How to Style Short Jacket: 17 Best Outfit Ideas for Women

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A short jacket may not be the most practical garment that you have. It will not keep you so warm in those seriously cold days, because most of your waist, won’t be covered. However, that is not the reason why you should not wear it.

Short jacket has many useful features. It highlights your curves, body figure and waist. It is versatile so that you can wear it on many different occasions, with both casual and elegant staples.

I have decided to show you different types of short jackets. I divided them into five lists: bomber, leather, denim, shearling and other types of short jackets.
If you scroll down, you will see many outfit ideas that you can recreate very easily.

I hope you will enjoy reading this list that I have made for you!

Leather Short Jacket

short jacket bell bottom
Young girls wanted to recreate the original look from the ‘90s. To do that, they were wearing some of the big trends this year: bell bottoms, ankle boots, and short leather jacket. With the addition of gold chains around your waist, you will look like a real high school girl back from the ‘90s.

short jacket leather red
The red jacket is a great statement piece that you must have! You can pair it with the black leather pants, and Stan Smith sneakers. That is the right way if you want to be chic and cool.
If you like this short red jacket, then make sure to read the post about red leather jackets!

short jacket biker
At this moment, the biker look is so fashionable. If you are following trends, make sure to buy a short jacket that is made of leather and has the print that looks like the bikers jackets.
You can style it with the complete black outfits. If you want to look more interesting, mix the styles and wear it with a dress.

short jacket suede
Suede is one of the most significant trends that had appeared a few years ago. Try to wear in suede the garments that you will usually dress in leather or some other material. You will be surprised how glamorous these staples will look.
You can style this short jacket with the classic white tee and black jeans.

short jacket white jeans
You can ever go wrong with the classy black leather jacket. By wearing it short, you will make your outfit looks more interesting and chic. Pair it with white jeans, and style it with the black leather bag.

Short Bomber Jacket

short jacket bomber leggings
The bomber short jacket is great to wear with leather leggings! Maybe you did not know, but a bomber jacket is so versatile that you can combine it with both casual and elegant garments. If you want to have sexy but still to look comfy, recreate this look.

short jacket dark jeans
If you are asking how to combine short jacket with dark jeans, here is the right way to do it. Pair two colored jacket with the dark cropped jeans and patent leather loafers.
This whole outfit looks very interesting and casual.

short jacket burgundy
When you want to highlight your body line and the length of your legs, wear bell bottoms and short bomber jacket. Easy as that. Burgundy jacket will make a statement so that you will not need any jewelry or other accessories.

short jacket bronze
Sporty elegance is excellent for the everyday stroll. Feeling trendy and stylish was never easier! Wear your cropped bronze bomber jacket with the white tee and black jeans. You can style it with cool sneakers or loafers. It is a great daily outfit option.

short jacket red sporty
The red color dominates this season. You can see it on the jackets, pants or dresses. It looks very effective and eye-catching. If you wear a short jacket made of this red material, with the knitted top and blue jeans, then you will have the perfect combination which is a fully acceptable option for casual occasions.

Denim Short Jacket

short jacket denim tweed
Before seeing this outfit, I would never try to wear short denim jacket in this way. With elegant tweed pants-no way! However, now I realize that it is entirely safe to mix these styles and to wear it like this. Team it up with the crop top, pointed-toe flats and beautiful leather bag for an ultimate casual look.

short jacket knit dress
Knitted dresses represent another great way to highlight your curves and body line. If you wear it with a short jacket, you will double that feature, and you will look amazing! You can style it with exciting and unique knee-high boots.

short jacket denim crop top
Crop tops were never so stylish as they are nowadays. Every fashion girl has lost their mind about this trend that made its comeback. Wearing denim jacket will just increase the ‘90s vibe, and you will look stylish and trendy.

Shearling Short Jacket

short jacket shearling
This shearling short jacket is just fabulous! If you like this Parisian chic look, wear your short jacket with the bell bottom cropped jeans, black top, and metallic ankle boots. Add a beret for super cool French vibe.

short jacket shearling fur
When it comes to this jacket, one thing is sure; it will keep you very warm. It is made whole of faux fur, and it looks stunning. You can wear it with frayed hem jeans, casual sweater, and black shoes. It is an excellent option for cold days when you want to look not just warm, but also very stylish.

Other Short Jackets

short jacket other plaid
Plaid, plaids, plaids. They are everywhere and on every garment. There is some charm in that pattern, is that right? You can also wear your short jacket pleaded.Pair it with pants and wear it as a suit! You will look so chic and stylish. It is the perfect outfit to wear to your office.

short jacket camel
This beautiful camel short jacket is perfect to wear with the high waist pants. It looks fascinating with those big buttons and its cut. You can pair it with grey sparkly pants for Christmas party look.
If you follow this It-girl steps, you will have an authentic outfit in no more than 20 minutes.

When it comes to the short jacket, the important thing to know is layering. You need to have something beneath the jacket to keep you warm. Also, you can style it with the high-waist pants or jeans. You have seen that it can be combined with casual, and elegant pieces equally.
Long story short: the short jacket is one of the pieces that deserve a place in your wardrobe.