50 Best Hawaiian Flower Tattoos Designs with Meanings

upper back hawaiian flower tattoo

The Hawaiian Flower, or the hibiscus flower to be more accurate, is so beautiful and has such deep meanings. If you still don’t know what it is, you will surely recognize it if I tell that it’s the flower that a Hawaiian girl will sometimes wear behind her ear. Given the beautiful nature of the flower, Hawaiian flower tattoos has also become so beloved among tattoo lovers. They don’t belong to the group of tattoos that are so popular that you will see them very often like the rose tattoos and butterfly tattoos. But they are certainly still very popular and they are more unique. Most importantly, the tattoo looks best when it suits the person’s character. So, let’s check out the best Hawaiian flower tattoo designs and its meanings and see if it suits you.

Meanings of Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

First of all, the hibiscus flower has the meaning of the perfect woman. It is also a symbol of beauty and elegance. Some said that it has the meaning of a young woman as well.

There are many colors of hibiscus flowers. Each of them also has some specific meanings. White ones have an additional meaning of purity. Yellow stands for happiness and luck. Purple stands for knowledge and mystery. Red of course means love.

Different Colors of Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Designs

red hawaiian flower tattoo

pink hawaiian flower tattoo

yellow hawaiian flower tattoo

purple hawaiian flower tattoo

blue hawaiian flower tattoo

black and white hawaiian flower tattoo

First of all, I’d like to show you that Hawaiian flower tattoos can look amazing with a lot of different colors. The above pictures show you how it looks in red, pink, yellow, purple, blue, and black and white. Different color has a different meaning and style that suits a very different personality.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Upper Back

upper back hawaiian flower tattoo


red hawaiian flower tattoo

Hawaiian flower tattoo on upper back is the the most popular idea for this tattoo. Because a large Hawaiian flower looks good and attractive, it seems that the upper back is the part of the body that you naturally want to have this on. A big red or pink hibiscus flower on your upper back can look amazing if you have a very outgoing personalty.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Lower Back

hawaiian flower tattoo lower back


A Hawaiian flower tattoo design that span horizontally across the lower back usually looks more stylish and less feminine than a big one on the upper back. You can easily show off your cool flower tattoo on your lower back by wearing low rise jeans.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Thigh

hawaiian flower tattoo on thigh

Having the hawaiian flower tattoo on your thigh isn’t a very popular idea. But as you can see from the above example, a string of a few Hawaiian flowers do look cute and unique. It’s very suitable for tattoo lovers that only like to show them off in summer time when they wear hot pants and bikinis.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Calf

pink hawaiian flower tattoo on calf

On the other hand, having the tattoo on calf is much more high profile. You can’t even hide it with a midi dress. But if you like showing off your tattoo, something like the above design definitely look cool.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Ankle

small hibiscus flower tattoo on ankle

I know that there are many tattoo lovers that love a subtle one on their ankles. Have a small Hawaiian flower tattoo on the ankle is a nice idea that makes you beautiful but remain subtle. Some people like a bigger red one on their ankles, but I personally prefer a small, subtle one.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Foot

hawaiian flower tattoo on foot


A big Hawaiian flower tattoo somehow looks good on your foot. I consider foot as one of the most stylish place to have tattoo on.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Wrist

wrist hawaiian flower tattoo


Having the Hawaiian flower tattoo on wrist usually looks refreshing and cute. The fact is that not many people has a wide wrist, so you can’t do too much with it. A simple small one will work work best.

Hawaiian Flower Bracelet Tattoo

hawaiian flower bracelet tattoo


Sometimes, for other symbols, a thick bracelet tattoo works on the wrist, but for Hawaiian flower bracelet tattoos, they usually look better as thin and elegant bracelets.

Hawaiian Flower Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

hawaiian flower ankle bracelet tattoo

Talking about the bracelet tattoo, how can we miss the ankle bracelet tattoo. I think that a Hawaiian flower ankle bracelet tattoo look even more stylish than one on the wrist.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Entire Left or Right Side of Back

hawaiian flower tattoo on full back

A few big Hawaiian flowers that span over the entire left of right side of your back can look absolutely stunning.

