14 Best Outfit Ideas on How to Style Hoodie Dress

best hoodie dress outfit ideas

I am sure that there is a lot of hoodie fans out there. I am definitely one of them. I just love how casual and comfortable it is to wear it. In this blog post, I am going to explore a feminine variation of it, which is the hoodie dress. Not only that it is so adorable and easy to wear, it also make your legs look longer. I am about to share with you some of the best ways to wear a hoodie dress.

Black Hoodie Dress with White Sneakers


The thing that I really love about the hoodie dress is that it is so easy to pull off. Most of them are loosely fit that you just don’t need to have the fittest body to look good with it. For those of you who don’t like the way the dress is so short, you can simply wear shorts under it. When you don’t know what to wear with it, just wear white sneakers and your outfit will look decent at least. Most of the case, though, you will look better than just decent, and this outfit is a good example of that. Simply wear a black hoodie dress with white sneakers can also look amazing.

Dark Grey Hoodie Dress with Grey Thigh High Boots

dark grey hoodie dress grey thigh high boots

As mentioned, if you are not sure what shoes to wear with a hoodie dress, wearing white sneakers is the easy and good choice. As an alternative, for a more feminine look, thigh high boots can really add a touch of elegance to your outfit. For example, this outfits consists of a dark grey hoodie dress and a lighter grey thigh high boots. Even though you are not showing that much skin at all, you will be amazed by how sexy you look with this outfit.

Black Satin Hoodie Dress with White Sneakers

black satin hoodie dress white sneakers

If you like to stand out a little by wearing something made of more unique fabric, you may want to consider wearing this black satin hoodie dress. For the shoes, I would recommend either black heeled sandals or white sneakers.

Pink V Neck Hoodie Dress

addidas pink v neck hoodie dress

When it comes to hoodies, you just have to think about those big sportswear brands such as Nike and Addidas, as hoodies are supposed to look casual and sporty. For the case of hoodie dresses, seems like the big brands also produce a lot of nice looking hoodie dresses of beautiful colors. As a example, you can wear a pink v neck hoodie dress with a big logo at the front and pair it with white sneakers. You will look so sporty and cheerful with this eye catching outfit.

Rose Gold Velvet Dress

rose gold velvet hoodie dress

This rose gold velvet hoodie dress simply demands people’s attention. I would simply pair it with nude sandals or white sneakers. But for a even more stunning look, wear grey thigh high boots.

Tie Chest Hooded Dress with Canvas Sneakers

tie chest hooded dress canvas sneakers

Sometime, it is the little detail in the outfit that makes the outfit so eye catching. As an example, this grey tie chess hoodie dress has that little touch of randomness that makes the dress more attractive. Complete the outfit with canvas sneakers. By the way, if you like this tie-chest style, you may be interested in our blog post on tie-chest dress outfit ideas.

Hooded Dress with Black Leather Jacket

hooded dress black leather jacket

As the black leather jacket is such a versatile item that almost looks good with any other pieces, it is no surprise that it looks good with a hoodie dress. For example, wear grey hoodie dress with a black leather jacket and white sneakers for a stylish street look.

White Hoodie Dress with Long Black Bomber Jacket

long black bomber jacket hoodie dress

This outfit idea is my favorite idea among the list because this minimal look is just so beautiful and creative. Wear a white hoodie dress and pair it with a long black bomber jacket. The jacket is such a rare item yet it is so stylish and just seems to match perfectly with the hoodie dress. That is why I think the outfit is so creative. Anyway, complete the outfit with white sneakers. I highly recommend you to try this outfit. As you can see, the outfit simply looks amazing yet it is so easy to pull off. Nothing is skinny-fit. The hoodie dress is a knee length dress that doesn’t shows much of your legs. Sometimes, beauty can be easy.

Sleeveless Hoodie Dress with White Sneakers

sleeveless hoodie dress with white sneakers

For a refreshing summer look, you can try a sleeveless hoodie dress like this grey one. Keep it very simple and light in the summer. Wearing white low top sneakers would be perfect.

Grey Maxi Hooded Dress

grey maxi hooded dress sneakers outfit

This is just one unique looking hoodie dress. The grey maxi hood dress is a rare yet comfortable looking dress. I would simply pair it with white sneakers as usual, but you can wearing something like the running shoes in the picture for a more sporty look.

Printed Hoodie Dress with Mid-calf Boots

printed hoodie dress mid calf boots

Instead of wearing hoodie dresses of solid colors, you can look more casual and sporty by wearing a printed hoodie dress. For this outfit, wear a cream printed hoodie dress. Balance out the casualness in the dress by wearing mid-calf suede boots that look elegant.

Camo Hooded Dress with Thigh High Boots

camo hoodie dress thigh high boots

Here is a good demonstration of how to style a camo item. You can wear a camo hooded dress with something feminine like the light grey thigh high boots.

Form Fitting Dark Grey Hoodie Dress

form fitting dark grey hoodie dress pink sneakers

I have mentioned that I love hoodie dresses because they are so loosely fit and easy to pull off. However, if you have a fit body, you can increase the level of difficult. Wear something form fitting like this dark grey hoodie dress to showoff your curves. It is almost like dressing as a tennis player. To look even more sporty, wear pink sneakers.

Camo Skinny Fit Hooded Dress

camo skinny fit hooded dress

Here is another hoodie dress that is form fitting. You can simply wear the camo hoodie dress with white sneakers.

Here are some of my favorite hoodie dress outfit ideas I have just shared with you. You should really try them. They are just so good looking and very easy to pull off.