How to Style Chemise Dress: 15 Amazing Outfit Ideas

best chemise dress outfit idea

Over the years, the term “chemise dress” becomes a little unclear. By definition, it is a dress with a straight cutting that allows the dress to be loosely fit, especially at the waistline. Some people interpret it as another way to call the “shift dress”. I would argue that a chemise dress is often more loose fit than a shift dress. But of course, the definition is never as important as the beautiful result. To help you expand your outfit game, I have put together some of the best chemise dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive right in now.

White Bell Sleeve Maxi Chemise Dress


Since I am pretty sure some of you still not to sure what a chemise dress is, I am starting off this list with a textbook chemise dress. This is a white bell sleeve maxi chemise dress. Notice the entire dress is quite loosely fit. The waist area is pretty much unfit. The breezy and slight chunky cutting is the signature of a chemise dress. To style this particular dress, you can simply wear it with black leather knee high boots to complete this feminine and unique look.

Blue Belted Sleeveless Knee Length Chemise Dress

blue belted sleeveless knee length chemise dress

For a lot of chemise dresses you can find in the market these days, they have a belted design that make the unfit waistline slightly more fit, but not all the way to skinny fit though. For example, here is a beautiful blue belted knee length chemise dress. Simply wear it with black heels and you would have a breezy casual look.

White Off The Shoulder Floor Length Chemise Dress

white off the shoulder floor length chemise dress

Since a chemise dress is a loose fit dress that don’t really let you show your curves, one way to make it sexy is to choose an off the shoulder version. This white off the shoulder maxi chemise dress looks pure and gorgeous. Simply pair it with black ankle boots to complete this amazing outfit.

Blue Denim Chemise Mini Dress

blue denim chemise mini dress

This dress is unique looking blue denim chemise mini dress. To achieve a stylish look, you can pair the dress with a pair of knee high black suede boots. For more outfit ideas of similar boots, you may want to check out our blog post on how to wear knee high boots.

Ruffle Collar Long Sleeve Chemise Dress

ruffle collar long sleeve chemise dress

During a short period in history, a chemise dress is referred to the kind of dress that you wear when you go to bed. The term is still occasionally used this way. For example, this white ruffle collar chemise dress is really for you to wear at home. It can definitely make you feel very comfortable which makes it the perfect dress to wear when you go to bed.

Royal Blue Button Up Mini Dress

royal blue button up mini dress

Here is a royal blue chemise mini dress that almost looks like a polo shirt dress. To style the dress, wear it with brown pointed toe ankle boots and a cheetah clutch bag for a super chic look.

Navy and White Striped Belted Chemise Dress

navy and white striped belted chemise dress

For a breezy and casual look, you can wear a navy and white striped chemise mini dress. This dress also comes with a super narrow brown belt that is meant to make the waistline slightly more fit. For the shoes, I would recommend you to either wear white sneakers or nude boho style heeled sandals.

White Boho Style Loose Fit Maxi Dress

white boho style loose fit maxi dress

This is a white chemise maxi dress that has some beautiful boho style details. For example, there are criss-cross elements on the sleeves. The ruffle hem also makes the dress more stylish and elegant. You can simply wear it with nude heeled sandals to complete this amazing outfit.

White Knee Length Chemise Shirt Dress

white knee length chemise shirt dress

Most of shirt dresses have the straight, loose-fit cutting and that automatically make them chemise dresses too. Here is a white knee length shirt dress that is simply paired with black ankle strap open toe heels to create an artistic minimal look.

Black Belted Chemise Mini Dress

black belted chemise mini dress

For a beautiful ladylike look, you can wear this black belted chemise mini dress with a pair of brown suede ankle boots. The nifty narrow brown belt matches perfectly with the brown boots and make this an elegant and feminine outfit.

Pale Pink Shirt Dress with Silver Heels

pale pink shirt dress silver heels

Here is another shirt dress that is a chemise dress. This time, it is a pale pink shirt dress. Pair with silver ankle strap open toe heels and a silver choker necklace to add a touch of elegant to the overall look.

Boho Style Tribal Printed Chemise Dress

boho style tribal printed chemise dress

For a breezy boho look, you can wear this boho style tribal printed mini dress. For a minimal look, you can pair the dress with nude heeled sandals. Alternatively, you can wear a pair of black knee high gladiator sandals to make the boho style even more intense.

Chambray Shirt Dress with Heeled Sandals

chambray shirt dress heeled sandals

Here is a chambray shirt dress that comes with a narrow brown belt. Very interesting, the dress is paired with open toe brown heels that has some gold element. The result is surprisingly casual and feminine.

Two-Layered Green Chemise Dress

two layered green chemise dress

Here is a very creatively designed two-layered green chemise dress. The inner layer is basically a white sleeveless midi dress, while the outer layer is a green semi sheer overlay. You can simple wear the dress with black ankle strap open toe heels. This outfit is one of those outfits that don’t require you to shown any skin while still going to make you stand out from the crowd in a cocktail party or a prom.

Black and White Check Patterned Chemise Dress

black and white check patterned chemise dress

For a super chic street look, you can wear a black and white check-patterned knee length chemise dress. Wear it with a pair of canvas shoes that has a similar check pattern to match perfectly with the dress. Wear a white clutch bag to complete the outfit with style.

Here are the chemise dress outfit ideas that I want to share with you. It is not important whether you feel more clear about the definition of term “chemise dress” after reading this blog post. What’s important is whether the outfit ideas you see can inspire you to come up with outfits that fit you. The best way to learn is to start by imitating and then give it a little tweak to make it your own version.