40 Red Nail Designs You’ll Love, Get Creative!

Red is the color of love, power, energy and simply the most popular nail polish color in history. If you too love wearing red nail polish, then check out these creative reiterations of the simple red manicure. From red hot tips to whimsical touches, these red nail designs are anything but basic:

Hot, Red Tips

A current and modern way to wear some red on your nails was recently brought to attention by Lana del Rey. Lana’s long stiletto nails with hot red tips sparked a whole new enthusiasm for the style and variations didn’t take long to appear. Today, the red French manicure still looks cool and fresh, but there are several ways you can spice it up even more: by adding a few white polka dots, by marking it with a thin white line or by forming tiny hearts on the very tips of the nail.

Accent Nail

An extremely popular way of spicing up a regular red manicure is to add an accent nail to the mix. The usual candidate for this task is the ring finger, whose nail gets a special treatment in the form of a contrasting, geometrical or glittery motif.

The effect is absolutely stunning, making this style one of the most popular red nail designs to date.


Feeling like trying something out of the box? Then two-tone nail designs are for you! Pair your favorite red nail polish with a black or a white one and get creative! An inverted triangle is a striking, yet easy look to achieve. So is a simple, but sexy, red and black French manicure. And if you feel like going for an old-school look, paint just the moons of your nails in white or silver. The final effect is classy, with a whiff of the old Hollywood.

Whimsical Designs

OK, for these ones you must be ready to go all out. Set a little time aside and start plotting the layout of the design. If you’re going for a geometrical style, prepare a few thin pieces of tape that will help you complete an impeccable design. If however, you are going for polka dots, start by identifying the proper tool. The tip of a needle, a toothpick or a Q-Tip are usually the best contenders for the job.

Whatever style you choose, you’re bound to end up with fabulous red nail designs. Which one is your favorite?