Solar Nails: What is the Truth about It?

Tempted to try the so called “solar nails”? For the sake of healthy nails (and a perfect mani!) go through these facts before you head to the nearest salon:

Solar nails are just acrylic nails!

First things first: solar nails are a type of acrylic nails. Their name refers to a specific brand of acrylic manufactured by Creative Nail Design (CND). Their “Solar” product was first introduced back in the 70s, but in recent years, it has been marketed by untrustworthy nail salons as a procedure or an outcome.

Some of these nail salons have been known to trick their customers into believing they are getting a new, superior type of nails. However, this is not true.

So how are they different?

The main difference between the two is that Solar nails are applied directly onto the nail and do not require the fake nail extensions like the acrylics. They can also be made using a white tip with a clear or pink acrylic overlay. The result is a dual-toned French look that has led to the solar nails being known also as “pink and whites” or permanent French nails.

If they are just acrylics, why are they called solar nails?

It is all a modern-day marketing gimmick: if a salon says they are doing “solar nails”, that is a clear sign that you’re going to get duped. The real “Solar Nail” product, made by Creative Nail Design, has been around for decades and, as mentioned before, it is the name of a specific line of acrylics.

And yes, you guessed it, it is almost never the type of acrylic used in salons that offer “solar nails.”

CND are still in the business and produce very high quality products for the nail industry. So if you want to get the real thing, make sure you go to a VERY reputable salon and ask if they use CND products.

To sum up: be wary of fakes. Solar nails are often regarded as stronger, long lasting and easier to maintain. While this is true, they do take longer to apply, the initial cost is bigger and, most importantly, access to true Solar nails is limited, which is why many salons just use cheap placeholders. So be sure to always ask very specifically what you are getting and what materials are used. After all, we all deserve impeccable (and healthy!) nails.