Hawaiian Flower Sleeve Tattoo

hawaiian flower tattoo sleeves

The Hawaiian flower tattoo sleeves is definitely not for everyone, it is more extreme and has a more rebellious look. For many people, their day job will probably be the biggest obstacle for them to get tattoos like a sleeve tattoo or a half sleeve tattoo. From the artistic perspective though, they just look amazing.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

hawaiian flower tattoo shoulder

For those of you that want a big one, but want it smaller than the upper back design, you can consider having a relative smaller Hawaiian flower tattoo on the shoulder. You can have one on the front, back, side, or one that spans across the front and back of your shoulder.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Hip

hawaiian flower tattoo on hip

Having one on the hip is a good idea if you have a slim curvy waistline to show off. A yellow hawaiian flower tattoo on the hip like the above picture makes you look sexy and stylish.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Hand

hawaiian flower tattoo on hand


It’s not so popular to have a Hawaiian flower tattoo on your hand, but a small, subtle one on your hand is actually quite stylish and unique.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Neck

hawaiian flower tattoo on neck


hawaiian flower tattoo on neck side


If you want a beautiful tattoo that you can cover with your long hair, a small hawaiian flower tattoo on the back of the neck will suit you. On the other hand, getting one on the side of the neck will make you look stylish.

Hawaiian Flower Band Tattoo

hawaiian flower band tattoo


Unlike a bracelet tattoo that is usually thinner and done on the wrist or ankle, a Hawaiian flower band tattoo is usually thicker and done on the arm, calf, ankle or thigh.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo on Forearm

hawaiian flower tattoo on forearm


A black and white hawaiian flower tattoo can be very eye-catching and stylish on the forearm.

Up to this point, we have looked at many amazing ideas for hawaiian flower tattoos. We have looked at designs of different colors, different styles and done on different parts of the body. Now, I am going to share with you some of the best tattoo ideas that combine hawaiian flower with other symbols such as turtle, butterfly and dolphin.

Hawaiian Flower Turtle Tattoo

hawaiian flower turtle tattoo


hawaiian flower turtle tattoo on foot


Having a plain turtle tattoo may be too cute for a lot of people’s taste, but when you combine the turtle with a Hawaiian flower, it can be a very stylish tattoo. The turtle and the flower blend together perfectly with the turtle surrounding the flower, making it a single unique tattoo. Turtle tattoo has the symbolic meaning of strength and long-lasting. Putting them together, the Hawaiian flower turtle tattoo stands for long-lasting and passionate love.

Hawaiian Flower with Butterfly Tattoo

hawaiian flower with butterfly tattoo on upper back


Butterfly tattoo, by itself, is one of the most popular tattoo ideas among tattoo lovers. Butterfly has a symbolic meaning of beauty, grace, and the power of drastic change. If you want to know more about some beautiful butterfly tattoo ideas and meanings, please click on the link and check out one of our previous articles. A Hawaiian flower with butterfly tattoo looks good because they look good together naturally. I mean they appear together in the nature, why not with a tattoo. The butterfly adds the little bit of detail to the tattoo that seems to produce some additional power to the symbolic meaning of love and beauty.

Hawaiian Flower with Dolphin Tattoo

hawaiian flower with dolphin tattoo


Hawaiian flower with dolphin tattoo is not a popular idea at all. Many people consider dolphins a little too cute for tattoos. But there is a group of people that love the underlying meaning of a dolphin. Dolphin is believed to have the magical energy to heal human’s mind and spirit. It is also a simple of peace and intelligence.

Hawaiian Flower with Skull Tattoo

hawaiian flower with skull tattoo arm

Hawaiian flower with skull tattoos are definitely those that who love rebellious look. Putting Hawaiian flower and skull together is like putting two very opposite feelings together, while the former stands for love and beauty, and the latter stands for death and hatred. It’s like telling people “love me or hate me”.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Cover Up

hawaiian flower tattoo cover up


Since a Hawaiian flower tattoo usually looks really nice as a big tattoo that covers a lot of your skin. There are many people that use Hawaiian flower tattoos to cover up old tattoos that they no longer like or failed tattoos.

Finally, I have finished sharing all the best Hawaiian flower tattoo ideas and designs that I can possibly gather. We talked about different colors, different styles, different positions to get the tattoos on, and different symbols to combine with the hibiscus flower. Many of those designs are more beautiful and feminine, while others are more stylish and unique. And as I always believe, a good tattoo for one person may be be a good one for another. A good tattoo is one that suits the person’s character and amplifies the person’s original beauty.

I hope you have a good time reading this blog post and found it helpful. Make sure you also check out our other articles whether you are a tattoo lover or a fashion and beauty fashion in general. Always make yourself look your very best.