How to Wear Gold Bodycon Dress: 15 Stunning Outfits

There was a time when a gold dress is considered as unfashionable. But I guess it is partly due to all the electronic devices we have these days that come in the color of gold or rose gold that make a gold dress something very elegant to wear over the years. If you are currently looking for a dress that you can wear for your next cocktail party or prom, you are at the right place. I have collected some of the best gold bodycon dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out.

Three-Quarter Sleeve Gold Bodycon Mini Dress


Let me start off the list is an elegant outfit that is quite easy to pull off. The outfit is an all-gold outfit that consists of the three-quarter sleeve gold sequin bodycon dress and a pair of gold ankle strap open toe heels. If it it the first time for you to wear a gold dress, you should realize by looking at this picture that the gold bodycon dress isn’t as difficult to wear as it may sound.

Gold Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Bodycon Dress

gold long sleeve off the shoulder bodycon dress

Now, if you want to wear a sexy outfit for a cocktail party, you may want to consider this gold off the shoulder bodycon dress. Simply pair the dress with gold heels to complete this sexy and elegant outfit. From this picture, you may be able to notice an interesting thing that the gold bodycon dress actually looks good on a slightly chubby girl. That is because a gold sequin dress usually is made of harder and thicker fabric that can make the love handles to look less obvious.

Gold and White Bodycon Dress

gold and white bodycon dress

If I ask you to pick a color that will match well with gold, many of you may pick the color of silver. But as you can see from the above picture, the gold and white combination creates a stunning result. This is a gold sequin bodycon dress that comes with white crochet details. You can pair the dress with either gold heels or white heels to complete the outfit with an elegant touch.

Gold Bodycon Dress with Silver Sequin Pattern

gold bodycon dress silver sequin pattern

In fact, gold and silver can look really well together too. Here is a gold bodycon dress that comes with some nifty silver sequin pattern. Wear silver sequin heels to complete this shiny and eye catching outfit.

Rose Gold Bodycon Dress with Tiny Cutouts at Waist

rose gold bodycon dress tiny cutouts at waist

I understand that some of you may not like the super shiny bright gold dresses that much. In fact, I belong to that group of people myself. For a more subtle and deeper look, you may want to choose a rose gold bodycon dress. This particular one even has two sexy and nifty cutouts at the waist, one on the left side and the other on the right. Simply pair the dress with gold ankle strap open toe heels.

Gold and White Deep V Neck Dress with Chiffon Sleeves

gold and white deep v neck dress chiffon sleeves

As I have shown you a little earlier, the gold and white combination simply looks elegant. Here is another dress that uses that color combination. It is a gold and white deep v neck dress that has a beautiful chiffon sleeve design. Complete the outfit elegantly with gold open toe heels.

White Shift Dress with Sequin Embroidered Mesh Overlay

white shift dress sequin embroidered mesh overlay

If you are still reluctant to wear something super shiny, how about wear this white shift dress that has some subtle gold details. The dress has an elegant gold sequin embroidered mesh overlay. Complete the outfit with silver open toe heels to achieve a feminine and adorable look.

Black and Gold Printed Shift Dress with Black Studded Jacket

black and gold printed shift dress studded jacket

Here is a stylish and creative outfit that you may want to try for friends’ gathering. Wear a black and gold printed shift dress. Pair it creatively with a black studded jacket. The two rare pieces match surprisingly well with each other. To complete the outfit casually, you can simply wear black ballet flats.

Sequin Embroidered Chiffon Bodycon Dress

white sequin embroidered chiffon bodycon dress

This is not exactly a white and gold outfit but it is very close. It is a pale pink chiffon bodycon dress with gold sequin details. Not only is the deep v neck extremely sexy, the gold belt that comes with the dress also provides the extra detail that makes the look even more elegant. Pair the dress with black ankles strap heels and a black clutch purse to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Gold Sequin Deep V Neck Midi Bodycon Dress

gold sequin deep v neck midi bodycon dress

For a more mature and feminine look, a midi bodycon dress is often a good choice. This particular one is a gold sequin deep v neck one that has a slit. You can simply wear it a with gold open toe heels to complete this outfit that is perfect for proms and cocktail parties.

Gold and Silver Patterned Spaghetti Strap Dress

gold and silver patterned spaghetti strap dress

It is a little rare to see a gold bodycon dress comes in the form of a spaghetti strap dress, but the result actually seems to be pretty good. This is a gold and silver patterned bodycon mini dress. The best choice for shoes would be the silver ankle strap heels.

Black and Gold Tribal Printed Bodycon Dress

black and gold tribal printed bodycon dress

Here is another gold dress that has a very unique design. Very rarely would you see a tribal printed dress comes in the form of a gold dress. This experiment seems to be pretty successful according to the picture above. To add a feminine touch to the outfit, wear a pair of black suede mid-calf boots.

White and Gold Embroidered Backless Dress

white and gold embroidered backless dress

For those of you who have beautiful skin and don’t mind showing some skin, here is a good outfit idea for your next party. Wear a backless white and gold dress with gold open toe heels to create a sexy and elegant outfit that allows you to show off your strength a little bit.

Long Sleeve Gold Dress with Stockings and Black Heels

long sleeve gold dress stockings black heels

Most of the case, you don’t have to wearing leggings and stockings with a gold bodycon dress. But there is nothing wrong about it either as you can see from the above picture. Pair the dress and the black stockings with black suede heels to complete a low profile minimal look.

Gold Sequin Low Back Bodycon Dress

gold sequin low back bodycon dress

Here is gold sparkly bodycon dress that comes with a low back cutting. I would recommend you to wear black ankles strap open toe heels to complete this outfit with an elegant touch.

Here are the gold bodycon dress outfit ideas that I really want to share with you. I believe that we are going to see more and more bodycon dresses that come in different colors in near future. It is just cool to stick to black but it is even more fun to try different colors.