How to Style Orange Skirt: 15 Colorful & Creative Outfit Ideas

If you want to make your outfit look more cheerful, some good options are to add some yellow element or to add some orange element. Today, I am going to talk about the latter option thru wearing the orange skirt. I know that the color of orange is probably one of the last color to think about when it comes to choosing what to wear for work. Hopefully, the following list of orange skirt outfit ideas can help prove my case that it can actually make you look more refreshing and energetic. Let’s jump right into the outfit ideas now.

Black Mock Neck Form Fitting Sweater with Orange Mini Skater Skirt


To start off this list of cheerful outfit ideas, I am going to show you a simple and youthful outfit that can be either wear as a business casual outfit or a street outfit. To form this look, you can wear a black mock neck form fitting sweater with an orange mini skater skirt. Pair them with low top white sneakers to look clean and casual.

Blue Chambray Shirt with Orange Midi Skirt

blue chambray shirt with orange midi skirt

You can actually build a slightly mature business casual look around an orange skirt. To do that, pick an orange midi bodycon skirt and pair it with a blue chambray button up shirt. To provide the mature touch, wear a pair of leopard print heels and a statement necklace to complete the outfit.

Blue Printed Short Sleeve Blouse with Orange Midi Flared Skirt

blue printed short sleeve blouse with orange midi flared skirt

Here is yet another elegant and poise business casual look. To achieve that, you can wear a blue and orange printed short sleeve blouse for the top. Pair it with an orange midi flared skirt. For the shoes, wear white ankle strap open toe heels to add a refreshing touch to the look.

Yellow Ribbon Bow Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse with Orange Pencil Skirt

yellow ribbon bow sleeveless chiffon blouse with orange pencil skirt

It may not sound right to put together two cheerful colors, yellow and orange, together in an outfit. But what doesn’t seem to work on paper does actually work in reality this time. To form this look, wear pale yellow sleeveless chiffon ribbon bow blouse with an orange pencil skirt. Wear yellow heels to match with the top perfectly.

Skater Skirt with White Vest Top & Pale Pink Cardigan


For a unique and casual layered outfit, you can wear a white form fitting vest top with a pale pink sweater cardigan for the top. Pair them with an orange mini skater dress with black fishnet stockings. Pair them with a pair of low top white converse to add a youthful touch.

Black and White Vertical Striped Long Sleeve Blouse with Flared Midi Skirt


This is a super chic business casual outfit. Most importantly, it is one that is very easy to pull off. For the top, wear a white and black vertical striped button up blouse. Pair it with a midi orange flared skirt. For the shoes, wear a pair of pale pink ankle strap open toe heels to complete this beautiful look.

Black Deep V Neck Vest Top with Orange Pleated Maxi Skirt

black deep v neck vest top with orange pleated maxi skirt

To make yourself look more eye catching, wearing an outfit that has an intense color contrast is a good option. For example, you can apply the black and orange high-contrasted color combination by wearing a black vest top and an orange pleated maxi skirt. Wear black cutout heeled ankle boots to look stylish and elegant.

Mini Orange Skirt with White Ribbed Sweater


To look cozy and cheerful at the same time, let’s try to pair an orange skirt with a sweater. To be more specific, you can wear a white ribbed knit sweater with an orange mini skirt to make your legs look extra long. Pair them with grey suede heeled ankle boots to look even more attractive.

Chiffon Midi High Low Skirt with One Shoulder Print Tee

chiffon midi high low skirt with one shoulder print tee

To achieve a low-key sexy and stylish street outfit, you can start with grey one shoulder print tee. For the rest of the outfit, you can wear an orange chiffon midi high low skirt and a pair of pale pink strappy open toe heels. Not only that it is a low-key sexy outfit, it can also make you look tall and lean.

Maxi Skirt with Grey Cuffed Blazer

maxi skirt with grey cuffed blazer

For a cheerful business casual outfit, you can wear a white t shirt with a grey cuffed blazer for the top. Pair them with an orange maxi chiffon skirt to add the cheerful touch. Wear a pair of black ballet heels to complete the outfit elegantly and cleanly.

Black Quilted Leather Jacket with Orange Suede Button Front Skirt

black quilted leather jacket with orange suede button front skirt

To look smart and sharp, how about adding some leather element to the mix. For example, wear a white button up blouse with a black quilted leather jacket for the top. Pair them with an orange suede button front knee length skirt. Pair these pieces with black leather ankle boots to complete the outfit with style.

Blue Cuffed Chambray Button Up Shirt with Midi Orange Skirt

blue cuffed chambray button up shirt with midi orange skirt

For those of you who are looking for a stylish and mature business casual outfit, here is a good one for you. Simply wear a blue cuffed button up chambray shirt with an orange midi bodycon skirt. Pair them with camel suede heels and a leopard print purse to add a mature touch to the look.

Wear with White Three Quarter Sleeve Fitted Sweater & Statement Necklace

white three quarter sleeve fitted sweater and statement necklace

To look cozy and lovely, you can wear a white three-quarter sleeve fitted knit sweater with a black statement necklace for the top. Pair them with an orange pleated midi skirt and a pair of brown suede platform heels to look chic.

Chambray Shirt with Mini Skirt & Pale Pink Flats

chambray shirt with mini skirt and pale pink sandals

Here is a very clean and feminine way to style an orange mini skirt. To do that, simply pair the skirt with a blue chambray button up shirt. Wear pale pink ribbon flats to look ladylike and lovely.

Navy Vest Top with Orange Bodycon Knee Length Skirt

navy vest top with orange bodycon knee length skirt

Navy and orange is such a beautiful color combination. To apply that to your outfit, you can wear a navy vest top with an orange knee length skirt. Wear nude sandals to complete this simple yet beautiful look.

Here are the orange skirt outfit ideas that I want to share with you. I know that there are lots of people who are hesitant to wear orange. Hopefully, this list above can make things easier for you.