15 Amazing Beaded Fringe Dress Outfit Ideas

The beaded fringe dress is very often worn for wedding photoshoot and proms. It is so beautiful that it is almost like putting on some shiny crystals on a sparkly dress. It can be a little too much to wear it for a cocktail party but there are scenarios where it would look appropriate and allow you to shine in an event. I am going to talk about some of the best looking beaded fringe dress outfit ideas. Let’s get right to them now.

Silver Slip Beaded Fringe Dress


I am going to start off the list with a beaded fringe dress that is appropriate for both a prom and a cocktail party. It is a silver slip dress that is going to stand out from the crowd. To complete this outfit elegantly, wear the dress with a pair of silver open toe heels and a subtle silver necklace.

Black Beaded Fringe Dress with Lace Detail

black beaded fringe dress lace detail

This is a black fringe dress with a lot of beautiful details. The sleeves are filled with lace and the main part is a shiny sequin dress. Simple wear the dress with black heels to achieve an elegant and unique look.

Silver Two-Piece Beaded Fringe Dress

silver two piece beaded fringe dress

If you are looking for dresses that you want to wear for a wedding photoshoot, it is a good idea to include a sexy and shiny one like this one. This two-piece silver beaded fringe dress looks especially nice if you are having the photoshoot on the beach or even on a yacht. It is once in a lifetime event, so be prepared to have at least five different looks with different styles ready.

Red and Black Fringe Dress

red and black fringe dress

Here is a very unique dress that you can wear to a prom. It may be a little adventurous for some people, but for some other people, they just have the character to pull off very unique dresses. So, you have to be your own judge and do a little bit of self-evaluating on that. Anyway, back to the outfit, it is a red and black fringe dress that is paired with black heels. The black long sleeve gloves make the outfit even more unique.

Black Slip Beaded Fringe Dress

black slip beaded fringe dress

Compared to the dresses mentioned, this particular black slip beaded fringe dress is much more casual and you would be very comfortable wearing it to a cocktail party. To complete the outfit, wear nude heeled sandals to achieve a minimal and elegant look.

White Backless Fringe Wedding Dress

white backless fringe wedding dress

Here is another white fringe dress that is perfect for a wedding photoshoot. It is a sexy backless fringe dress that is going to make your pictures look remarkable. Even for those of you who normally don’t wear sexy dresses like that, wearing a backless dress is a good idea for wedding photoshoot. Enjoy the moment especially when you are in your prime. The memory will become the most valuable thing you will ever own.

White and Black Sequin Beaded Fringe Dress

white and black sequin beaded fringe dress

This is a tribal style white and black sequin fringe dress. It is not one of those super high profile dresses. You can feel very comfortable wearing it for either a cocktail party or a prom. You can simply complete the outfit by wearing the dress with black heels.

Black Belted Fringe Shift Dress

black belted fringe shift dress

This low-key beautiful and stylish black beaded fringe shift dress has to be my favorite one among this list. I love how subtle the design is while it actually has a lot of beautiful details. The colors, cuttings and the spacing of the fringes just all feel right. You can simply wear the dress with a pair of black ankle strap open toe heels and you will look amazing while it looks like you are not even trying.

White Mini Beaded Fringe Wedding Dress

white mini beaded fringe wedding dress

Having mentioned a backless wedding dress a little earlier, here is another beautiful fringe wedding dress for those of you who are still a little uncomfortable with wearing a backless dress. Simply pair this white mini dress with silver heels and you would look amazing in your wedding photos.

Maxi Belted Silver Sequin Fringe Dress

maxi belted silver sequin fringe dress

Up to this point, I still haven’t talked about a maxi dress yet, let’s see how a maxi dress look when it is combined with the beaded fringe design. Here is a silver sequin beaded fringe maxi dress. It is simply paired with nude heeled sandals. The result is pretty amazing indeed.

Black Deep V Neck Bodycon Fringe Dress

black deep v neck bodycon fringe dress

This dress has a very subtle design. This is the kind of dress that is perfect to wear for a girl’s night out. It is a low-key sexy black deep v neck bodycon fringe dress. Simply wear it with black open toe heels and you would have a beautiful and natural looking look.

Gold and Black Beaded Fringe Dress

white and gold beaded fringe dress

A lot of time, when you want to wear gold, it is more natural looking to wear a gold dress with a little bit of black element. For example, this gold and black dress would look just right when you wear it to a cocktail party. Complete the outfit with pink heels to achieve this eye catching look.

Black Chiffon Dress with Beaded Fringes

black chiffon dress beaded fringes

This black shift dress has a breezy feel that can make you look like the girl next door in a cocktail party. You can simply wear this dress with silver open toe heels to complete a minimal and remarkable look.

Silver Strapless Sequin Fringe Dress

silver strapless sequin fringe dress

For a simple and stylish look, you can wear a silver strapless sequin fringe dress. Pair it with black ballet heels and a black classy purse for an elegant look.

Black Spaghetti Strap Dress with Silver Beaded Fringes

black spaghetti strap dress silver beaded fringes

This beautiful black dress has a beautiful silver tribal-printed design. It is also a spaghetti strap dress that looks extremely sexy. Complete this outfit with silver ankle strap open toe heels to achieve an elegant and gorgeous look.

Compared to a lot other dresses, the beaded fringe dress is a little difficult to pull off. But as long as you have enough self-confidence and you have the curiosity to try new things. You will at least have a lot of fun during the trial and error process. Have fun styling.