Faux Fur Vest:The Ultimate Style Guide

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Feeling warm in the cold winter days is an imperative. That is why you should own something fluffy and cozy like the faux fur vest. It is the perfect piece to keep you warm on windy and snowy days. You will look stylish and feel cozy at the same time.

If you are a fan of layering things up then this is a great piece for you. Who doesn’t love to layer clothes in the cold days of fall or winter? You can look chic and draw attention to yourself, simply by putting on the fur vest.

The important thing you should do when you are buying is to look only for faux fur. You don’t want to wear animals on you, do you? Faux fur is nice enough and made in such a variety of colors, that you will have a million options to choose.

Let’s see, how you can wear the faux fur vests and look fabulous.

Beige Classic

faux fur beige
The real example of how you can wear the faux fur vest everywhere and anytime you wish. The most important thing is that it goes great with the other staples like these black patterned pants and a blouse in burgundy color.
Wear it with the black ankle boots, like in the photo above.

Long Black Faux Fur Vest

faux fur vest long black
This long faux fur vest will make every combination look very elegant and glamorous.
The white and black outfit combo in the photo above looks very office-appropriate and it can also be worn if you are heading to some business lunch.
Pink stilettos are giving a little bit of colors splash spirit to this black-white outfit combination.

Grey Jeans

faux fur vest grey jeans
This outfit is a great option for you if you are going to be busy all day long, and you want to feel warm all the time. While you are walking down the streets, your faux fur vest will keep you cozy and will make you feel stylish and classy.
You cannot go wrong with the pair of grey jeans, striped shirt, and thigh-high boots. Perfect for many occasions.

White Faux Fur Vest

faux fur vest white
If you are fan of a lady look, this is one great and elegant outfit idea,. The fedora, bell pants and high heels put together look absolutely gorgeous and luxurious and will make you feel like a real lady.
The fluffy vest is ideal if you are going to work and it is cold outside. It will not appear too big on you, so don’t worry about the fluffiness.

Leather Mini Skirt

faux fur vest leather mini skirt
The complete black outfits are always the best idea, if you like to dress monochrome. The trimmed vest made of faux fur will keep you warm even though you are wearing super mini leather skirt.
This outfit is ideal for going out with the friends, or for late-night dancing in the club.
You can wear it with the thigh-high boots, to get more of that rock ‘n’ roll look.

Under the Leather Jacket

faux fur vest under the jacket
You can also wear the faux fur vest under your leather jacket! That way, you will have a double effect – look more interesting and definitely feel more warmth.
This classy and chic outfit consists of double denim: shirt and pants, and black biker leather jacket.
The fur is giving it a tough vibe.

Mixing the Patterns

faux fur vest mix patterns
The faux fur looks very interesting in the mix with the other patterns. In the photo above you can see a very interesting coat, made of wool and fur, and the faux fur vest over it. Layering is a great thing to do and it becomes necessary when the winter is coming.
Great outfit for those girls who like to mix and match the materials and patterns.

Short and Sweet

faux fur vest short pink
Cropped vest is great for styling with the leather jacket. It looks pretty, sweet and of course you will feel warm.
Soft pink color is ideal to combine with the black so don’t be afraid to wear this combination on windy and cold days in November.
This is a great outfit if you are planning to spend your afternoon in casual city stroll.

Elegant Dress

faux fur vest dress
A great way to style a super elegant dress and to make it look even more glamorous is with the fur. With the faux fur vest you will look like a superstar on the red carpet!
The green silk dress with a big slit is reserved for formal events, so be sure to add a little bit of faux fur to spice up the whole outfit.

Colors Colors

faux fur vest colors
A lot of colors in one outfit can look a little bit too much, but that is not case with this look. The perfect colorful vest is paired with the patterned blouse with a bow neck. The combination is just drawing all the attention and for a good reason! All the colors are combined great, and it will definitely make you happy.

All the Beige Shades

faux fur vest beige shades
I can’t remember if I have seen the better combined shades of beige in one outfit. What about you? I think this is one great outfit, perfect for going out in some fancy restaurant or for some serious business lunch.
The beige faux fur vest is going perfectly with the sweater and the skirt in the grey-beige shade. Don’t forget a burgundy clutch.

Flare Jeans

faux fur flare jeans
Flare jeans became a very popular cut after the last fashion season. It can be seen everywhere on the streets. When it is combined with the fur vest you get the old American cowboy kind of vibe.
In the photo above, you can see how it looks when you pair it with the modern staples, like big bag and platform heels.

Faux fur vest is something worth buying. It is a piece that has multiple functions. First one is to keep you warm and the second to spice up all your outfits and make them look interesting, stylish and modern.
Try not to buy the real fur. The faux fur is good and chic enough so you shouldn’t worry.
I hope you like the outfit ideas I prepared for you today.