How to Style Golf Skort: 15 Refreshing Outfit Ideas for Women

best golf skort outfit ideas

Playing sports is such a great and fun thing to do, and things can only get better if you play sports while looking good. Over the past few decades, golf has become a sport that is popular across gender and age. What you should love about playing golf besides that it is fun is that golf outfits usually look great. There are so many ways you can build beautiful outfits around golf pants and golf skorts. Today, I am going to specifically talk about the latter. To make it easier for you to learn how to style it, I have collected some really nice golf skort outfit ideas for you. Let’s jump right in.

Black Sleeveless Top with White Golf Skort


To start off this list of sporty outfits, I am going to show you a very simple and refreshing black and white one. To form this outfit, you can simply wear a black sleeveless top with a white mini golf skort. The top actually has a polo short like collar design to make this look more like a golf specific outfit. Pair them with white golf shoes and you are good to go.

Neon Pink Long Sleeve Form Fitting Polo Shirt with Black Skort & Leggings

neon pink long sleeve form fitting polo shirt with black skort leggings

This beautiful golf outfit actually borrows a really nice trick from a stylish street outfit. To form this cool look, you can wear a black golf skort over black cropped leggings to make your legs look slimmer. Pair them with neon pink form fitting long sleeve polo shirt and white golf shoes to complete the outfit in an eye catching way.

Black Cardigan with Red Skort & White Shoes

black cardigan with red skort and white shoes

Sometimes, when it gets windy, you may to wear a jacket to keep yourself warm while playing golf. In that type of green environment, the denim jacket or the leather jacket don’t work so well. You can, instead, wear a black cardigan with a white polo shirt. Pair them with a red skort and white golf shoes to complete this outfit.

Black Sleeveless Polo Shirt with Red and White Printed Skort

black sleeveless polo shirt with red and white printed skort

To look more sharp and slightly more aggressive, you may want to try the black and red combination. For example, you can wear a black sleeveless polo shirt with a red collar for the top. Pair it with a black, white and red printed skort and white shoes to complete this unique golf outfit.

White Form Fitting Tee with Black Skort

white form fitting tee with black skort

If you are in a relatively good shape, you can simple put on a minimal golf outfit to look youthful and beautiful. For example, you can wear a white long sleeve form fitting tee to show your curves. Pair it with a black skort and white golf shoes to complete the outfit in a refreshing way.

Neon Pink Skort with White Cap Sleeve T Shirt

neon pink skort with white cap sleeve t shirt

To make your outfit look more ladylike, all you have to do is add something pink to your outfit. This time, a very eye catching outfit is formed by wearing something neon pink. To form this outfit, simply wear a white cap sleeve tee with a neon pink skort and white shoes. You can even drape a neon pink towel around your shoulders to spice up the look.

Navy V Neck Sleeveless Top with Blue and Pink Skort

navy v neck sleeveless top with blue and pink skort

There are times when a golf outfit actually looks so decent that it almost looks like a business casual outfit. This outfit here is a great example of that. To form this look, you can simply wear a navy sleeveless polo shirt with a blue and pink patterned skort. Wear white gold shoes to look refreshing and beautiful.

White Sleeveless Top with Blue Scalloped Hem Skort

white sleeveless top with blue scalloped hem skort

If you want to look absolutely refreshing, using the color combination of sky blue and white can often do just that as they represent the colors of the clouds and the sky. To apply that color combination to your golf outfit, you can wear a white sleeveless top with a blue and white striped scalloped hem skort and white golf shoes.

Black Polo Shirt with Pink Plaid Golf Skort

black polo shirt with pink plaid golf skort

If you are a little bored with all these solid-colored skorts, just adopt the plaid trend. For example, you can wear a pink plaid golf skort instead of a solid-colored one to look more unique. Pair it with a black polo shirt and white golf shoes to complete this ladylike outfit.

Teal Plastic Skort with White Form Fitting Tee

teal plastic skort with white form fitting tee

For those of you who like to bring some extra uniqueness and trendiness to your gold outfit, you may want to try this rare teal plastic skort. You can simply pair it with a white form fitting t shirt to look youthful and unique. Try wear a pair of black shoes instead of the white one to add a stylish touch.

Neon Pink Golf Skort with Grey T Shirt

neon pink golf skort with grey t shirt

This is not exactly a golf outfit as you can tell from the shoes, yet, it is something very similar that you can wear as a street outfit. To form this unique and stylish summer outfit, you can wear a grey t shirt with a neon pink golf skort. Pair them with black and white running shoes to add a sporty touch to this stylish and casual look.

Blue Golf Skort with White Floral Printed Long Sleeve Blouse

blue golf skort with white floral printed long sleeve blouse

This is another outfit that is heavily inspired by a golf outfit. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a white and blue floral printed blouse for the top. Pair it with a blue mini golf skort. For the shoes, you can simply wear white sneakers to keep the outfit refreshing and simple.

I hope you would find these golf skort outfit ideas useful, especially for those of you who actually play golf. for those of you who don’t, you may still borrow ideas from the above list and see if they can help expand your street outfit game. Before you leave, you may also want to check out thousands of really nice outfits ideas you can find in this website.