How to Wear High Low Dress: 15 Amazing Outfit Ideas

best high low dress outfit ideas

Sometimes, when you add some asymmetric element to your outfit, it would introduce some randomness to the overall look and make you look more stylish. One beautiful to achieve this stylish look is to wear a high low dress. A high low dress comes in a variety of forms such as a knee-length dress or a maxi dress. Either way, the high low design would usually make the dress look more breezy. For this blog post, I have collected some of the more beautiful high low dress outfit ideas and I am going to share with you now.

Black Belted Maxi High Low Dress


The black dress has always been the most popular dress in a cocktail party and a prom. It is just so easy to style and it looks awesome. So I am going to start off the list with a black belted maxi high low dress that is extremely easy to pull off. Simply pair it with nude heeled sandals and you would have a minimal and beautiful look.

Black Empire Waist Floral High Low Dress

black empire waist floral high low dress

Here is a relatively more casual two-toned dress. It is a black empire waist floral high low dress. To add an elegant touch to the outfit, wear the dress with black ankle strap open toe heels.

Yellow Button Up High Low Dress

yellow button up high low dress

Up to this point, we have looked some nice looking dresses that are for proms and parties, let’s now look at one that you can wear as a street outfit or a work outfit. This yellow button up high low knee length dress has a nice casual cutting while the color of yellow can really make you stand out. To wear it as an elegant outfit that is perfect to wearing for work or dating, wear the dress with a brown leather purse and brown heeled sandals.

White and Peach Deep V Neck Chiffon Dress

white and peach deep v neck chiffon dress

For a sweat and sexy dress that you can wear to the beach, here is a white and peach chiffon dress. It is a two-toned dress, with the top part being a white deep v neck top, and the bottom part is a peach chiffon high low skirt. Pair the dress with pink heels and a gold clutch bag to complete the outfit with elegance.

High Low Dress with Floral Pattern On the Inside

high low dress with floral pattern on the inside

This is two beautiful strapless high low dresses that have a very unique design. Both the black dress and the white one have some eye catching floral pattern on the inside of the dress, and it can been seen only because of the high low cutting. This is such a creative and thoughtful design. Also, the idea of wearing sister dresses with your best friend is such a cool and fun concept.

Belted White and Aqua Wrap Dress

belt white and aqua wrap dress

This is a ladylike dress that can make you look so attractive in a cocktail party, especially when everyone else is wearing aggressive colors like red and black. The dress is a two-toned belted wrap dress. The part above the gold belt is in white, while the bottom part is in aqua or tiffany blue. Complete the outfit with black ankle strap open toe heels to add an elegant touch to the look.

Strapless Black and Royal Blue Chiffon High Low Dress

strapless black and royal blue high low dress

To look sharp and bright, red and yellow are not your only choice. How about trying the royal blue this time. Wear the black and royal blue strapless high low dress with black heels for a unique and low-key beautiful look.

Black and White Strapless Sequin Ruffle Dress

black and white strapless sequin ruffle dress

Ruffle cutting and high low cutting can be combined flawlessly. As an example, look at this black and white sequin strapless ruffle dress. The ruffle cutting leads into the high low design very naturally and makes this dress look so breezy and elegant. Simple wear black open toe heels to complete the outfit. If you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to wear black ankle strap heels.

Strapless Red Maxi Flare High Low Dress

strapless red maxi flare high low dress

This red dress is just a classic and timeless design. It is a red strapless maxi flare dress that has a subtle high low cutting. Wear pink heels with the red dress to complete this minimal and stunning look.

White, Grey & Peach Color Block Dress

white grey peach color block dress

For a refreshing look, you can wear this white, grey and peach color-block dress. Wear it with brown heeled sandals and a straw hat to achieve the breezy look. This outfit is especially suited for a springtime nature photoshoot.

Black and Pink Strapless High Low Dress

black and pink strapless high low dress

For a princess-like look, you can use the black and shocking pink combination. As an example, wear a two-toned dress that has a black strapless top and a pink chiffon high low skirt. Wear a statement necklace and black open toe heels to complete this amazing ladylike look.

Navy and Orange Strapless Dress

navy and orange strapless dress

Having mentioned quite a lot of solid-colored dresses, let’s talk about one that is a printed dress. The navy and orange combination has already been an eye catching one. Wear this navy and orange strapless printed dress with pale pink heeled sandals to achieve a unique and adorable look.

White Floral Strapless High Low Dress

white floral strapless high low dress

This is an absolutely pure looking and beautiful dress. It is a white strapless high low floral dress. Usually a floral dress is very colorful, but this one looks very subtle using just the white and the light purple colors. Simply wear the dress with nude heeled sandals to complete this remarkable look.

White Floral Dress with Denim Jacket

white floral dress denim jacket

What jacket should I wear with a high low dress? I got two answers, the black leather jacket and the denim jacket. Let’s talk about the latter for this outfit idea. You can simply wear a white floral high low dress with a denim jacket and black ankle boots to achieve a breezy and casual street look.

Black Off The Shoulder Knee Length High Low Dress

black off shoulder knee length high low dress

For a cocktail, here is a black off-shoulder knee-length high low dress that is quite easy to pull off. You can simply it with black open toe heels and you are ready to go.

Here are the high low dress outfit ideas that I think are amazing and I want to share with you. Next time you go to party, add a little bit of breezy feel to your look by wearing one of the above mentioned outfit. You can always do a little tweak her and there to make the idea your own.