How to Style Your Hair for the Job Interview

Being interviewed for any work can be really stressful. You are constantly thinking about what will you say, did you or did you not say it right, is it better to do it this way or that way.
Sometimes, we are making the simple situations complicated, that is why we need to have a lot of confidence, especially when it comes to the job interviews.

Confidence is the key

Every advice that you can find online or in some teach-yourself book is that the key to a great interview is having a good confidence and feeling comfortable with yourself at the moment of the interview.
One of the ways to achieve that is to style your hair, makeup, and staples the way to be appropriate but also very flattering to your personality. Do not try to be somebody else.

Let’s see in which ways you can style your hair for an interview and show up as someone worth of hiring!

Long Hairstyles

If you have a long hair, there is a bunch of different hairstyles that you can rock to an interview. It is important to be traditional and stylish at the same time and to balance between the makeup and the clothes that you will be wearing.

High, Low or Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

high ponytail hair interview
This is the perfect high ponytail hairstyle. It is very formal, so if you were wondering that ponytail hairstyle is not enough formal for work, think again. Using the products like styling creme or anti-frizz you will make it look sleek and very elegant.

low ponytail hair interview
And if you prefer to wear your hair low, go with this perfect low ponytail. It looks chic and modern, but at the same time it is very interview-appropriate and elegant. When you pair it with the right makeup and staples, you will look amazing.

twisted ponytail hair interview
This twisted and very sleek ponytail is great for girls who want to show their minimalistic side. It is very straight, elegant and appropriate not only for the interview but also for the office hours.

Loose and Natural Waves Hairstyle

loose waves hair intetview
As long as they look natural and healthy, let your hair loose with these super cool waves. It is a great way to style your hair and to look chic. Pair it with the minimal makeup and you will pass the interview, for sure!

natural waves hair interview
On the other hand, natural waves are lot more invisible, so you will look very fresh but still professional. If you think it will not be too much, wear some minimal jewelry, just like the round earrings in the photo above.

Sleek Long Hairstyle

straight hair interview
Is there any better way than to simply go with a fresh and clean sleek hairstyle? If you ask for my opinion, there is none. It can always look beautiful and elegant. It’s important to use the products to prevent the fuzz and to pair it with the neutral makeup. Also, during the interview make sure that your hair remains pulled away from your face.

Buns Hairstyle

double braids hair interview
Two buns at once can be elegant and very interesting hairstyle that you can wear to a job interview.
If you think that this can be over-the-line for your x-day, I’ve also prepared few other solutions.

Top Knot

high bun hair interview
If you like to wear your bun high and to put your hair away from your face, this is a great hairstyle for you. It looks very elegant, still casual. You can wear it with the bright lipstick and neutral makeup for your job interview.

Low Bun

low bun hair interview
This is one of the most classy and elegant hairstyles that you can wear, even for a job interview. It is very sleek and tight. It’s very easy to get this look: just put a smoothing creme and twist your hair into the bun.
You can pick some delicate earrings to wear with this kind of a hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles

On the other hand, when you have short hair, there are many ways how to style it, but not as many as when you have a long hair. Don’t worry, I have found the best short hairstyles for the interview that you can make on your own.

Pixie Haircut

pixie short hair interview
If there is one universal and classic cut for women than it is the pixie cut. It is famous worldwide and all the women love it. You can easily go for this hairstyle for your job interview. Style it with your hair spray, and you are ready to go!

Bob Hairstyle

bob hair interview
The most adaptable haircut you can get is the shoulder length hairstyle. In a couple of minutes you can style your hair from casual to elegant and vice versa. It is also great option for the job interview. Easy to make, and even better to style with the staples and makeup.

Braided Bangs Hairstyle

braided bands hair interview
This is also a great way to stop your hair bother you during the job interview. The braids will take it off your face, so you won’t be able to play with it or touch it while talking. It looks very nice and elegant, so you can style it very quickly with different staples.

Braided Bun

braided bun hair interview
If you have a short hair it doesn’t mean that you cannot make a braid or bun. If you have a good hairdresser, you can have a great job interview style and look amazing!
It looks very nice, romantic and office-appropriate.

For the end, I can only say that if you look confident and comfortable, you will for sure go through the interview easily. The psychologists always say that it is easier to go through the situations like this if you feel truly confident. You can do that if you choose the hairstyle that is going well with your personality.

I hope you’ve liked the hairstyles that I’ve found for you.