double slit maxi dress

This dress’s high neck yet double slit design put a lot of emphasis on your legs. This is such a great dress to wear for a party especially for those of you that have beautiful legs but only have an average upper body. You can style the feminine looking dress by wearing it with nude open-toe heels. Wear a subtle necklace over the dress can add a touch of elegance to the outfit.

Red Chiffon Deep V Neck Long Flowy Dress

red chiffon deep v neck long flowy dress

For a look that is both breezy and sexy, wear a red deep v neck flowy dress with silver heels. It is the perfect dress to wear in a prom if you don’t mind showing so skin. This dress simply has a timeless design that always has its important position in the world of fashion.

Burgundy Long Sleeve Sheath Maxi Dress

burgundy long sleeve sheath maxi dress

Here is a really casual way to wear a double slit red dress. Instead of the bright red or the rose red, this dress actually uses the color of dark red or burgundy. It is paired with black slip-on open toe heels in a casual way.

Black Off The Shoulder Floral Double Slit Maxi Dress

black off the shoulder floral double slit maxi dress

The off the shoulder feature and the double slit feature usually make a very good combination. Take this black off-shoulder floral maxi dress as an example, it makes you shows some skin both at the top and at the bottom and that makes the dress look well balanced. You can simply pair the dress with pale pink heels to achieve an elegant and low-key sexy look.

Wear Double Slit Dress with Denim Shorts

double slit dress denim shorts

This is a very interesting way to wear a double slit dress. Indeed, the dress itself is very unique. It is a grey long sleeve form fitting shirt dress that also happens to be a double slit maxi dress. Very creatively, denim shorts are wore under the dress. With gladiator heeled sandals, this outfit is simply creative and stylish.

Black Two-Piece Velvet Double Slit Dress

black two piece velvet double slit dress

This dress is also style in a very cool and dark way. The black two-piece velvet dress is wore with black platform ankle boots. The stylish statement necklace also adds a lot of character to the overall look.

Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress with Ankle Boots

off the shoulder maxi dress ankle boots

Here is another black floral dress outfit idea. This time, it is wore in a more stylish way. It is paired with black leather ankle boots.

Double Slit Dress with Black Long Wool Coat

double slit dress black long wool coat

One way to wear a double slit beautifully is to wear it with a long coat so your legs are only showing occasionally when you move. For example, wear the double slit black dress with a black long wool coat and black ankle boots to achieve the amazing look.

Red Sleeveless Sheath Dress with Gold Heels

red sleeveless sheath dress gold heels

If you think even the color of red is not eye catching enough, you may want to try a red and gold combination. Wear the red sleeveless sheath maxi dress with gold open toe heels and gold wide bracelet for a stunning and elegant look.

Blue Deep V Neck Double Slit Dress

blue deep v neck double slit dress

I know that there are always fans of the blue color. Even though it is not the mainstream color when it comes to a maxi dress, it does look pretty and it would very likely make you stand out from the crowd. As an example, this is a blue deep v neck pleated dress that looks gorgeous. Simply pair it with black ankle strap open toe heels to complete this outfit.

Here are some of the best double slit dresses I have put together for you. Give them a try. May be you will find one that suits you well and you may want to wear that to your next party.