How to Style Long Black Cardigan: Top 15 Outfit Ideas

I have one main purpose for writing this blog post. I am looking for an item that you can layer over whatever you are wearing and then look more feminine and stylish instantly. After some thinking and some research, I found what the item is. It is the long black cardigan, something that you can literally wear with any casual outfit and expect a good result. To better show you how magical it can be, I have collected some of the best long black cardigan outfit ideas. Let’s take a look at how to style it now.

Long Black Cardigan with Black Tee & Jeans


A long black cardigan is a perfect match with almost any casual jeans outfit. For example, you can wear a long black cardigan with a black t shirt and skinny jeans. For a more feminine look, you can pair these pieces with camel suede ankle boots.

Long Black Cardigan with White Striped Collar

long black cardigan white striped collar

You see from the previous outfit that a black cardigan on black tee outfit can look quite dark and cool. Now, let’s build a brighter outfit by replacing the black tee with a white tee. The long black cardigan for this outfit also has some nifty details in the white striped collar. Wear the white tee and cardigan with ripped jeans and shocking pink loafers for a creative and colorful touch.

Black Cardigan with Grey Tee & Ripped Jeans

black cardigan grey knotted tee ripped jeans

There are so much to play around with these jeans and long cardigan outfits. You just need to change the shoes and the result would be dramatically different. As an example, wear a black long cardigan with a grey t shirt and blue skinny jeans. This time, wear a pair of black sandals to create a casual and breezy look.

Long Cardigan with White Blouse & Tribal Printed Wool Scarf

long cardigan white blouse tribal printed wool scarf

You can build an cozy and professional looking business casual work outfit around a black cardigan. To do that, wear a white blouse with the black cardigan. Pair them with dark blue skinny jeans and light grey suede ankle boots. A wool scarf would be perfect for adding a feminine touch to the outfit. In this case, a stylish black and white tribal printed scarf is chosen.

Black Long Cardigan with White Oversized Vest Top

black long cardigan white oversized vest top

One way to make yourself look lean is to pair a black long cardigan with a long white t shirt or vest top. Pair them with ripped light blue boyfriend jeans and pale pink pointed heels to create a stylish look with a feminine touch.

Long Cardigan with White Tee & Black Jeans

long cardigan white tee black jeans

Here is a great trick for petite ladies to look taller and slimmer. Wear a long black cardigan over a white t shirt. Tuck the t shirt in cuffed black skinny jeans. Complete the outfit with black heeled loafers. The simple black and white combination and the way the shirt is tucked in can visually move up your waistline to make you look tall and lean.

Long Black Cardigan with White Vest Top & Green Skinny Jeans

long black cardigan white vest top green skinny jeans

Just I think I have talked enough about cardigan and jeans combination, I found that I forgot to mention a very unique and beautiful type of jeans, the green skinny jeans. You can build a unique and beautiful outfit around the green jeans by wearing them with a white t shirt and a long black cardigan. Wear black open toe suede boots to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Black Long Cardigan with Striped T Shirt Dress

black long cardigan striped t shirt dress

Having seen so many stylish jeans outfit, how about we move to explore how to wear the black long cardigan in a ladylike way. For a girl-next-door adorable look, you can wear a black and white striped t shirt dress with a black maxi cardigan. Wear white sneakers to make this a super casual yet beautiful outfit.

Black Knit Cardigan with Chambray Shirt & Black Leather Pants

black knit cardigan chambray shirt black leather pants

If you have a little edginess in your character and you want to reveal it thru the way you dress, here may be a good outfit for you to consider. Wear a chambray shirt with a black knit cardigan for the top. For the bottom, wear black leather pants and black suede chelsea boots. Complete the outfit with a black felt hat to add an artistic touch to the overall look. If you want to see more outfits that involve a similar hat, you may want to take a look at our blog post on how to style a black felt hat.

Black Maxi Cardigan with Knit Sweater & Knee Length Shorts

black maxi cardigan knit sweater knee length shorts

Here is a very stylish and cool all-black outfit. Unlike a dark all-black outfit that involves a black leather jacket, this cardigan version actually looks softer and more feminine. You can achieve this look by wearing a black sweater with black knee length shorts. Complete the outfit with a black maxi cardigan and black lace up mid-calf boots.

Black Cardigan with White Vest Top & Camel Fringe Scarf

black cardigan white vest top camel fringe scarf

Where is another outfit that you can wear as a business casual outfit. Wear a white vest top with a black cardigan for the top. For the bottom, wear skinny jeans and light grey suede ankle boots. The camel fringe scarf plays a very important role in this outfit. Without it, wearing the white vest top by itself would make this outfit look too casual for work.

Wear with Black Crop Top & Knee High Boots

black crop top knee high boots

If you want to build a low-key sexy outfit around a black maxi cardigan, you can wear it with a black crop top and skinny jeans. Wear black knee high boots to add a stylish touch to the already eye catching outfit.

Black Maxi Cardigan with Grey Vest Top & Pencil Skirt

black maxi cardigan grey vest top pencil skirt

Here is another outfit that is designed for petite girls to look leaner while still looking adorable. Wear a grey vest top with a black high waisted pencil skirt. Complete the outfit with a long black cardigan and black strappy heels.

Wear with Pale Yellow Chiffon Top & Jeans

pale yellow chiffon top jeans

For a super casual look that comes with a feminine touch, you can wear a pale yellow chiffon v neck top over a black lace vest top. Let the lace details peek out a little bit. Complete the outfit with black cardigan, jeans and grey chelsea boots.

White Cable Knit Sweater with Maxi Cardigan

white cable knit sweater maxi cardigan

To achieve a really stylish look, you can wear a white knit cable sweater with a black maxi cardigan. Complete the outfit with dark blue skinny jeans and white pointed toe heels.

After seeing all these stylish and beautiful outfit ideas, I think you should realize how magically and versatile the long black cardigan is. Let’s give the outfits a try and I am pretty sure that you would have fun styling.